Winners! And another give-away…..

And the winners of the fabulous new jewelry accessory for quilters (better known as finger pincushions) are:

  • Diane – “Count me in too – I’m going to impress my friends with tiny pincushions also! Always on the cutting edge, Barb — what’s next???”
  • Vicky – “I need one because I don’t have anything made by you!  …and because I’m a 10!”
  • mdghall – “How cute! I’m not much on wearing jewelry but these would be an exception.”
  • Suz – “I love mine from retreat and now need one for the OTHER hand! I did miss the button once and hit my finger, but the cuteness was totally worth it.”

I’m crazy about Inklingo these days.  And my friend, Linda, is having a fabulous give-away over on her “All About Inklingo” blog.  She’s giving away a Double Wedding Ring Inklingo Collection!  Inklingo is absolutely, positively the only way I would consider doing a double wedding ring quilt.  Or a feathered star.  Or anything with hexagons.  Or diamonds.  Can you tell I’m crazy for Inklingo these days?

What better way for you to try it than to win a $40 collection!  Run right over to Linda’s blog via the link below and enter.  Just click on “blog” and leave a comment after you get to the Inklingo site.  Wait!  Don’t enter.  You’ll make my chances to win much less.  Oh, go ahead….. you know you want to.  And there are great ideas for designs for a DWR quilt on the blog too.

 Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Give-Away!

If you’ve ever considered making a double wedding ring quilt but thought it was too difficult, Inklingo is the answer for you.  Check it out!

P.S.  If I don’t win, I hope it’s YOU!

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7 Responses to Winners! And another give-away…..

  1. Peggy says:

    Barb, Diane will be ecstatic that she won! She already had plans to make some thanks to all your inspiring blogs about retreat. We really do have to work on getting her to come for a retreat……so send her the dates for the next one when you send her prize! I’ m loving mine so thanks again for sharing your creative talents!

  2. Diane says:

    Yippee! Made my day and night!! I can’t believe I really won. Cannot wait to flash my cool fashion quilt accessory next week. I will turn those quilters GREEN with envy!!

  3. mdghall says:

    Can’t believe I’m a winner of one of the cute pincushions.

  4. Suz says:

    Thanks, Barb! You just can’t have too many “Barb originals!”

  5. I picked up my pincushion
    ring today! I was so excited and it matches the colors I usually wear too!

  6. since i can’t figure out how to send you a private mail, this will have to do. That screwdriver we were all talking about this evening, here’s a link to one that looks a lot like the one she had a picture of….

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