Around the Retreat Design Wall

OR….. “Where are My Log Cabins? by Miss Sally”

JSS Retreat has begun!  And I thought a quick tour of the design wall might just make your day.  While you view these pics, we are playing the “Where are My Log Cabins” game with Sally.  Poor dear.  She went to bed too early and you know how mischievous these ladies are.  They just can’t be trusted.  See if you can find help her find her log cabin blocks.

This is Lani’s project.  I overheard her saying this might be her first one quilt retreat.  Lani usually completes 384 quilt tops at our 4 day retreat.  It will be a new thing for her if she only works on one project the whole time.  I’ll keep you posted on her dedication to this one. 

This pretty project is Patti’s.  She might just finish this one and move right on to the next thing tomorrow.  Lani will be very jealous.

Have you found any of Sally’s log cabins yet?

This beautiful finished quilt top belongs to Dori and it’s her very first quilt ever!  Dori is a newbie at this retreat and she’s excited to be here all the way from California.

I should mention here that the newbies have really gotten off easy at this retreat.  Where is Lala when you need her?  Oh, yeah.  She moved away to far off California.  But wait!  Dori came from there, why didn’t Lala come?  We miss you Lala.  And we need you to whip these newbies into shape.  You are not allowed to miss another JSS Retreat.  Ever.

These fabulous appliquéd birds belong to Maggie.  She is a newbie too.  And this is her first quilt.  We think she must have been a quilter in a previous life.  No one does blocks like this for their first quilt.  Well, unless they’ve been taught to appliqué by Susan. 

Susan isn’t here either!  What’s up with these gals?  Susan is not allowed to miss another JSS retreat again either.  Ever.

This wonderful quilt belongs to Betty.  I think Betty has already finished 621 quilt tops at this retreat and is hand quilting them all as I write.  She whips them up on the design wall and stitches them together so fast that I can’t keep up with the camera. 

The small quilt to the right is Sally’s “It’s OK Sampler” and where her log cabin blocks will form a border around the beautiful center.  If she can find them.  Too bad she went to bed so early.

This really neat quilt is Karen’s.  She liked it so much she’s making another one right on top of the first one.  We’ve teased her about building a 3-D quilt.  Karen whips out quilts for weddings one after the other.  This time she decided to make two at once.  And they are beautiful!

Pam is working on her Block of the Month Sampler from the shop where I work.  She’s had too much advice about how to do the setting and is stumped with what to do next.  But I bet whatever she decides will turn out great!  Maybe she needs a log cabin block to round out the quilt?

Judy is working on this Amish-style flying geese quilt.  Very nice, Judy!

And if that wasn’t enough, Judy has also completed this T-shirt quilt.  Dear Hubby is now dreaming of Oshkosh.  And gassing up the motorhome to head north.  Wait, DH!  The airshow isn’t until July!  He gets extra excited about Oshkosh and is probably half way there after seeing this picture.

Another newbie, Barbara, made these cute blocks.  Aren’t the shoes great?  Barbara came along with our friend, Sarah, from San Antonio.  The newbies this year are very talented!

And once again the newbies shine.  These blocks (well, except for one) were made by Dede’s daughter, Kerry, who is also a newbie.  Aren’t they cute?

You’ll notice that the majority of the things on the design walls were made by newbies.  There’s just something wrong with that.  The newbies are supposed to be entertaining us.  And waiting on us.  And catering to our every whim.  There is something very wrong with newbies who are actually sewing.  And getting quilts done.  Lala better get here quick.

I think my Secret Sister planned to get my name.  How fitting is this cute little gift I got today?

They know me too well.  If I’d only sew as much as I squawk.  I could catch up to Lani or Betty.  Or the newbies.  Sigh. 

Maybe I’ll actually get something done tomorrow.


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13 Responses to Around the Retreat Design Wall

  1. Kristin Brænne says:


  2. Sewing, AND a mystery! I wanna come!!! — Wait…. you didn’t mention food. You have food there, right!?!? No food, no me. Just sayin’… ! 😀
    Love, love it! Hope you and your posse have the time of your life and get 9026 quilts finished!
    Mary Lou

  3. Bertha Mallard says:

    Looks like you all are having a BALL!!!!. Where in the world are you?

  4. Susan Bancroft says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. I cannot believe the quilts already, and it’s only Tuesday!! Bill and I are halfway to Oshkosh with Mark, I can’t staaaaand it!! The newbies’ work is phenomenal, and you are right, there’s something wrong with that. RIGHT NOW–they need to make waffles for all of you! I am sick that I’m not there, but I’m happy that Maggie came! Go, Maggie! I’m so proud of her work, I can’t believe it! Yes, it’s a sad, sad day to have to be here and only read about it all. I’m going back to bed. I mean, to Oshkosh. (Love you guys!)

  5. LaLa says:

    I just woke up and “ran” over to the computer to check out the Mt Calm adventures!!! What an array of beautiful “wall” projects!!! You guys are soooooooo talented!!! And Barb, thank you so much for sharing all the masterpieces!!! But, I need PEOPLE pictures too!!!
    Newbys, I miss you. Newbys are always so talented and “wided eyed” seeing the Retreat activities for the first time! Enjoy your days & nights stitching together!

    Sally, I think I found your Log Cabins all over the Room! Oh My!!! Where’s the tampon??? Where is BonQueQue??? Oh, the memories!!!

    And you have Dori, a California gal and it isn’t Patty or my family??? Dori, make us all proud with lots of California FUN! Patty & I are NOT missing another Retreat!!!
    Hugs, LaLa

  6. Diane Wyte says:

    Oh what fun – I can be there through cyber space —-
    LOVE the blocks and quilts – more more more — not fair that Sally’s blocks turned up missing – but Lani – is that MY MOOSE on your quilt wall – I somehow think I made one years and years ago for you??? Is that possible? Or maybe just my imagination!
    Get sewing, Barb – we need to see some of your projects (well – other than the blogging which was wonderful to see this morning! ) 🙂 What a treat to “be there” with all of you —- Cannot wait for the next entry! More More More
    Hugs to all —-

  7. Sueme says:

    I agree….. truely amazing newbies! I expect an outstanding you-tube video proformance this year! Susan, we definately have to make the next retreat…..LaLa…..memories, Shametria, catalog sales, we are missing the adventure! I have made up my own snack table to help with my depression of missing the retreat!
    Barb…….keep our updates coming…… how many lucky campers this year? planning another trip to the sports bar? Any kitties…or skunks outside?

  8. Sueme says:

    I need blog spell check !

  9. Mona Ruud says:

    Hi Barb,
    Betty… hi… and thank you for the inspiration to get me started on my first quilt in over 2 years… what with the temporary accommodation, the various moves, including overseas and finally unpacking in my “own” house… TODAY I am going to make your white framed squares and 4 patches with remnants… What is the width of your white strips??
    Right now I am waiting for my highlights to finish taking (hubby does this every 3-4months for me, been doing it for years) and then its straight into my “quilting studio” to pretend I am at retreat at the Compass Centre, just like in the “old” days…. I do miss all you guys. Will open my french doors to let in some of the Norwegian sunshine and cool mountain air since, unfortunately, quilting is an indoor hobby…
    Hi y”all…… Enjoy yourselves….. Sure do miss them salt¨n¨vinegar potato ships… SUSAN…….

  10. Lani says:

    Barb, what a treat to be able to look at all these pictures from Mt Calm when I need a JSS Texas “fix”!! Makes me smile on a rainy Day in NYC 🙂

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