Brown Bags and Challenges

I used to be a blogger.  A long, long time ago.  Not sure what happened to me.  I keep trying to make a comeback.  I actually love blogging.  One of these days I’ll figure out why I’m so stuck.  In the meantime, I cannot be trusted when I say I’ll be blogging about something else next.  Next is a very relative term.  It could mean tomorrow.  It could mean next week.  It could even mean next year.  Maybe one day you’ll be able to trust me again.

But for now…. I promised pics of brown bag quilts and challenges.  It’s been 6,184 days since the Christmas party.  Or maybe it just feels like that to you who’ve been anxious for pics.  I’m sure I can’t be trusted to remember all the events correctly.  So I’ll just make up stuff to fill in the blanks.  And entertain you.

Brown Bags and Challenges (1)First up was Dede.  Sue had her brown bag fabric.

Brown Bags and Challenges (2)And here’s the quilt.  Made by Sue.  With Dede’s fabric in the brown bag.  You remember how this works, don’t you?  Oh, yeah.  I forgot it has been 6,184 days.

A refresher for those of you who used to read this blog back in the day when I was blogging….. In January we all brought a yard or two of fabric in a brown bag.  We mix up all the brown bags and everyone goes home with one.  Nobody knows who has whose fabric.  In fact nobody knows anything.  We just make quilts.  Or rather quilt tops.  And then exchange them at our annual JSS Christmas party.  When everything is revealed.  Comprende?

Brown Bags and Challenges (3)Judy was next.  Quilt made by Patti.  They had to discuss it a bit first.  Before opening.  They wanted to drag out the exchange and make it last all day.

Brown Bags and Challenges (4)Especially Judy.  See how slowly she unfolds the quilt?  As Patti looks on.  And everyone else says, Hurry up.  In their minds.

Brown Bags and Challenges (5)See what saying hurry up gets us?  The back of the quilt.  They are prolonging the gift giving.

Brown Bags and Challenges (6)Finally!  And isn’t it great?

Brown Bags and Challenges (7)I got to be next!  My quilt was made by Kay.  And I won’t make you suffer through pics of the back of the quilt.  Even though I did what Judy did.  Apparently we all like to prolong the gift giving.

Brown Bags and Challenges (8)

I love my wild and crazy rooster!  Thanks, Kay!

Brown Bags and Challenges (9)Next was Peggy.  Quilt made by Judy.  Creative wrapping also by Judy.  Blurry picture by Barb.

Brown Bags and Challenges (10)Beautiful quilt top!

Brown Bags and Challenges (11)They were beside themselves with giddiness.  Especially Judy.  She loves the Christmas party.

Brown Bags and Challenges (12)Next was Kay.  With a masterpiece work of art by Jules.

Brown Bags and Challenges (13)See?  Unbelievable.

Brown Bags and Challenges (14)Even the label was a work of art!

Brown Bags and Challenges (15)Nancy was next.  Top made by yours truly.

Brown Bags and Challenges (16)It’s a Feathered Star!  A Christmas Peppermint Candy Star.  At least that’s what it looks like.  I had such fun making it that I’ve started a whole Feathered Star quilt.  Only this time I’m making it for myself.  And keeping it.

Brown Bags and Challenges (17)Sally was next.  Top made by Davene.

Brown Bags and Challenges (18)And it’s perfect.  Teacups for Sally!

Brown Bags and Challenges (19)Up next – Barbara, aka Cookie.  Made by Madelyn.

Brown Bags and Challenges (20)And now for your viewing pleasure….. picture within a picture!  Nice quilt top too.

Brown Bags and Challenges (21)Davene just liked her bow.  Made by Nancy.

Brown Bags and Challenges (22)And a great quilt too!

Brown Bags and Challenges (23)Next – Jules…. made by Sally.

Brown Bags and Challenges (24)Smiles all around.  And a fabulous quilt too!

Brown Bags and Challenges (25)Sue got a beautiful feathered star.  Made by Dede.  Love the bird in the center – so appropriate!

Brown Bags and Challenges (26)Sue got a nice log cabin quilt.  Made by….. Sue!  She got her own fabric when she chose her brown bag and didn’t tell a soul.  Just quietly made a quilt for herself.  Very smart, Sue!  And I bet you got exactly what you wanted, didn’t you?

Brown Bags and Challenges (27)Next up… Patti.  Quilt made by Peggy.

Brown Bags and Challenges (28)A fabulous quilt!

Brown Bags and Challenges (29)Madelyn was next.  Quilt by Barbara, aka Cookie.

Brown Bags and Challenges (30)What a great use of that animal print fabric!  Nice quilt.

This was the first year that two people had each other’s fabric.  And it happened twice.  Cookie had Madelyn’s and vice versa.  And Sue G had Dede’s and vice versa.  What are the odds?

Brown Bags and Challenges (31)Linda was next.  All the way from California.  We are a bi-coastal group.

Brown Bags and Challenges (32)Big story on this one.  Linda made this quilt top.  The fabric actually belonged to our dear friend Sue.  Who we lost from complications after a freak accident last year.  Sue had Linda’s fabric.  And we don’t know if she’d started a quilt with it or not.  So it was decided that the best thing to do was for Linda to keep the quilt that she made out of Sue’s fabric.  In memory of Sue.  We all miss you, Sue!  Guild and Bee just aren’t the same without Sue there.

After we finished the brown bag quilts, those who made quilts out of the challenge fabric showed those!  It’s the fabric you see on the borders of the blog.  At least for now.  If you’re reading this post in 2014, the borders will probably be different.  In fact, they might be different next week!

Brown Bags and Challenges (33)Suz made this one.  Or rather this partial one.  She’s pointing to the challenge fabric.  Got it?

Brown Bags and Challenges (34)Here’s Cookie’s.  She has this one quilted now and it’s fabulous!  I bet if you pop over to her blog, you can see a pic of it with the quilting……  Here’s the link:  Cookie’s Blog

OK, I lied.  But she does have a nice pic of the challenge fabric!  And great pics of the quilts that I’m about to show you here.  And if you go to her home page, her latest post is about our January Bee day and the new challenge for 2013!  She has some cute up close pics of her brown bag too.  So just surf around Cookie’s blog for awhile!  Tell her Barb sent ya….. and that she needs to post a pic of her quilt with the quilting.  It’s spectacular!

Brown Bags and Challenges (35)Davene made a cute pillowcase with her fabric.  Hey!  Nobody said it had to be a quilt!

Brown Bags and Challenges (36)And Dede made this nice scarf for Suz!  Only she doesn’t need it any more now, right Suz?  Yeah!

Brown Bags and Challenges (37)Here’s Judy’s.  A wonderful storm at sea quilt!  I love the way it looks all curvy even though there isn’t a curve in it.  Cool pattern.

Brown Bags and Challenges (38)And last, but absolutely, positively not least, this glorious quilt by Madelyn.  All quilted and everything!  Very, very nice.

And a fitting ending to this blog of brown bags and challenges!  I hope you enjoyed the quilt show.  These gals are fabulous quilters.  What variety and creativity!  I am blessed to be a part of this group.

Until next time….. whenever that might be!

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12 Responses to Brown Bags and Challenges

  1. Cathi says:

    It’s worth waiting for your posts when they’re full of such wonderful eye candy! What a treat to see all those beautiful quilt tops!

  2. Lani says:

    ALWAYS love waking up to your blogs!! Especially the Christmas party blog! And as usual, great story telling to go with the pictures! And, of course, i’m ALWAYS willing to wait for “next” time! I, do hope, however, that it’s before another 6,143 days! Or even 614 days;-)

  3. Suz says:

    Yea, you’re back! I’ve been holding my breath all that time! Thanks for the great pics! It’s nice to breathe again. 😉

  4. Bertha Mallard says:

    What a great surprise this morning!!! So glad you’re baaaaaack and blogging again. Missed you, but truly understand. Hope all is OK.

  5. Diane says:

    Yeah and double yeah!!!!! Worth waiting for, Barb! Loved the quilt show and I was ever so patiently waiting for the Christmas Party blog and pictures. You never do disappoint, tho! All the tops and finished quilts are awesome. What a great wake-up call!! Hugs to all ——-

  6. Peggy says:

    Yea Barb!!!!!!!! We need you back to being you again and especially blogging! Loved the show and seeing all the wonderful quilts again…….no one can record it quite like you! Thanks so much and will try to be very patient waiting for the next time……..after all, you need time to QUILT too!!!!!

  7. Yahoo! You overcame your blogger’s block (like writer’s block)! Wonderful pictures and your fabulous witty observations are such fun! And I promise to post pictures of the quilted quilt just as soon as I finish the binding – soon! Maybe tomorrow…

  8. Judy Linn says:

    Wow, Barb, this IS so much FUN! I know, I know I was there, but it is reliving it with U that adds to the fun and great memories!

  9. Robin F says:

    Silly page sent before I was done! Enjoyed your blog today. What a wonderful group of woman, very talented! And what beautiful quilts everyone made and exchanged! Looking forward to your next blog…..when ever you have the time…;0)

  10. Yvonne says:

    You are all so talented. What a beautiful quilts you have all made.

  11. Dorothy says:

    What a wonderful exchange. This is a group of very creative women. So much fun!1

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