Longarm Quilting

Yes that’s right…. I am now a longarm quilter!  After spending most of my quilting life focusing on all kinds of hand work…… loving applique and hand piecing and even hand quilting.  I honestly thought when I first started quilting in 1999 that I would hand quilt everything.  Who was I kidding?  There are not enough years left in my life to finish the things I’ve started just piecing already.  Let alone to hand quilt them!

So here I am – in the world of longarming.  I guess you just never know where life will take you, right?  I’m hoping to update this page at some point with a bit about exactly what I am passionate about when it comes to machine quilting.  With more information so that you might consider having me quilt a top for you.

I have just purchased a new HandiQuilter Amara.  She’s sitting in a big box in the garage right now – patiently waiting for setup day in a couple of weeks.  It’s a huge, very heavy box!  I think I might have to give her a name.  Suggestions?  Maybe Ami?

More to come…..