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12 Random Thoughts

1.  GB Jones won the Iditarod early last Sunday morning in 45th place.  Winning, you see, is just crossing the finish line when it comes to the Iditarod.  He finished the race in 13 days, 10 hours, 59 minutes and … Continue reading

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Quilts & Food – Another JSS Bee Day!

It’s that time again.  Another JSS Bee Day!  Once again I am compelled to show you everything.  The food, the quilts, the ladies of the Bee.  It just wouldn’t be right to not keep you completely informed.  And besides, that … Continue reading

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Just when you think Bee Day can’t be outdone…..

……….. Pam brings in a Chef who serves us with style! OK – enough is enough.  Pretty soon we will have to bribe the ladies to have Bee Day at their house.  I vote that next month we are served … Continue reading

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Friends, Food, Fellowship & Fun…… and Quilts!

This is the bedroom that I want to wake up in every morning for the rest of my life.   But maybe you need to take a closer look at the nightstand……. Yes, that’s cake.  Carrot cake to be exact.  … Continue reading

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JSS Bee Day!

JSS Bee Days are definitely going to be the highlight of this blogging adventure.  I have the best quilting bee in the whole world!  But before you get any ideas about joining us……no.  You can’t.  Sorry.  We already are busting … Continue reading

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