A Stormy Night

OR…. “How Many Cars Can Fit Under Cover at Retreat?”

It was a stormy night.  Or we thought it was going to be one.  Desperate measures were needed.  And I wish I had videotaped the event.  A new retreat game was born this year called “The Moving of the Cars.”

It started with a weather report.  Severe thunderstorms on the way with very large hail expected.  And all our cars out in the open.  Not for long.  Did I mention I wish I had videotaped the event?

So here are the results….. without pics of the process.  I’m a sorry excuse for a blogger.  Please forgive me.

The owner of the Retreat Center said she thought 6 cars could fit under cover when she gave us the weather report.  Six?  We fooled her.  Try twelve.  Because that’s how many cars are here.  We even parked them on the porch.

The sky looked like this:

And it grew more and more ominous.  Or to use Dori’s words “beautiful.”  She was hoping for a Texas-sized thunderstorm.

I was just hoping to capture a really cool picture of the lightning.  Do you know how hard it is to photograph lightning?  Hard.  Really hard.  I tried.

These cool cloud pics were the best that I could do.

And I don’t think it ever even rained, let alone hailed.  But our cars are protected.  And it’s very hard to walk out the door without squeezing and holding your breath to get through the cars.

But it was a fun new game for retreat time.  And now we’re ready for anything.

Still dry and not a hail ding on a single car,

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5 Responses to A Stormy Night

  1. Brita says:

    Gorgeous pictures! But scary. I don’t mind thunderstorms, even Texas-style. But lately there have been tornadoes everywhere — those I don’t like! Ya gotta give quilters credit, they can do what’s needed!

  2. Amazing photos !! Thanks for posting.

  3. Susan Bancroft says:

    That pic of the cars under the porch and carport is the funniest thing I have seen in awhile. If you’ve been there, you know what I mean! That is just hilarious!!

  4. Diane Wyte says:

    AWESOME!!!! – Both the sky pictures and the cars under roof!!!! When will your creativity end?! Keep on sending those pics – I know I speak for all when I say, we eagerly await the latest!

  5. Judy Terry Linn says:

    Isn’t that sky BEAUTIFUL!!! Great pics, Barb!

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