It’s Party Time!

Christmas that is.  The JSS Christmas Party is always a huge event!  Gals travel from far and wide to come to the party.  And from what I hear, those who cannot attend, wait patiently impatiently for the blog so they can feel like they’ve been there too.

It's Party Time (2)

There is always lots of food at a JSS party.  Lots and lots of food.  And that pic was for Lani because she was so anxious for more food items on the blog.  Not.  In fact I think she commented on the last post with, Enough with the food blogs already!  Or something like that.  So if you are anxious for more quilty pics, you can thank Lani.

It's Party Time (3)

Peggy’s home was warm and inviting and all decked out for Christmas.  Santa greets you just inside the door!  And Santa greets you all around Peggy’s house.  See the Santa peeking out from the hallway?  He deserves a closer look.

It's Party Time (5)

Peggy’s quilts are just exquisite.  And they are everywhere in her home.  A quilter’s paradise of quilts!

It's Party Time (9)

Not only that but she has many, many that are Christmas quilts.  I wanna be like Peggy when I grow up.  She is one very accomplished quilter.

It's Party Time (4)

Peggy’s beautiful tree put us in the Christmas spirit too.  It was covered with fabulous snowflakes!  It’s how we get our snow fix in Texas.  Although there is snow in our forecast for Monday!  But that’s another story…. and I need to stay on the Christmas party track!

I think Peggy needs to come and decorate at my house.  Or maybe I just need to have a Christmas party here.  Maybe that would motivate me to get the decorating done.  Oops!  Another rabbit trail….. or maybe I should have said, “Squirrel!”  I’m having a hard time concentrating today.

But did I mention Santa?  They are everywhere at Peggy’s….

It's Party Time (6)

By the tree…… (see the pretty snowflakes?)

It's Party Time (8)

On the buffet table……

It's Party Time (11)

On another table….. love the cute wreath behind this one.

It's Party Time (19)

On the coffee table…..

It's Party Time (20)

Even way up high!  With a quilt backdrop.  Love the barns!

It's Party Time (12)

You have probably seen this quilt of Peggy’s on the blog before.  But it’s always worth another look.  Unbelievable quilt!   And just so you can get the size of those half-square triangles in the border……

It's Party Time (13)

Here’s an up close and personal look at those with my finger to show the size.  Please disregard the cuticles on that finger.  What was I thinking?  But you had to see the size, didn’t you?  I believe they are 1/2 inch across.  Oh, my.

It's Party Time (14)

This sign was sitting on the counter, but nobody had to tell any of us to do this today.  Laughter rings out at a JSS gathering.  But I still thought the sign was cute enough to share.  Maybe you need one of these at your house?  Or maybe you just need to invite the JSS gals over for a day.

It's Party Time (15)

There was much gathering and eating.  We really know how to eat at our Christmas party.  My good friend Cindy even brings very vegan things to share.  Love you, Cindy!

It's Party Time (16)

We started off the informal show ‘n tell festivities with gifts for Suz.  And Suz started the show ‘n tell when she walked in the door….. with challenge fabric on her head!

It's Party Time (17)

Three pretty camisoles in a great black and white box from all the JSS gals – one even had bling!  Sorry.  No pic.  And we couldn’t get Suz to model no matter how hard we tried.

It's Party Time (18)

We had Facetime with Lani too.  Lani only knows what Pam was telling her in this pic.  Well, I guess Jules, Patti and Patt all know too, since they were standing right there.  Lani got a tour of everything.

All the gals gathered together for a group pic too.

It's Party Time (21)

It took hours and hours for that to happen because we needed Jerry to tell us all where to stand and how many inches to move to the right or the left.  We couldn’t even agree on the location!  So we first started here…… but there was too much bright light in the background.

It's Party Time

Tada!  Our finished group portrait.  Don’t we all look happy?  If I could, I would photoshop Dede into the picture.  She was at the party, but left before the group shot.  I guess we’ll have to have a redo on the whole party.  What do you think, girls?

By the way – the faces are all happy because they’d already seen all the show ‘n tell and brown bag quilts and challenge quilts at this point in the party.  I’m surprised the faces don’t look more tired!  You, faithful blog followers, however, have to wait on the pics of all those things.  You got to see the beginning and the end of the party.  Now you have to wait for the middle.

Hey!  It takes awhile to go through 5,469 pics.  Sort them and crop them and think of funny things to say about them.  You all just sit out there and read and think that this is easy peasy!  So put on your little patience hats and stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 and maybe 4.

And I got really hung up here today.  And here.  And here!  Yikes!  Just go ahead and search the archives while you wait for the new stuff.  I had so much fun reliving the past parties!  If you really want to see some Christmas things, click on “select month” in the archives (right column) and choose “December 2010.”  I think I blogged the “525 Days of Christmas” that year!  Loads of postings about the JSS Christmas party.  Those ought to keep you busy for awhile!

Actually….. I just like to build momentum.  Is it working?
Christmas hugs,

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8 Responses to It’s Party Time!

  1. Cyndie says:

    Can’t wait for parts 2, 3 and 4. Cool Santa’s. Thanks for sharing we appreciate the hard work of blogging, but don’t wait too long. 🙂

  2. Dot says:

    Hi Barb, It looks as though you all had a lovely time and the quilts and food looked wonderful. It was nice to see Lani – we have spoken a few times and have yet to actually meet ! Our friends in Keller have put their house on the market – and sadly for us, it looks as though we might not be coming back to Texas again !! I hope you all have a very happy christmas and a healthy and prosperous new year. Love to you all and fond memories, Dot in England, UK.

  3. Lani says:

    What WAIT???!!! I definitely resemble your comment about being impatient!! At least you gave me a good ol’belly laugh about my dad, Jerry, needing to help with the pictures!!! Otto was very curious what I was laughing so hard about!!! And got into the laughter acknowledging that Jerry, from Arizona, is now part of a Texas quilting blog!!!!!
    Can’t wait for the actually pictures of the quilts!!
    Love your blogs…ALWAYS!!!

  4. Judy Linn says:

    Exactly, Lani, WHO, just WHO could be called impatient!
    And O Yes, Jerry was MISSED! We called and called and he did not come to our rescue!
    The quilts are FABULOUS – it will be fun to see the pics!!!!
    Barb’s Blogs of the past will tide me over until new one!
    Hugs to All!

  5. Diane says:

    OK OK. Now I see the beginning and the end but I NEED to see parts 2,3 and 4 too. I NEED that!! Looks like tons of fun. Thanks for the blog start up!!
    Hugs to all, NC Diane

  6. Dorothy says:

    Wow, sorry I missed out on all the fun, what a party! I look forward to seeing the quilts!!

  7. Vicki G says:

    Thanks for blogging about the party Barb. I can’t wait to see the quilts. Maybe I will fly in for the party next year.

  8. Suz says:

    I wonder if Santa decorates his place with quilts of Peggy…

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