Two Stars and a Box

I’m on a box kick these days.  Ever since I was introduced to the boxes that Cathi at Quilt Obsession uses for her Inklingo projects, I’ve been on a mission to find some cute little boxes for me.  And when I found out her Dear Hubby finds them at Dollar Stores, I think I hyperventilated.  I mean, here in Texas we have a gazillion Dollar Stores.  Dollar Tree, Dollar General,  Dollar Store, the 99 Cent Store (guess they had to beat out those dollars by a penny), Dollar Bush, Dollar Corporal.  Well, maybe all except those last two.

So I’ve only been to the 99 Cent Store so far, but I found a very cute box.

Isn’t it great?  And hey, when I’m quilting, I’m all about the party.  I thought it was appropriate.

See how nicely little printed and cut Inklingo pieces fit inside?  And because I am also obsessed with Inklingo these days, this little box was perfect for my latest project.

And here’s what I’m making!  Cute little Texas Star blocks.  I actually made these two last night.  I just got the fabric yesterday and then got all crazy about getting some things printed and stitched before I headed to bed last night.  Or maybe it was the caffeine from the 42 glasses of Dr Pepper I had with dinner.  OK – maybe it was only 4.  I was wound up.  And actually I headed to bed very early this morning. 

I would have made more, but I was also glued to the History Channel’s mini-series about the Hatfields and McCoys.  It was intense!  I had no idea about the real story behind that famous feud.  And it’s very hard to get much printin’ and stitchin’ done when you’re hangin’ on to your couch with white knuckles.  Just sayin’.

So today I am happily printing lots of Inklingo pieces to fill up my new box.  I have another project coming up with this star pattern and I think I’m gonna need another box.  Especially if I can find them for only a dollar.  I’ll be filling up my shelves before you know it.  Anything that can keep the piles organized makes me very happy.

Ooooo – that gives me another idea.  How about fun boxes for all the stuff that piles up around here?  A cute box on the coffee table to throw all the clutter into just as the doorbell rings when someone drops by could be a very good thing.  How about one that lives on top of the refrigerator to hold all the mail that normally stacks up on the kitchen table?  On second thought, I’d forget that one was there and spend three days looking for where in the world I’d put the mail.  But one that sits on that counter space where all the clutter normally hangs out, with the clutter hiding inside sounds like a winner to me.  Anyone up for a dollar store field trip?

In the meantime, I have more Inklingo to print and some stitching to do.  I want to figure out how to fussy cut some star points out of that fabulous striped fabric too.  Gotta do some Inklingo research for figuring that out.

If you haven’t checked out Inklingo yet, you can read more about it here:

Quilting on the Go with Inklingo

You can also find more Inklingo projects by clicking on “Inklingo” in the Categories at the right side of your screen.  Or just go to  Be sure to tell Linda that you heard about it on Just Sayin’ Sew.  And tell her – and Monkey – that I said hello.

Be sure to check out the cool Texas Star quilt on the header over at Cathi’s blog.  That link should also take you to the “boxes” search I did, so you can see some of her cool boxes.

Back to my stars and maybe some lunch.  My schedule is a little off today.  I think I have my days and nights mixed up again.  Dear Hubby will not be at all surprised.


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9 Responses to Two Stars and a Box

  1. Peggy says:

    Love your party box Barb! Whatever works…….think I could really benefit from a little organization, but I might need more than a box!


  2. Suz says:

    Wouldn’t it be fun to visit ALL the dollar stores for boxes?! Then we could REALLY get organized! Very cute!

  3. Susan Bancroft says:

    I love those Texas Stars!! 😉

  4. Judy Linn says:

    Texas Stars are great! Looking forward to seeing more stars and boxes!!!

  5. Lani says:

    Thanks for sharing all your creativity, talent, and organizational tricks!

  6. Cyndie in Ohio says:

    I love the box! I have always gravitated towards pretty boxes, tins, baskets, little glass jars, etc. Unique containers that are functional and decorative. I think your party box fine is perfect. Thanks for sharing it with us. I am hitting the dollar store too. Did you notice the glassine envelopes Cathi uses to sort and preserve pieces inside the box. I’m definitely going to get some of those envelopes so I can make best use of the boxes potential storage space.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I also have a box thing – and a tin thing!! I love your star blocks – have fun with the rest!

  8. Oh, I think I have a dollar store in my very near future!

  9. LaLa says:

    Oh Barb! Loved the cute colorful boxes!!! Now we must begin calling you the Queen of boxes!!! All so cheery!!! Happy Hugs, Linda (LaLa)

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