More Inklingo Star Fun

I’m stuck on stars.  Inklingo Stars.  You can’t believe how much fun they are to make.  Each one a surprise as you stitch them together.

More Inklingo Star Fun (10)Remember this block?  My first Inklingo Star.  I started this quilt after Cathi threw down the gauntlet and challenged me to blog with her about this new Inklingo collection.  And Cathi and I had such fun blogging together that we decided we ought to make it a regular thing.

So be sure to run on over to Quilt Obsession today and see what Cathi’s been up to with her Inklingo Star collection too.  She’s an Inklingo guru with at least 7,823 Inklingo finished quilts in her small high rise apartment.  Where she lives with Mr Q.O. and two fabulous kitties.  Be sure to ask her how many Inklingo UFOs she has in her apartment too.

More Inklingo Star Fun (14)Cathi is also the one who taught me that every project deserves a pretty box.  So I had to find one for my Inklingo Stars!

In my secondary block for my quilt, I decided to fussy cut the LeMoyne star diamonds for the centers.  And I had one block partially completed when I first blogged about this new collection.  Not to be outdone by Cathi’s fabulous Morse Star block, I decided that perhaps I should also fussy cut my triangles and squares for my secondary block.

More Inklingo Star Fun (1)Which lead me to cutting these 4 rectangles on the bias to get the right look for the corner squares for my secondary block.

More Inklingo Star Fun (2)Which made for some interesting cuts on my fabric.  Good thing I have 6 1/2 yards.

More Inklingo Star Fun (3)I didn’t want to waste a single piece, so I was happy to see that I could get 4 triangles out of the large triangle that was left between the cuts for the squares.

More Inklingo Star Fun (4)And soon I had printed 4 repeats of squares and triangles for the edges of my secondary blocks.

More Inklingo Star Fun (8)And here it is!  I think it was worth it to fussy cut those triangles and squares, don’t you?

More Inklingo Star Fun (9)This is my next block……..

More Inklingo Star Fun (7)….. and the next.  Oh, I am having such fun with these!

More Inklingo Star Fun (11)This one is in progress but still needs the green triangles and squares to be added.

More Inklingo Star Fun (12)And here are two more centers for my secondary blocks.

Fussy printing/cutting with Inklingo is the bomb!

Linda did a blog post with some setting ideas.  And I immediately loved the setting of the second one on that posting.

More Inklingo Star Fun (13)So this is what my version will look like!  My plan is to make the quilt 5 blocks wide by 7 blocks long.  But with all this fabric and such fun surprises, this quilt might just keep growing and growing and growing!  And growing.  We’ll see.

Don’t forget to go see what Cathi’s been up to!

And I’ll do my best to keep you posted on my progress…..

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14 Responses to More Inklingo Star Fun

  1. Diane says:

    Gorgeous, Barb – and it looks like lots of fun!!!

  2. Suz says:

    Now I understand why you’ve been so quiet lately! LOL! I would have never thought about that fabric making such beautiful blocks! Great job!

  3. Sara says:

    Wonderful blocks, I just might have to drop everything else and go for it!

  4. Glenda says:

    All of the stars are so pretty. It is hard to decide on a favorite. Thanks for sharing. :o)

  5. Patty Spinelli says:

    The Stars are beautiful.

  6. Whiskers says:

    Wonder what I have stashed away that would come in a distant second to these beauties? I don’t buy in 6 1/2 yd quantities, but I guess I could limp by with a smaller amount. Your stars remind me of a delicate china pattern.

  7. Susan B. says:

    Absolutely fabulous, Barb!!!! They are gorgeous, each one! xoxo

  8. LaLa says:

    Oh So Pretty! Your star blocks are fabulous!!! Love them!!! Soooo Delicate looking too!

  9. Each block is simply stunning! Great job!!!

  10. Donna Keating says:

    Amazing what can be done! Beautiful one and all.

  11. Cathi says:

    Stunning is the only word for the fabulous effects you’re getting with the fussy cutting. Absolutely positively stunning!

  12. Sandy White says:


  13. Lynn bynum says:

    Pretty stars!

  14. Madelyn says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

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