Paralyzed by Piles

I know I’ve been very quiet lately.  Some of you have even expressed concern.  First, all is well at my house.  My parents are doing great and so am I.  Boo and Miss Kitty are fine too.  Although MK did have a little respiratory infection for a bit.  And I had to give her medicine.  After wearing the pink liquid a few times, I was about to put her and the medicine in a box and ship her to Dear Hubby in Canada.  But she got better at taking it – or maybe I got better at giving it?  And now all is well. 

What?  You talkin’ ’bout me?  I think we actually bonded a bit because the vet recommended that I take her into the bathroom with me when I shower.  That the steam would do her good.  So we bonded in the bathroom.  She likes me more and more every day.  She has no choice.

The truth of the matter is I’ve been paralyzed by piles.  Clutter has left me helpless.  Does that happen for you too?  You know how things just keep stacking up and stacking up?  And you can’t work on what you want to work on because the other stuff is looming and you feel guilty if you work on what you want to work on so you just keep doing nothing because what you want to do isn’t what you should be doing and therefore nothing is what you accomplish each day and that just breeds more nothingness until you feel like you’re just a big pile of procrastinating rubble?  Oh, that doesn’t happen for you?  Phooey.  I guess it’s just me.

Janna to the rescue!  You remember Janna, right?  She’s helped me organize on many a day.  She brought me some great organizational things and I shared them all with you in Organization Post #574.  Organization is an ongoing thing that I haven’t blogged about in quite awhile.  And piles had been accumulating.

But here’s the thing about Janna’s help this time.  All she had to do was call and tell me that she was coming over.  She wanted to do some embroidery with me for some graduation gifts.  And just knowing that she was coming gave me the motivation and kick start that I’d been needing.  Woohoo!  Thanks, Janna.  We had a great day together.

And this is the last pile.  I had already gotten rid of 473 other piles before Janna came over on Saturday.  This one had accumulated on the kitchen counter.  You know.  In that spot where things always accumulate.  The place where you just set everything that you’re not sure what to do with.  You do have one of those places, right?  Please tell me I’m not the only one.  I’m getting a complex here.

So yesterday that pile came with me to the couch.  Notice the TV remote.  The Rangers were on.  Baseball is a wonderful thing to watch while doing something else.  Normally stitching would be my preferred thing, but I was on an organizing mission.  And this was the very last pile.

Boo helped.  He held down that last little stack of cookbooks and a few papers.  Lest they blow away, you know.  Because there is always such a jet stream blowing through the house.  Not.  But a cat’s gotta do what a cat’s gotta do.  He calls this helping.  I just call it cute.

Now that I’ve actually decluttered I can’t believe the energy that I have.  Funny how a little thing can yield huge results.  And I’m excited to blog about a whole lot of things.  I’ve been saving them.  I just couldn’t find them amongst all the clutter.

So I highly recommend decluttering.  Get rid of those piles!  And don’t be paralyzed by them any more.

Happy Organizing,

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8 Responses to Paralyzed by Piles

  1. JoA says:

    Guess this means you havn’t sewed your two seams for DearJane today. Right?

  2. Suz says:

    Very inspiring! I just organized the cleaning supplies for the cleaning lady, and even THAT feels great! I don’t have a cat to help, but Arthas and Sadie cheered me on.

  3. Cathi says:

    You are definitely not alone when it comes to the spot on the kitchen counter! It’s always such a good feeling to get rid of clutter!
    Miss Kitty is so pretty — glad you were able to get her medication into her!

  4. Janna Bowling says:

    I’m glad I was able to motivate you to get rid of piles! Thanks for letting me come over and do the embroidering. It was fun to see you!

  5. Susan Bancroft says:

    I hate Pile Paralysis–I get that all the time, lol! I desperately need to clean up my sewing room, but instead I think I know which pile my Inklingo is under….I’m going to go dig it out and do some stitching!! Piles…….will attack tomorrow, due to your inspiration–thanks! 🙂

  6. Robin Farley says:

    You are so NOT alone! With all the projects I have going , I find I have gotten overwhelmed and haven’t wanted to work on anything. So, tomorrow I’m going to do my decluttering and get rid of piles, organize and start catching up with things. Because like you and many of us, there are things I want to start! And things I want to finish! I hope your kitty is much better. I feel like I have upper respitory thing going on. I think it’s weather induced!
    Robin F

  7. candy says:

    Oh, you are not alone! You always have me! I can work in clutter for only so long and then I have to do something. It’s almost like I can’t breathe!! So, I organize and then it piles up again….an endless cycle! 🙂 I have an island in my kitchen that catches everything. I clean it off and two days later, you can’t see the top of it. Makes me think of the movei Groundhog Day….

    • Barb says:

      It IS an endless cycle, Candy. I keep things caught up a bit better at first, but soon the piles are back. Guess it’s just nice to know I’m not the only one!

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