Fancy Tablerunner

A deadline……again.  And guess what I spent my whole Sunday afternoon and evening doing?  Not quite finishing.  Story of my life.  So this morning while I’m meeting with my Dear Jane Club gals, I’ll be sewing on binding.  So that this quilt will be ready for the deadline.  Deadline is becoming my new most unfavorite word.  Why do I wait until the last day?  Is it a sickness within me?  Do others have it?  Is it curable?  After all these years, I think it’s chronic…. and perhaps uncurable.  Besides, if I finished anything early for any given project?  All my friends would faint.  And we can’t have all that fainting going on, now can we?

Remember what this guy looked like before the quilting and binding?


And now – with the binding nearly finished……

What a difference some added curves make!  And please disregard the binder clips and the unfinished binding on the lower side and just gaze at all the loveliness of the quilting and the finished upper half, please.  It will help my delicate psyche.  And it is delicate.  Not delicate enough, apparently, to actually have this finished, but that’s another story.  The Story of My Life.  And to be continued.  As usual.  Well, you get the picture!

Happy Monday!

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7 Responses to Fancy Tablerunner

  1. Barb says:

    Barb, I can’t believe they’re the same quilt. I think you made one with pointy stars and another with curvy poinsettias??? No wonder you’re not done! What an amazing technique! I definitely want to see this in person and might even need to take a class. I’ll commute from NYC! LOL!!

  2. Susan says:

    That’s an incredible and VERY cool transformation!! 🙂

  3. Gail says:

    Really nice table runner….great job! Are the pieces 3 d and folded back, much like the Cathedral window???

    • Barb says:

      Gail, Yes the pieces are 3D and folded back and stitched with quilting stitches to hold them in place. It’s easy and fun!

  4. JoAnne says:

    Gorgeous runner! You did a great job, as usual. And it does look like two different runners.

  5. carol parker says:

    So pretty. How long did you work on it? Must be for a quilt show? Do you ever have competitive shows w/awards involved? I understand working under deadline pressure ’cause it seems that’s when I work best. Crazy!

  6. kiotta says:

    Ooooh it’s marvellous! and it’s a table runner so I love it twice :mrgreen: Ciao by Kiotta

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