The Party’s Over…… Finally!

This is the last of my 518 pics from the JSS Christmas Party of the Century.  Is that a big sigh of relief I hear?

Show ‘n Tell


Show ‘n Tell began with Peyton, showing us the quilt that she made.  With her Grandma.  Who taught her everything she knows.

And a very pretty back of the quilt.  It was important for us to see the back too!  And is that a proud Grandma or what?

Jill showed us some really clever cards that she embroidered on her machine.  Next time I’ll make her take them out of the shiny baggies for the pictures!

And how about this spectacular quilt that Jill made!

Sherry brought this guy for Show ‘n Tell.  Aren’t those the biggest, best brown eyes you’ve ever seen?  I’d like to bring him home with me for a week or two.

Donna brought this quilt to show us.  Very nice, Donna!  And she had lots of fabulous, cute help holding it up.

Donna also showed this cool block for another quilt she’s working on.

Linda showed us the marvelous star blocks that she made for one of the gals in her Austin quilting group.

And then she showed us this fabulous wool applique that she made.  Isn’t it wonderful?  Peyton likes it too.

Here’s a little closer look.

And this is my favorite block.  It looks like Boo!

Cameron was my backup photographer for the party.  And I bet his pics were lots better than mine!

Dede’s Show ‘n Tell was a great book of pictures of her family.  Nice!

This nice Christmas quilt is Davene’s. 

And this one is Davene’s too.  I feel like I’m right in the cockpit!

This beautiful quilt is Suz’.  Fabulous colors!

And these spectacular black and white circles are Suz’ too.  They are really sizzlin’!

And I bet the backup photographer’s pic was better than my blurry one.  He was very entertaining.  Notice big sis’ hand on her hip….. cute!

Sally made cute little hot pads for all her neighbors.  To deliver to them along with homemade cookies.  About 5,000 of them.  Maybe not.

I bet the small fry photographer got a good pic of Lani’s fabulous Texas quilt too!

LaNelle shows us her marvelous wine blocks with Peyton’s help.

Cameron scowls at his camera.  Are the batteries dead, big guy?  He is quite an entertainer!

LaNelle made this wonderful quilt too.  It’s stunning, LaNelle!

LaNelle makes quilts in all shapes and sizes.

And garments too!  It’s awesome, LaNelle!

Maggie is a brand new quilter and she’s making Maggie Walker’s birds.  Apparently nobody told her that it was a hard pattern.  Shhhhhh – don’t tell her.  It’ll be our little secret.

Also apparently she learned how not to hold still for pictures from her buddy, Susan.  They are both one big flurry of activity!

This beautiful quilt was the one Susan made with Karen’s brown bag fabric for last year’s exchange.  Karen had it quilted and is now finishing up the binding!

Kay made this marvelous snowman redwork quilt.

And Jules did the same pattern in blue.  Love those snowmen!

Sue G made this cute little baby quilt for Sue H’s new grandbaby.

And proud Grandma, Sue, brought a pic of the baby for her Show ‘n Tell.

Sue also brought this cute calendar basket quilt to show.

And she brought the cute aprons she made for Christmas gifts.

And Linda helped Peyton be our model!

Peggy made this cute little paper dolls quilt.  And Peyton showed us how you could dress the dolls with clothes from the pocket on the front of the quilt.  Clever!

Peggy also made these wonderful pumpkins.  Where did you hide these, Peggy?  She must have whipped this one out when none of us were looking.

Judy R showed us her fantastic blocks that she’s making in the Baltimore Album class at Quilter’s Dream.  They are wonderful!

Judy grabbed my camera and took this great picture of me and my friend, Peyton.  Or was it Cameron who took this pic?  Whoever it was, they did a good job!

And with that the Party of the Century is over.  No more pics from me.  But the fabulous memories will live on in our hearts.  And in this blog.  For those of us whose memories need a little help now and then.

Now we can all look forward to the JSS January meeting.  When we will begin challenges anew for the new year.  And we’ll plan and look forward with much anticipation to next year’s Christmas party. 

Merry Christmas to all,

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7 Responses to The Party’s Over…… Finally!

  1. Cyndie Knisley Shindle says:

    I’m sad the party is over, but I’m ready to find out what new and exciting project you girls will dream up. I am learning a lot, I have a million questions, but that’s ok, it keeps me pondering and thinking and entertained. Thanks for your wonderful blog Barb!

  2. LaNelle says:

    Cameron is so darling with his “camera”. Of course Peyton is the most precious young lady. Judy has great GKIDS… almost as cute as mine.

  3. LaLa says:

    Absolutely wonderful to review all the postings of our FAMOUS annual JSS Christmas party!!! Great Job Barb, and Thank You So Much for all hard work on your International website blog!!! Love It!!! I will be following it from California shortly!!!

  4. Cindy Smith says:

    It’s been so much fun to enjoy the party for weeks! It really is the best party of the entire year. Can’t wait to do it again in 2011.

  5. Peggy says:

    Thanks again Barb! We can all continue to enjoy the wonderful quilts, party time, food and of course the ‘extras’ like Grandkids for entertainment and inspiration! You do a great job and the same goes for Show & Tell at Guild today………it was a grand show, as always.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  6. Susan Bancroft says:

    It was so great to see all that show ‘n tell again–I had forgotten what so many looked like, there were so many quilts that day! Thanks, Barb, for letting us review ALL the quilts and food and happy faces all over again. Next year, Maggie and I will try to stand still–but it’s HARD when you’re excited! LOL! 🙂

  7. Gretchen Katrein says:

    I’m a cousin of Jill’s and a very lucky recipient of one of those embroidered cards!! I’m also working on the redwork snowmen quilt. Like the blue one too. Love the blog; most entertaining. Keep up the great work. Your pictures are most inspiring. You ladies really put out some fabulous quilts. 🙂

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