Adventures in Travel: Chapter 592

Guess where I am?  Go ahead…. guess.  I’ll give you a hint.


Yes, that is snow.  And my footprints.


This is me shortly after I arrived at my destination.  Figured out where I am yet?

Nope.  Not Alaska.


And that’s Dear Hubby getting the scraper out to brush off the car.  Isn’t the snow wonderful?  I wanted to drop to the ground and make snow angels immediately.  Dear Hubby was not amused.  He is ready to leave the snow behind for warmer temps.


This is your final clue.  If you haven’t figured out yet that I’m in Canada, you haven’t been reading this blog very long.

And what an adventure it has been!  It started out with a late departure on my first flight.  Which meant I missed the connection.  Not to worry – there’s another flight to Montreal in just 2 hours.  And I was anxious for some lunch anyway.  Never mind that I just sprinted from a B terminal gate all the way to an E terminal gate in the Atlanta airport.  In my really big, clunky, good-to-40-below-zero, Alaska snow boots that hubby insisted I bring.  Which obviously couldn’t fit in my luggage so I had to wear them.  Only the luggage…… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Never mind that I arrived at the gate huffing and puffing with sweaty feet at 12:18 for a flight that was scheduled to leave at 12:20 and it was already gone.  Who knew that departure time was apparently not the time that they closed the door?  Not this traveller, that’s for sure. But I was hungry anyway so off I went to find some lunch. And thankfully I did make the next flight.  I was the last passenger to board with only 2 seats on the plane.  And I got both of them.  It was nice to spread out.

I’m not sure why, but apparently my luggage decided it wanted to take a later flight.   Maybe because I was the last person on the plane at the last possible second and they closed the door behind me?  So my luggage couldn’t keep up?  Whatever.  When I arrived in Montreal the nice man told me that my luggage would be arriving at 11:30 pm and they would kindly deliver it to Dear Hubby’s apartment in the morning.  Isn’t that sweet?  Good thing I wore the snow boots, eh?  And he gave me a nice little care package….


Everything a gal could want!  Not.  There wasn’t even any shampoo!  Let alone hair spray and hair gel.  And the world’s flimsiest T-shirt.  Dear Hubby said it qualified for a wet T-shirt contest without getting wet.  Cute, real cute.  And shaving cream and a razor.  I considered using it to shave my head since there wasn’t any shampoo, but resisted.


This was the view out the window just shortly after Dear Hubby left for work this morning.  I love the snow in the trees.  And it was still coming down.  All day yesterday, all night last night and most of the morning.  Dear Hubby is so over the snow.  And very ready to get back to Texas.  Where it was probably 80 degrees today and sunny.  OK maybe 79.


And a short time later I got to take pics of the snowplow plowing out the parking lot.  It’s the little things that entertain us Texas gals with a little bit of snow around. But this was really quite interesting.

And now a lesson in snow plowing in Canada. He would push the snow in front with the blade.  But see the little whirly things on the back?  When he backed up, those things would spin and pick up all the snow behind him.


And spray it up the hill like a giant snow blower.  It was very cool.  I was sorry when he finished.  Remember the TV only has 5 channels and 3 of them are in French?  So this is what I do for entertainment.  Well, this and the laundry.

Only on this trip I am packing.  Because Dear Hubby is coming home – yeah!  By the way, the sweet man last night who told me my luggage would be delivered today?  He was wrong.  And I still don’t have my luggage.  But they are saving it for me at the airport and we will pick it up tomorrow.  I might just hug my big red suitcase when I see it.  And my hair gel and hair spray.  Dear Hubby might hug it too.  Because my hair without hair gel and hair spray?  Not a pretty sight.


But Dear Hubby had a nice big smile as we waited for the subway to take us from the airport to his apartment last night.  Well actually it was a bus/subway/train trip that took 2 hours (and why we aren’t getting the luggage until tomorrow) – another adventure!

And the packing?  Don’t tell Dear Hubby because he thinks I slaved away all day.  But the actual packing?  About 17.3 minutes.  The rest of the day I sat around and sent emails, ate Timbits, put my feet up, read a book and took pics of the snowplow.  What a life.

But after all…. I’m on vacation.

More adventures to come!

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8 Responses to Adventures in Travel: Chapter 592

  1. Cathi says:

    That looks like a blizzard! You did say you wanted to see some snow, right? Glad the weather obliged! 😉

  2. Lani says:

    Oh, that looks way too cold, even for this Wisconsin gal! Safe travels back to Texas!

  3. Brenda Foster says:

    Welcome back home! Good to have you back in the good ‘ol USA! Barb, hope you enjoyed that bit of snow. Looks like we won’t be having any of that any time soon. Love you both!

  4. JoAnne says:

    hey, I didn’t see any stitchin in what you did all day!

  5. Brrrr – that looks really cold! Hope your suitcase contains sweaters and warm socks! Better get to stitching all those inklingo units! I did 8 more last night!

  6. Lynn Bynum says:

    fun post, have a safe and adventurous trip back here. I know you will be so glad to be home together .

  7. Better bring a lifetime supply of Timbits home with you this time. Lord knows when you will get back. Maybe they freeze well. Obviously they freeze well! Look at the weather!


  8. Judy Linn says:

    O my – THAT’S serious snow! And I tend to go with Dear Hubby’s attitude! And I can understand Barb’s ’cause the departure date is soon! hee hee! Trudge on and git-over-the-border!!!!

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