A Story for a Saturday

I was quietly minding my own business on the way to the Shop this week.  Well, if you want to get technical, I was talking on the phone to my friend, Karen.  And minding my own business.  When I looked into my rear view mirror and saw this:

Actually it wasn’t quite like the picture.  It was daytime and it was a motorcycle.  But it definitely was a policeman with his lights flashing.  And even though blogging is a constant thought in my mind and my camera was in the back seat of the car, I can honestly say that my first thought was not to grab the camera and take a picture of the flashing lights in the rear view mirror.

My thoughts were more like this….

“Oh, no!  Was I in a school zone on my cell phone?”

“Wait!  School’s out so it can’t have been that!”

“Have they banned cell phone use in cars completely?  Did I miss it on the news?  I was sure it was just for school zones!”

“I was absolutely not speeding.”

“And I did not run that red light.”

And all the while I was still carrying on a conversation with Karen on the phone.  So then it crossed my mind that the policeman just wanted around me.  That’s it!  He just needs to get around!  So I pulled into the first available parking lot.

He followed me.  And stopped directly behind me.  That’s when I calmly told Karen I’d better hang up.  Officer Joe (names have been changed to protect the innocent) got off the bike and slowly walked up to my window.  And although I immediately had thoughts of being extremely late to the class I was heading to at the Shop, I did not immediately think to grab my camera to get a picture of Officer Joe to post on my blog.  Probably just as well.  Could have been tragic if he thought I might be reaching for something more threatening.  And I can’t say as I’d have gotten a good response from him when I asked, “Can I take your picture for my blog?”  Believe you me.  The blog was the farthest thing from my mind.

And before you ask…..

No, I was not speeding.

No, I did not run a red light.

I am a model driver.  I obey traffic laws.  All the time.  Well, at least in my own mind I do.

This was the reason for the stop: 

 Except on that particular day, the numbers on the bottom decal were “5” and “10.”  Which translates to May, 2010.  For those of you reading who do not live in Texas, that decal is for car inspections which are performed yearly.  And mine had expired on the last day of May.  Oh, was Dear Hubby in trouble!  He’s the one who takes care of those things for me!  And I told Officer Joe that too.  Didn’t matter.  He didn’t care one iota about my excuses reasons.  I was very nice about them.  I said, “Sir” more times than ever in my history.  Pretty good considering this guy was about 12 years old.  At least that’s what it looked like to me.

But all’s well that ends well.  Dear Hubby has redeemed himself by already taking care of the inspection and then returning my car to me at work.  And Officer Joe escaped having his picture on the blog.  I’m sure he’s very happy about that.  Although in this blogging world of today, I’m also sure that nearly every day he is confronted with answering the question, “Can I take your picture for my blog?”

And next time….. I’ll have that camera ready.

Bloggingly yours,

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11 Responses to A Story for a Saturday

  1. Judy Roybal says:

    I was feeling that “I’m okay I did not do anything wrong” if I say the mantra enough times
    then that “say yes sir and smile politely” feeling
    as you drove away “shall I get mad at dear hubby or not”
    yes mam…I’m feeling your pain…rather spend $ on quilt fabric!

  2. Kaye says:

    Don’tcha just hate those flashing lights…! Sorry you had to get caught…and I hope you were able to lead your class without dwelling on the “reminder” you got. Have a better day today!!

  3. Jacque. says:

    And, did you thank him at the end? I’ve not been stopped many times, but I always kick myself when I realize I thanked the officer who gave me the multi-million dollar ticket! YIKES! What is wrong with me! Must be the Catholic upbringing, hey?

    • Susan says:

      THAT is hilarious! Same here. WHY do we always thank the officer?? Too funny!!!! (Now I will be pondering my Catholic upbringing all day…LOL!)

    • Barb says:

      Well, I’m not Catholic, but I feel pretty certain that I thanked him. Why DO we do that? LOL! And I do remember that he intentionally thanked me for being so cooperative or uncombative or something! But I wondered as he walked away if he felt sorry for my dear hubby…..

  4. Sarah says:

    Do you know that I was driving Russell’s car and was stopped for the same thing and I had to pay the ticket even though it wasn’t even my car!!!!!!

  5. Susan says:

    Oh, that blog made me laugh! Can you just imagine if you had asked him if you could take his picture? I’m so sorry about that ticket!!!

  6. Susan says:

    And about that pic of the car “behind” you with the flashing lights? My first thought was, “She….did….NOT!”

  7. Bertha Mallard says:

    Area police departments must be cracking down on expired stickers. I was stopped this week because the officer (Jane, and name changed to protect her guilt) thought my sticker read, “03-10,” when it actually read, “03-12.” She said she thought she saw a zero!!!!!! (I guess instead of a two.) She couldn’t stop apologizing to me. LOL

  8. Judy says:

    My first thought tooooo – Barb, you did NOT whip out that camera and take a pic while talking on the phone, while pulling to the side of the road, while thinking all those random thoughts, BUT knowing you have a blog to write and surely can make this experience into a post too! Tooooo FUNNNNY! (great pic – fooled me!) AND I am thinking saying thank you to the officer is WAY better than asking him if you could take his pic for the blog! Thank YOU, Mr. Officer!!!!

  9. Suz says:

    What is the deal with blaming all the Dear Hubby’s? Are they driving Dear Wifey’s car every day with the inspection sticker right in front of their face? Just sayin… And Barb, you get Blogger of the Year, just making it LOOK like you took a picture in your rear view mirror! Maybe next time…? 😉

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