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Hit the Road, Jack…

Dontcha come back, no more, no more, no more, no more.  Hit the Road, Jack.  Dontcha come back no more. I woke up singing this today.  And I really wanted all of you to sing along with me.  I haven’t … Continue reading

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The Party’s Over

Well, if you call laundry a party, that is.  Because look what they’ve done to my laundry room….. They’ve boarded up the windows!  No cold breeze blowing through here today….. No need to crawl into the dryers for warmth.  Soon, … Continue reading

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A Fish Out of Water

Yes, that’s what I am.  I mean, I’m a Texas gal, living for the summer in the outskirts of Montreal, Canada.  Do you know what the Mexican food section looks like at the grocery here?  Pitiful, I tell ya, pitiful. … Continue reading

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A Quilting Adventure

I do believe it’s time for something quilt-y on this blog, dontcha think?  So how about a quilting adventure in Hawkesbury, Ontario.  Woohoo! The drive to Hawkesbury takes me through farm country in Quebec.  Lots of trees and lots of … Continue reading

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Border Crossing and “That Lady in Toronto”

You know her.  There is one in every country.  The one who serves on the welcome committee to make you feel right at home in your new country.  Not.  Actually she’s more like the reminder that this ain’t Texas any … Continue reading

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