A Special Display of Quilts!

I was up and down on a ladder yesterday….. hanging quilts at the shop for a special JSS Display.  The things I do for my Bee friends!  Well, at least I got some good exercise.  And I have all of you to thank for that.  But forget about my exercise – the quilts are marvelous!  And you need to see the pictures.


This sign explains the display so I don’t have to.  And since I typed the sign today, I’m really the one explaining it to you in the first place.  So I don’t need to explain further here.  Because the sign is self-explanatory.  Well, you get the idea.  No further explanation necessary.  Wonder how many words I can come up with in one paragraph using the root “explain?”  I guess I’ll quit because I think I’ve used them all – On with the show!

These three were made by Pam, Sue G and Judy L.  All very different, but all using at least a little of the same fabric.  Fun!

This one is Sue H’s.  A wonky Magic 9 Patch.  Wonky, wonky, wonky!  But very cute.

Karen made a bag using a cool circle technique. 

And this quilt, made by yours truly, uses the same technique only with much larger circles!  I used the challenge fabric to make this class sample so that I could kill two birds with one stone.  Since you already understand about my problem with procrastination and deadlines, you can see why I would need to make my projects double duty.  (See previous posts re: quilt projects and progress.)  If I’m going to procrastinate, I might as well do it smartly!

These were done by Lani, Kay, Linda & Janna.  This is not my niece, Janna, lest you get confused and think she could make her own T-shirt quilt.  A different Janna.  Just to be clear.  I wouldn’t want anyone to be confused.  And yes, Linda did just sew handles on her one yard of fabric and a seam up the side and turn it into a big Santa bag.  But she filled that bag with goodies for the Christmas party and we all forgave her that she didn’t make a prize-winning quilt, but rather a prize-giving bag.  And we all got the prizes!  This group is all about prizes.

These two pretty quilts were made by Connie and Judy R.  Judy probably already has finished her quilt for the 2010 challenge.  She’s always the first one finished.  I need to hang around her more so some of that character trait might rub off on me.  But it probably wouldn’t work anyway.  I’m hopeless when it comes to finishing things early.  I try, really I do.  Help, Judy!

This is Madelyn’s quilt.  I think it is quite stunning!  And she probably finished way early too…… you’d think this would rub off on me, wouldn’t you?


And this is Sally’s quilt.  She made up all these little aprons in her head.  She is very talented.  I’m hoping some of that rubs off on me too.  Many of us encouraged her to make patterns from this quilt.  We now have those patterns for sale in the shop.  I think you could say I nagged her into it.  She gave in so that I would stop bothering her about them.  You will thank me when you see them.  And Sally will thank me when she sells millions of them to all my blog friends who first heard about them here.  I think she will owe me a commission, don’t you think?  You can contact her at cloudpatch@sbcglobal.net – be sure to tell her you heard about it here first!

By the way – the only challenge fabric that Sally used was for the binding.  Nowhere else in the whole quilt.  She’s a rebel, that Sally girl…..

Enjoy the display!  And come see it in person if you’re in the area.  Quilter’s Dream in Colleyville, Texas.  Quilts are always so much better in person.  (And you can pick up one of Sally’s patterns while you’re there.)

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11 Responses to A Special Display of Quilts!

  1. Brenda says:

    Girls! These are spectacular! I love the creativity and uniqueness of each piece. Even though I am not a quilter, I am an admirer and am enjoying getting to know each of you through your incredible talent.

    • Judy Linn says:

      Nice to meet you! NOT a quilter – Quilter’s Dream classes can remedy that! If quilting is our passion, what is yours?

  2. Lani says:

    What fun! I had forgotten what so many of the quilts looked like, it was like seeing them for the first time, all over again! Thanks for organizing this, and sharing it in such a spectacular way – both at Quilters Dream and right here, at the JSS blog! We are so lucky to have our very own blogger!!!

  3. Judy Roybal says:

    Good job on the display Barb. It’s good news/bad news to finish early on challenges…good that it is done (2010) and bad that you have to keep your closet and mouth shut for months! 🙂

  4. Susan says:

    Oh, wow, that was FUN to see all those quilts again! The only good thing about having a crummy memory is that it’s like Groundhog Day when you see things all over again…I was ooh-ing and ahhing to myself as if I had never seen those! What a talented group, and yes, I need one of Sally’s patterns! I’m with Judy R…so hard to wait all year to show one’s secret quilt…I already forgot what THAT looks like, too–haha!

  5. Peggy says:

    Barb, they’re all wonderful….especially that they are FINISHED, well except for Judy L’s! Mine is still at the quilters and I’m sorry it wasn’t done in time but maybe for quilt show. Great job, Girls for sharing all the talent, and for Barb and Beverly at QD to get to enjoy them all over again!!!

  6. Judy Linn says:

    What a blog! What creativity! Yes, I was astonished all over again – FUN, FUN, FUN!

  7. Judy Linn says:

    GREAT use of the fabric! Is Barb gonna tell ALL?
    So glad the pattern is ready for all of us to enjoy!!!!

  8. Bonnie Moate says:

    Wow! Those photos are great Barb! I want Karen’s purse! Your whole group has a super imagination-even the “giftbag” is sooo cool!

  9. Peggy says:

    Sooooo sorry Judy L! I saw all of the quilts up close and personal today and yours is definitely finished!!! Just saw it hanging in the photo and assumed…..big mistake! I know I had already seen it and it was finished a while ago. Just a ‘senior moment’ that’s all, but hey, I’m entitled! They are even better viewing them at the shop. Thanks again Barb and Beverly for hanging all of them.

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