Show ‘n Tell

Yeah!  I can hear you all celebrating that I am finally getting more pics posted from the JSS Christmas Party of the Year.

Boo is celebrating too.  In my lap.  In the way of typing.  It’s where he lives these days.  I think he has separation anxiety issues.  Or maybe his toes are just chilly.  Either way, he loves a good lap.  And I’d show you a pic of him laying here across my wrists and the laptop, only I’d have to get up to get the camera.  And then he would no longer be laying here, now would he?

Besides, we have a rule in our house…. anyone with a cat in their lap cannot get up under any circumstances.  It becomes really problematic when you have to go to the bathroom.  Now what was I blogging about anyway?  Oh, yeah.  Show ‘n Tell pics from the JSS Christmas party!

Show 'n Tell (1) Peggy started things off by showing us a couple of aprons she had made.  I apologize for Peggy being blurry.  But she would not hold still!

Show 'n Tell (2)

Clearly Peggy was ready to get on with the show!

Show 'n Tell (3)

In fact she showed us so quickly what was in this bag that I totally missed a picture of it.

Show 'n Tell (4)

Luckily Judy held very still while holding up what Peggy had made and was in the bag.  It’s a good thing the other gals didn’t move as fast as Peggy or this would be one frustrating blog today.  Full of blurry pictures!  I’m gonna have to get Jerry’s help with training these gals on the Art of Holding Still for Blog Shots.  We’ll be having a class any day now.

And aren’t Peggy’s little wool eggs fabulous?

Show 'n Tell (5)

Judy was next with a fabulous picture book of her Colorado adventure with two of her granddaughters.  What fun!

Show 'n Tell (6)

But Judy also had quilts to show!  Including this fabulous pink girly one.

Show 'n Tell (7)And this cute transportation one!

Show 'n Tell (8)

Karen and Pam held up Vicki’s wonderful T-shirt quilt that Vicki made while at retreat with us in October.  It’s Vicki’s first quilt!  And she left it with Pam to quilt for her.  Congratulations to Vicki.  A new quilter is born!

Show 'n Tell (9)

Sue was next with this fun Christmas quilt.  I think she’s made 427 in this same pattern.  Sue is very prolific with her quilting this year.

Show 'n Tell (10)

Sue also showed us her lovely hat boxes, inspired by a quilt that Madelyn had made.  Wonderful, Sue!

Show 'n Tell (11)

Lynn was next with these cute cowboys…..

Show 'n Tell (12)

…. and although you can’t read it very well, I had to show you her new label.  She’s putting them on all her quilts.  It says, This Took Forever.  I’m having a batch of those made up for me as we speak.

Show 'n Tell (13)

Patti’s show ‘n tell was on her iPad.  A nice patriotic eagle quilt.

Show 'n Tell (14)

Tracy made a beautiful Christmas stocking.

Show 'n Tell (15)

And a fabulous mini-Baltimore Album – done with all ribbons and embroidery stitches.

Show 'n Tell (16)

Which sparked a frenzy of closer scrutiny by all her friends.  It’s just fabulous!

Show 'n Tell (17)

Sally made about 4 gazillion aprons this year including this cute Christmas one.  She was in charge of the quilt show and aprons were a part of the theme.  Last I heard she was still making aprons in her sewing room, barely coming up for air and food.  She’s on an apron mission.  Whatever that means.  I’ll take a Christmas one, Sally!  I have a feeling I’m not on her list.

Show 'n Tell (18)

Here’s another of Sally’s fabulous prize-winning quilts.  This one is done with lots of fancy decorative stitches on her machine.  I wish I’d taken some close ups for you.  You’ll have to just use your imagination.

Show 'n Tell (19)

The gals were really getting into the show, weren’t they?

Show 'n Tell (20)

This is Sally’s tribute to the women in her family.  Another award-winning stunner.

Show 'n Tell (21)

Sally’s stitching is precise and perfect.  Great quilt!

Show 'n Tell (22)

Kay was next with this lovely work of art.

Show 'n Tell (23)

And another not quite finished that she started in a TVQG workshop recently.  Fabulous!

Show 'n Tell (24)

Kay also made this runner.  That was taller than she could reach!  So she stood on the hearth.  Very nice, Kay!

Show 'n Tell (25)

Donna (Cindy’s Mom) made this wonderful bunny.  She was quite proud!  And so were we.

Show 'n Tell (26)

Cindy had lots of quilts to show.  Including this wonderful Christmas one.

Show 'n Tell (27)

And this one…. with a Little Rascal Dog….

Show 'n Tell (28)

Cindy worked on this one at retreat!  All finished….

Show 'n Tell (29)

This one is last year’s challenge quilt.  Good job, Cindy!

Show 'n Tell (30)

This one was a very popular Quilter’s Dream Block of the Month quilt.  Cindy quilted it at Pam’s house.  And it’s wonderful.

Show 'n Tell (31)

Jules makes quilts that are works of art.

Show 'n Tell (32)

And because she took lessons from Peggy on How Not to Hold Still for Pictures, I had to capture these on the floor.

Show 'n Tell (33)

But I did get her to hold still for this one.  A portion of her cute polar bears.  We’re holding that How to Hold Still class real soon.

Show 'n Tell (34)

Dede made this lovely Hawaiian Breadfruit applique quilt.  Wonderful.

Show 'n Tell (35)

Here’s Madelyn with a pretty quilt in Christmas colors.

Show 'n Tell (36)

And this one was Madelyn’s brown bag from last year!  All quilted and finished.  One day I’ll be like Madelyn and actually finish some quilts.  I hear you laughing!

Show 'n Tell (37)

And this one was Judy R’s brown bag last year.  All quilted and finished.  I hope I got those last two right this time around.  I think I got them wrong last year and had to be corrected.  If the owners would just come to the party and hold up their own quilts, I’d be good.  Just sayin’.

Show 'n Tell (38)

Last, but certainly not even close to least, was Judy with this picture for showin’.  Of her son, Dan and his lovely wife, Candace.  They announced recently the sex of their “bun in the oven.”  With duct tape!  Cute, real cute.

Next up….. Brown Bag Quilts!  Hold on to your hats!  Or your seats!  Or your horses!  Just hold on to something!  And prepare to be amazed…….


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6 Responses to Show ‘n Tell

  1. Cathi says:

    Oh, my goodness — what fabulous eye candy! The miniature Baltimore Album is just incredible!
    Give Boo a pat from us — that is if you can get your arm out from under him to do so! 🙂

  2. Diane says:

    Yeah yeah yeah. Show and tell has begun!!!!!! Loved seeing the beginning of the long awaited show!! More more more, Barb!!!
    Love it all so far!

  3. Patty Spinelli says:

    Thanks Barb for the Show n tell is was great!!!! Do you have MORE???

  4. Beth Lane says:

    thanks for sharing — is there a pattern for the polar bears quilt?

  5. Vicki G says:

    Love the Show n tell. Thanks for including my quilt. I am starting quilting classes next month. I am inspired by all of these beautiful quilts. Can’t wait to see more.

  6. Yvonne says:

    Hi Barb, My friend Whitey from Utah attended me to your blog. I am a quilter from the Netherlands and we also have a Bee, we meet every thursday evening. Just like you I love quilting and cats, we have three, Pebbles, Missy and since november little Utah came to live with us.
    Love all the quilts you show on your blog, they are amazing!

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