The Brown Bags Live On!

Before we continue with more Brown Bag Challenge quilts, can anyone please tell me how to get Brenda Lee out of my head?  Ever since the “I’m Sorry” post, I can’t get that song out of my head.  Woke up today with it playing away up there in my brain again.  And I’m really not sorry anymore.  Any help would be appreciated.

On with the Brown Bags!  (Perhaps they will be Red or Pink Bags next year?) 

You’ll remember that yesterday we left off with Jules getting her beautiful quilt from Pam.  So Jules then showed her package.  There was a bit of confusion with this one.  Luckily Madelyn had put two fabrics in her bag and thus identified that this package was hers.  Jules showed both fabrics when she showed the package.  Otherwise we might have had a fight on our hands.  Believe it or not, out of all the fabric in all the world, we actually had two ladies choose the same fabric!  What are the odds of that happening?

Jules made this fabulous organizer thing out of the fabric.  And then true to Jules’ overachiever-ness……

…….. she also made a quilt!  Madelyn was very pleased.  And the rest of the room was very jealous.

Madelyn then showed that the brown bag fabric she got was the same red fabric!  What are the odds of that?  That she got exactly what she’d given!  I bet she was surprised when she opened her bag last January.  She must have done a double take and then remembered she put two fabrics in her bag.  Good going, Madelyn!  Sue was the other person to pick the same red fabric.

Madelyn made a cute Piping Hot Curves quilt!  With little piping on each one of those curves.  A cool technique for doing appliqué.  Fabulous quilt!

Sue then gave us all a big sob story about the fabric she had to work with.  Something about directional and only one color.  But wait a minute!  Wasn’t the fabric we just saw in Sue’s quilt only red and white?  It’s a volunteer project, Sue!  No complaining allowed! Next year we’ll have to serve her cheese with her whine.

And Patti’s Irish Chain quilt is fabulous!  I think she was pleased.

The cute cat fabric that Patti got belonged to Linda.  And Linda got a cool bag to go with her quilt.

I want this cute cat quilt!  I think Boo and Miss Kitty need it.  Cats with Santa hats – so cute!  Living in little cat houses…..

Then Linda showed the fabric she received.  Talk about directional and challenging!  Well, this is a challenge, after all.  And Kay sheepishly claimed it as hers.

But look at the great quilt that Linda made.  So creative!

Then it was Kay’s turn to show her package.  And Davene claimed it.

What cute pinwheels Kay made.  I do believe that Davene loved it.  Look at those smiles!

Then Davene showed the fabric on her package….yellow ducks on a lavender background.  And it belonged to Sue.

And what a cute yellow duck she made!  Complete with galoshes and a puddle.  Very nice!

Sue had Judy’s fabric.  As you can see by her blurred hands, Judy was excited to tear into hers.

And she wasn’t disappointed.  What a beautiful quilt!  Judy’s fabric has names of quilt blocks in it and Sue included all those blocks as she pieced this great sampler quilt.

Since Judy had started the opening of the quilts, we were now at a dead end.  So we decided to move on with the package that Sarah had mailed in for the event.

Peggy recognized her fabric on the package that Sarah had sent since she couldn’t be at the party.

What a beautiful quilt made by Sarah!  Fabulous!  Linda looks on as Peggy presents her quilt to the ooo’s and aaah’s of the group.

Peggy decorated her gift bag with Nancy’s fabric.  Nancy thinks it’s A#1 if it came from Peggy.

Peggy used the broderie perse method to showcase Nancy’s fabric on a light pieced background.  I think we recognize those background blocks, Peggy!

Nancy grabbed her package and Cindy recognized her fabric.  Her heart was all aflutter to think that it was finally time for her quilt!

And what a great quilt it is!  Beautiful, Nancy!  Cindy loves it.

Cindy’s package revealed Sue’s fabric.  Cindy appliquéd a million leaves (after learning a cool way to do it from Judy R one Bee day.)  A happy quilt!

Sue then grabbed her package and I knew the fabric was mine.  Because I saw her walk in the door with the package in her hands and I recognized my fabric then.  Boy, did I have a long wait!

Isn’t it spectacular!  I love it!  Sue was really the sneaky one.  She worked on these blocks in front of us all at retreat in October.  She made the houses and the trees.  But she didn’t include any of my fabric in those blocks so we were none the wiser.  I could never get away with that.  Someone would ask me what I was working on and I’d blush to my hair roots and give it all away.  But Sue was really calm and cool and had an answer for everyone.  Smart Sue.  And it’s a great quilt!

Next it was time for my package.  But you’ve already seen a whole blog about that one.  Remember “This One’s for Sarah” a few days ago?  I blogged that immediately so Sarah could see her quilt.  If you want to view it again, you can just scroll down through yesterday’s post and the “I’m Sorry” post and you can pause to make some “Toffee Bars” as you scroll through that one too.  Or you can just click here and go straight to the post about Sarah’s quilt.

That left only two people who hadn’t received their quilts yet.  Betty and Karen.  So you know what that meant…….

Karen had Betty’s fabric…….

…..and made this fabulous quilt!  Love it, Karen!

And Betty had Karen’s fabric……

….. and made this great “split decision” quilt!  What a great pattern for this fabric!  And a beautiful quilt.  So all year as Betty pondered what to do with her fabric, Karen pondered hers.  And little did they know they were making quilts for each other.  What fun!

That concludes the Brown Bag Challenge quilts.  But there is much more to come.  Show ‘n Tell of the fabulous quilts that everyone made all using a yard of the same fabric.  It’s the fabric that you see on the margins of this blog.  And the quilts were spectacular!  Plus there are pics of the food, food, and more food.  There was so much food.  But you know that already about these girls if you’ve been paying attention.  There are also pics of other quilts that they’ve been working on all year.  And Judy’s great decorations for Christmas.

I also had help with photography from this little guy:

He’s hired!  Just for the cuteness and entertainment factor.  You’ll see more pics of him in blogs to come too.

P.S.  The blog just crossed a major milestone yesterday.  The first day ever with over 300 hits in one day!  WOW!  You all really like those quilts!  Previously the best day was September 19th with 293 hits.  Hurray for you!  Thanks!

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16 Responses to The Brown Bags Live On!

  1. Judy Terry Linn says:

    The fabric choices in these quilts to enhance whatever BB-secret-fabric was received is so FUN!!! I love, love, love Madelyn’s swirling fabric bordering her piping blocks. O yeah – it is RED! Those circles that Karen made around the attic windows are also swirling and you guessed it, I love the RED shadowing. Nancy’s flowers with that braid border is smashing! RED squares are glowing! And I could go on and on commenting on each and every quilt, but this is Barb’s blog!
    Barb, you inspire us all with the photography and the swirling, shadowing, smashing, glowing photography and descriptive text!
    Congrats on the 300 hits! I wanna see that doubled!!!
    HUGS to Blogger Barb!!!!

  2. quiltfever says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful quilt exchange. So many wonderful ideas. What a talented bunch you are!

  3. Lani says:

    Barb, you capture the delight of the day oh so well! I always enjoy waking up to your blog! Lani

  4. Cyndie Knisley Shindle says:

    Love it! Beautiful! Each quilt so unique and special, thank you for sharing. Barb, you always amaze us with your commentary and photography skills, you are spoiling us and we are not “sorry”.

    Suggestion, find a CD of music you like and play it, this will help replace I’m Sorry in your head, works for me when I can’t get Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or some such children’s song out of my head after a day with grand children.
    Love ya!

    • Suz says:

      *Oh no! Now I have Chitty Chitty Bang Bang stuck in my head! 😉
      Bang Bang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, our fiiiiiiiiiiine foooooour feeeeeen-deeered frieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend! OK, so I liked that movie when I was a kid… **Great blogging, Barb! It’s no wonder you have so many hits!!! ***Red seems to be well-loved in this group! And that’s all my random thoughts for now…

  5. Susan says:

    I know several of these gals and their reactions are just the same as at “Club”. Lovely ladies and thanks for sharing your Brown Bags.

  6. Peggy says:

    More glorious quilts Barb and love seeing mine from the front side now! Kinda hard to view it from the top when holding it……didn’t Sarah do a beautiful job? I just love it! They are all wonderful as is the whole group and what’s even more amazing, the quilts received really do suit the personalities of the recipient, even tho we don’t know who we are making them for. Too fun and maybe the only thing that needs to change next year is the color of the ‘BB’! Thanks again for all the great photos!

  7. Pam Barr says:

    Shoot! I thought you were going to drag out the brown bag. I loved every picture! I especially loved your little assistant! Can’t wait for food.

  8. Ranch Wife says:

    I am so impressed with ya’ll! So many fabulous quilts! Ya’ll seem like a fabulous bunch of gals who are talented quilters and know how to have fun! I have a request. Would you ask Patti to share her pattern for that cute little bag she made for Linda? That looks like a great gift bag! So cute! Thank you for taking the time to share everyone’s quilts! Well done ladies!

  9. Cindy Smith says:

    Barb, great job. I feel like you are chronicling (sp?) all of our lives through our quilts. How cool is that?

  10. Sally says:

    My heart is full reliving all those wonderful moments. The quilts were spectacular! The hostess was spectacular! The followship was pectacular! We are just so blessed to be a part of this spectacular group! And, it’s snowing in Judy’s house! How cool is that! Love you, Barb, for continuing to bless us with your blog.

    p.s……..Dede, I LOVE my quilt. Have I told you that enough? Just say’in…

  11. Diane Wyte says:

    Oh boy – I went to water aerobics today and suffered through all the jumps, spins, back and forths, and squats – all the while remembering that when I got home and out of my wet clothes, I would have a treat in store for me! More pics from the BB exchange! I was not one bit disappointed and all those sloshings around were well worth the wait! Every quilt was spectacular – and Barb’s blogging put me right in the middle of it all. Love all quilts – their creativity, the combo of fabrics, and the wonderful attention to detail – plus the looks of anticipation on each person’s face! Now – have to figure how to get my little group here to see all this for inspiration for next year. Sure will want to know what is on the docket for the JSS ers next year! Gosh – you are lucky quilters – having such wonderful keepsakes from wonderful friends!
    OK – now I am ready to be entertained some more—ready for the next batch of pics, Barb!!!!!!
    Sunny and really cold here today – in the 20s – which is sooo rare for Coastal North Carolina! At least no snow! Hugs to all – cannot wait to see more! 🙂

  12. Sueme says:

    First, Barb…..just start singing “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…….” any previous song is history! Can’t say enough about the pictures. It captures everyone excitement and thrill of opening their quilts. Seeing all the quilts again is such an inspiration. Hope to fit in some sewing time during the holidays.

  13. Susan Bancroft says:

    Thanks for the rest of the BB quilts, Barb–they are all so beautiful and so fun to see again. They seemed to have passed in a happy blur that day, and now I can enjoy them and recall all the details! 🙂

  14. Patti Munro says:

    It is a wonderful day when the party is underway and there is no more pressure of do I add a little more to my quilt. Thank you all for the challenges and love, what a talented group of ladies you all are. I am blessed to have you all in my life.

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