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Homemade Laundry Soap

Ha!  How’s that for a title?  It’s a good thing this blog is about more than just quilting….. and cats….. and food.  Now I’m turning into Laura Ingalls! I’d been wanting to try this ever since I found out about … Continue reading

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Fresh Beginning

Hi there. I’m thinking about coming back. Starting afresh. Beginning anew. I recently got a new phone. And I’m thinking maybe, just maybe it could be fun to do some short blogs from the phone. Where perhaps inserting pics could … Continue reading

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Oh to Sleep Like a Cat!

Wouldn’t it be nice to sleep in just any old position?  And look really cute while doing it? Just let body parts hang out everywhere? I absolutely love the way Pappy’s tail always hangs straight down.  And in case you … Continue reading

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Down on the Farm

My Dear Sis married a farmer.  And then her Dear Daughter did the same.  And on our journey south from Canada to Texas, we spent a few days on the farm.  Doing farm things.  Like eating things made with butter … Continue reading

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The Party’s Over

Well, if you call laundry a party, that is.  Because look what they’ve done to my laundry room….. They’ve boarded up the windows!  No cold breeze blowing through here today….. No need to crawl into the dryers for warmth.  Soon, … Continue reading

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