Secret Sisters Rule!

You’ll remember that yesterday’s blog left poor Sally with log cabin blocks hiding all over the retreat sewing room.  Well, the day began with Sally finding and retrieving as many blocks as she could.

Go Sally, go!

Of course, just as soon as she recovered them all, they got hidden from her again.  She’ll never find them this time!

We also were pleased to know that the Star Patrol was on the job and delivered stars and A+s to everyone’s projects while we slept.

I took pictures of all of them, but if I show you them all we’ll be here for a month and a half.  And besides, I have 34 pics to show you even though I’m only showing you two of these special notes.  So we’d better move on.

Shortly after breakfast Dede and her beautiful daughter, Kerry, had to hit the road and leave us.  It was a sad time, but you sure can’t tell it from this wonderful picture of the two of them!

Once again for retreat we decided to draw names for Secret Sisters.  It is such fun to see the cute gifts these creative ladies come up with!  Nearly every time you leave your workspace for a minute, there’s a cute little gift awaiting your return.  And these gals are sneaky about getting them there without being seen!

Pam got this cute little bug candle holder who got to live on her sewing machine.

Madelyn got this fabulous notepad – LOVE the saying on it!

Cindy got a tub of cotton candy………

…………… and this darling little bunny.  Don’t you just love his big eyes?  He reminds us of the movie “Gremlins.”

These were Betty’s SS gifts.  I’m going to find her shower in the morning to use some of those cool bath things.  Shhhh – don’t tell her.

Patti hit the SS jackpot with this wonderful stash of fun things.  One gift even had her name spelled out in cool letters!  How did she do that when we didn’t even know who we’d have before we got here?  These gals are too prepared.  And yes, I realize the magazine is upside down in the picture.  But I’m sure you can figure out what it is.  Or you can stand on your head or turn your computer upside down.  Unless it’s an iPad which would then turn the picture over.  How does it know?

These are Lani’s things….. notes, cherry blossom starch and shampoo/conditioner.

And these are Sarah’s.  I tried and tried to get her SS to ‘fess up to me privately because I wanted to know where she got those cute little bowls.  I want some!  And I want to know where to buy them.  But no dice.  Guess I’ll have to wait until the Big Reveal tomorrow night to find out.

By the way, Sarah also brought along her pin cushion that she won in the blog giveaway last year.  A bit of JustSayingSew at retreat….

Newbie Barbara got these cool things.  And some bubble gum too, but she already chewed it.  Too bad I didn’t catch her with a big bubble.

Several are not participating in the SS fun this year and Newbie Dori was among them.  But she got all these cool things anyway.  Did I mention what a fabulous group of women these gals are?

Dori also brought along her family to retreat.  Aren’t they a handsome group?

By the way, tomorrow we absolutely, positively are going to make a special trip to town to bail Dori out of jail.  Note the flowers above.  Texas wildflowers.  Protected.  And she picked them for this floral bouquet on her table.  When she told her hubby on the phone about them, he said, “Well.  Just protect them!” 

And just kidding about the jail part.

These are Karen’s SS things.  A pin cushion, a floral necklace and some cool bubble wands.  Which we absolutely must try out tomorrow.  Don’t forget Karen!  I’m hoping for pics of bee-shaped bubbles.  Which could be just a bit too much to hope for.

This cute bunny pail is Judy’s gift.  With popcorn.  Movies and popcorn at Judy’s next week!

I should add that every time anyone finds a SS gift, there is much oooing and aaahing over the gift.  Like they are all worth a million bucks or something.  These gals are pretty easy to please.

By the way, I got this cool elastic cord and alphabet beads to make bracelets.  Which quickly escalated to talk of making bracelets for everyone.  Which then prompted Sally to start a spreadsheet to determine how many of each letter was needed.  Which led to a determination that we were lacking enough A’s to do them all.  Which resulted in conservation of letters.  And substitutions.  Sally got the first bracelet.

Fitting, isn’t it?

We also ALL received these cute little boxes filled with Easter egg candy.  From none other than Silly Sally.  She is over the top with blessing our socks off each year.

I believe LaLa asked for more pics of people on the blog.  So here’s a smattering of random pics of everyone hard at work.  Just for LaLa.

Pam with her nose to the grindstone on her new HQ Sweet Sixteen.

Betty……………….. reverse sewing.


Newbie Maggie.  Or is it just an Ott Lite with arms?



Karen.  Red-faced after her 4 mile run.  Which is all true except for the 4 miles and running part.

Newbie Barbara.


And last, but not least….. Suz.  Or maybe I should say Suz’ Hands.  Which you should recognize.  They starred in a YouTube video at the last retreat.  And if you missed it, you can watch it here….

Nine Patch 101 – starring Suz’ Hands

More pics and stories to come……. including people actually looking at the camera!  Just for LaLa.  They were too busy to look up, LaLa!


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2 Responses to Secret Sisters Rule!

  1. Cyndie Knisley Shindle says:

    You girls are really in “silly” retreat mode, so fun to see all of you enjoying yourselves and relaxing. Wish I was there, but thanks to you Barb, I feel as though I am.

  2. Vicki G says:

    If Karen does run please capture it in photos. After the run have her drink a glass of water!! Even if I see it I won’t believe it.

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