Christmas Revisited – JSS Party Part 1

I’m dreadfully behind.  But you already know that.  And I know that you are longing for pics from our JSS Bee Christmas Party.  And quilts.  Finally.

I’m sure you’ve been thinking lately that I needed to change the title of this blog to “Just Sayin’ Cook.”  A quilting friend said to me the other day, “Enough with the veggies already!”  So this blog’s for Julie.  And if you were ready to get back to quilts too, you can thank her.

If you’ve read this blog for long, you are already familiar with our annual Brown Bag Challenge.  If you’re new (or have just slept too many times and can’t remember the challenge), you can read all about it here:

JSS Brown Bag Challenge 2011

You’ll see that on that day in January the brown bags were indeed brown.  Unlike the way they looked in the pic above at the Christmas party.  These gals know how to decorate a package.

And this particular pretty package really caught my eye.  I recognized the fabric on the bow as mine!  And it sat right in front of me as we waited and waited for Brown Bag Opening time to arrive.

These little boxes played a part in Brown Bag Revealing too.  Their part was to make the opening take much longer.  Sally was the Hostess with the Mostest and she wanted to make the day last and last.  So she devised these little boxes to make us all frustrated prolong the Opening of the Quilts.

Let the quilts begin!

 Wonder of wonders, I didn’t have to wait long to see mine.  The little hard-to-open box with my fabric in it was pulled out first.  Yeah!

Made by Sue G.  Also known as Sueme.  It’s a long story.  Something about too many ladies in this group named Sue.  And she made my glorious quilt top out of the red, white and black fabric I put in my brown bag.  I love it.

Perhaps I should mention that these are just quilt tops?  Only one time did someone, who will remain nameless (Susan), actually have the quilt completed finished and bound.  We all gave her such a hard time for showing us up that she knew never to do that again.

Linda was next – all the way from California!  First she had to show us what she received from her quilt group in Austin.  See the candy cane fabric?  She put that same fabric into two brown bag challenges.

 Boy, was Linda ever surprised to find out that it was Peggy who had her fabric!  Shocked might be a better word.  Peggy really pulled the wool over Linda’s eyes the night before the party and had her thinking that someone else had her fabric.

And here’s Linda’s fun Christmas quilt top.  Made by Peggy.  So cute!

Cindy’s beautiful top was made by Pam.  Nice.

Susan was very happy to hear that her top was made by Suz.  And she ripped into the package immediately.

See Susan’s big smile?  Beautiful work, Suz.

Suz was next.  Her fabulous top was made by Davene.

Remember I told you about the cute little boxes Sally devised to make the game of revealing last until midnight?  Here’s Suz gritting her teeth and trying to get the box opened.  At least she smiled as she worked on it.

Tracy was next – opening hers that was made by Patt.

And isn’t it wonderful?  These gals are so talented and creative.

Karen laughed and laughed as Peggy unfurled her quilt top.

That’s because Karen totally made this quilt top in full view of everyone at our last retreat!  She was extra sneaky, that Karen.  Peggy’s fabric was the final border so no one was the wiser.  Good job, Karen!

Sally was super excited to know that Tracy made her quilt top.

And isn’t it lovely?  Sally sure thinks so.

Patti was next to open hers.  Made by Sally who had a big story to tell.

See that brown bag in Sally’s right hand?  It contains the entire yard of fabric that Patti put in it last January.  Sally was so excited about adding fabulous batiks to the batik in the bag that she forgot to use the original brown bag fabric!

But no way was Patti relinquishing her fabulous quilt.  And I say she’s all ready for 2012.  Just put that bag back in the mix, Patti!  Wouldn’t it be funny if Sally got her fabric again?

Here’s Madelyn’s quilt.  Made by Sue H.  We love the bows on the packages.  What a great pattern!  Well done, Sue!  UPDATE:  This quilt belongs to Judy R!  Apparently I was trying to give Madelyn two brown bag quilts.  That’s what happens when I have too many sleeps before I blog.

Cindy looks almost as excited for Sue G to open hers as Sue is to open it.

And it was indeed worth being excited about.  Lovely quilt, Cindy!

Patt got the top I made.  Completed just hours before the party began.  As usual.

And then Patt promptly hid behind the quilt for the picture.  Kilroy Patt was here.

By the way, Boo and Miss Kitty approved of Patt’s quilt.  All quilts made at my house have to be cat tested and approved.

Karen’s quilt was made by Nancy.  And she got a fabulous bag to match.  We were all ooing and ahhing over the bag and want Nancy to get our brown bags next year.

Then we all ooed and ahhed over the quilt!  It was indeed fabulous.

Susan always manages to use the smalled amount of the fabric in brown bag.  See the small holes in the bottom of the fabric?

Pam was overwhelmed with the thought of getting some of Susan’s fabulous appliqué.

And the quilt was indeed gorgeous.  Susan wows us all with her needle-turn appliqué!

Davene was next.  Her top was made by Linda and it was perfect.

This is Sue H’s.  Made by Patti.  With lovely embroidery.  Fun!

Here’s Nancy’s quilt made by Madelyn.  And Nancy has just the spot for it in her home.  Wonderful!

It warrants a big hug.  There were many hugs that day.  I just didn’t take pics of them all.  Picture all the quilts above with hugs too.  We’re a huggy group.

I have no idea who made this quilt.  Judy R?  It apparently belongs to Madelyn.  But it could belong to Judy.  I’ve slept too many times since this party to remember all the details.  Someone fill me in please?  Sure is pretty whoever made it.  UPDATE:  This one indeed belongs to Madelyn.  And was made by Judy R.  Who set me straight in the comments today.  Thank goodness.

May the Brown Bags live on!  Another challenge begins soon.  In the meantime, I’m heading back to the kitchen.  I have a new soup to make!  But there will be more quilty pics.  I promised Julie.

Quilt on!

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9 Responses to Christmas Revisited – JSS Party Part 1

  1. Judy says:

    Sue Hauptmann made my Christmas quilt that Madelyn and Sue were holding up with the house and trees and candles and packages…it is FABULOUS! Dawn has it in her home just waiting to be quilted this year! I made Madelyn’s quilt that she is holding up with 4 appliqued blocks of pink and green.

    • Barb says:

      Well, I really messed that one up, didn’t I? I gave your quilt to Madelyn and Madelyn’s to you! I better make a few corrections in my narrative above……

  2. Suz says:

    Ah, good times! Love your Christmas posts, Barb. And thanks for getting us back on track, Julie! LOL!

  3. Nancy says:

    Thanks Barb, it is fun to remember all the laughter and joy of the day.

  4. Susan Bancroft says:

    Yes, thank you, Julie, I totally forgot I was supposed to be making quilts, lol! The Christmas party was so much fun again this year, and Sally was definitely the hostess with the MOSTEST! The food was seriously fabulous, and it wasn’t even vegan–haha! Thanks for a fun blog, Barb–no matter what the topic, I always love them! 🙂

  5. Thanks for blogging this Barb. I look forward to viewing it each year. I was with Karen when she bought her fabric, which made it double fun for me to see the quilt top via your blog. I will be coming back to Texas soon and I hope to see you gals.

  6. Peggy says:

    Thanks Barb (and Julie too)!

    Such fun to see all the beautiful quilts again and glad Vicki liked my quilt….Karen did a great job putting it all together right under my nose at retreat! Isn’t it grand!!!!!!!!! Thank you again and again, Karen.

  7. Diane Wyte says:

    Thank you to Barb who got the pics up for us “out of towners” to ooh and aah over! I needed that quilt show today! Cannot wait for the next installment! Love and hugs to all —–

  8. LaLa says:

    Oh Barb – So much fun to revisit our famous JSS Christmas party 2012!!! What a great time had by all!!!

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