A Texas Wedding

How many times have you been to a wedding and the bridesmaids were dressed like this?

But I guess that’s pretty normal attire for bridesmaids, isn’t it?  Perhaps what you really need to see is their feet.

Now you really know you are at a Texas wedding!

Thought I’d put the gals and their feet back together again.  A true Texas wedding, isn’t it?

And what if the Bride and her Father arrived like this?

I can honestly say this is the first wedding I’ve ever been to where the Bride arrived on horseback.  Wearing cowboy boots.  A first.  And I’ve lived in Texas for 31 years.

My dear quilting buddy, Karen, was the Mother of the Bride.  And I can’t believe I cut her feet off in this picture because she was wearing boots too!  And you really need to see them.  She looked fabulous!  Send me a picture of your boots, Karen!  Why in the world didn’t I take a picture of your feet??

This is Jackie, Sister of the Bride.  Doesn’t she look great?

After they dismounted from the horses, proud Papa walked his beautiful daughter down the grassy aisle……

………to meet her Groom who was wearing his cowboy hat.  And they stood in the shade of huge trees.  And exchanged their vows and rings and were pronounced Husband and Wife.

And they mounted their horses and rode off into the sunset.  Never to be seen again.  OK – except for that last part.  We did see them again.  And we ate Texas barbecue and wedding cake.  And the Bride danced with her Groom.

And the Bride danced with her Daddy.  And everyone laughed and cried at Daddy’s toast to the newlyweds.  It was a very touching moment!

This is the Bride’s Grandmother, Gloria.  She comes with Karen to our JSS Bee days.  And brings us cookies and banana pudding and other luscious treats.  We love you, Gloria!  And you looked fabulous at the wedding.

Quilting friends at the reception!  Me, Karen and Sue.  Sue and Karen are distantly related.  By marriage really, but we call them cousins.  But it’s really their hubbies who are cousins.  Or rather their hubbies grandfathers’ uncles’ brothers on their mothers’ side four times removed and a partridge in a pear tree.  I get very confused when I try to figure out the relationship.  So I quit trying.  It’s too complicated.  Let’s just believe that Sue and Karen are cousins.  It’s easier than trying to figure out the real relationship.

This picture is for Pam.  To show the pretty table runners that she and Karen painstakingly serged for the table decorations.  I think they made 563 of them.  Or at least it felt like they made that many.  Right, Pam?  They were on all the tables where we dined.  And they looked mahvelous.

This necklace attached to the ribbon that bound the bridal bouquet together has a fabulous story of being handed down from generation to generation.  Please don’t ask me to remember the whole story.  Ask Karen.  She’d love to tell you all about it!

What a fabulous, happy couple!  Aren’t they just the cutest?

And I leave you with a picture of the Mother and Father of the Bride dancing.  And if you look really close…….

………. you can almost see Karen’s cowboy boots!  Send a picture, Karen!

Only in Texas……

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14 Responses to A Texas Wedding

  1. Ranch Wife says:

    What a great wedding! But then again, everything’s better in Texas! Call me biased. Just stumbled upon your blog and I’m looking forward to reading more!

  2. Suz says:

    What a treat to get to see such a beautiful and unique wedding! Loved the dresses and boots split shot, Barb! So glad you took your camera! Karen, congrats on your new son-in-law! He is blessed to be added to your family. 🙂

  3. Veda Wilhite says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS!!! My kind of wedding! Thanks for taking me along via the awesome pictures! Love Karen’s dress and hoping to see her boots someday. Once again…I’M SO PROUD TO BE A TEXAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lani says:

    FANTASTIC pics! FANTASTIC wedding! My heart is still a-flutter with emotion just looking at the beautiful day!

  5. Peggy says:

    Congratulations to all! What a beautiful and truly unique Texas wedding………..can’t wait to hear more at Bee from Karen and Gloria. Thanks for sharing all the photos Barb.

  6. Susan Bancroft says:

    I had to catch my breath when I saw Kristell and her father riding in on horses! Later, I showed Bill, and I burst into tears seeing it again! (emotional, am I?) THAT was so fantastic, I can’t even stand it! The boots were wonderful, and Karen and Gloria, you looked absolutely beautiful. Kristell and her new husband looked so adorable, so precious! Congratulations to the happy couple…and Karen–GOOD JOB, that was a 100% class act! Wow! (Thanks so much, Barb!!)

  7. Pam Barr says:

    Do you ever sleep ? I loved the picture of the table that you put in especially for me! Everything and everyone looked SO beautiful!

  8. Carol Parker says:

    I like when the bridal couple “goes out of the box” and does what they want, conventional or unconventional. Making memories that are theirs alone. Neat wedding! Great pix!

  9. Jill Allen says:

    I say ditto to everyone elses comments! This was awesome…..where was the wedding held and when do we get to see Karen’s boot? Coming home this week and can’t wait to come to bee and hear all about this wedding and see more pictures.

  10. Patty Spinelli says:

    Barb thank you so much for the wonderful wedding blog. I so enjoyed reading.
    Wow Karen looks so young..Great pictures. A wedding only Texans know how to do..

  11. Judy Wynn says:

    thanks for putting together such a lovely story…it’s proving to be a wonderful way for Kristell’s California relatives to enjoy her special day (you might even say it’s going viral out here!)

  12. Carol Gentzler says:

    What a treat for great-aunt Carol in Walla Walla, WA to feel part of this special day. I was a wedding coordinator for 10 years and haven’t seen anything this cool. Am I a little prejudice? Thank you for such good pics and comments.

  13. Sharon Secor says:

    LOVED the pictures. I’m Karen’s husband’s cousin because our moms were sisters…but let’s not go there 🙂 One of the California cousins who didn’t get to go to the wedding, but these pictures are just delightful. The boots, the horses, the hats – what a way to go. And I wore that necklace with the history at my wedding and 25th anniversary. What a great family to belong to – and I can tell they have some pretty awesome friends too!!

  14. Margie Cater says:

    I saw the pix and saw them and saw them…I keep looking at them and showing them to all who know Karen and/or Kristell…Everything was beautiful, especially the bride and groom…It was so unique, even for Texas…I loved Kristell’s gown (and the boots), and the horses weren’t bad either…Hooray for the blessings we all get from raising children who know what they want and “do it the way they want it”…Good job Karen and Jim…and you too Gloria and John…I’m very proud of the genetic link I have to this family…BTW, I’m Karen’s paternal aunt…

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