The Party Continues……

……with our JSS Same Fabric Challenge!

But let me explain.  In January of this year, each gal in the JSS Bee got 1 yard of fabric.  The same fabric.  It’s the fabric that you’ve been looking at in the margins of this blog all year.  Their instructions were simple.  Make something, anything, out of the fabric just for yourself.  For whatever purpose you choose.  In most cases that would be a quilt.  But it turned out to be other creative things this year too.

First:  The Quilts

Pam made this pretty quilt top.  And managed to completely hide behind it for the picture.  She used the fabric as the center of her Triple Irish Chain.

Suz used the fabric as the background for these rows of fabulous flying geese.  Good job!

Madelyn made this gorgeous quilt with her fabric.  She also used the challenge fabric as a background for some great stars.

LaNelle used the fabric as the light side of her wonderful log cabin blocks.  Nice.

Lynn made a boatload of half-square triangles and then put them together in a flying geese setting.  Fabulous.

Lani used the instructions from retreat to make nine patch blocks.  Remember the video we produced there to show you how?   She said once she got started she couldn’t stop making these fun blocks.  Great quilt.  You can check out the video again here:

Nine Patch 101 Video

By the way, that’s Peyton peeking out around the quilt.  She was our helper/holder for show ‘n tell.  And a great one too!

Betty made this great quilt with wonky tilted nine patches.  Spectacular.

Judy made this cool quilt.  Isn’t it amazing how different all the quilts look even though they all have a common fabric?

Nancy made this cute wall hanging.  And showed off some three dimensional stuff with Peyton’s help.

Pat shows everyone her bright pinwheels surrounded by a single chain.

Karen made this cool quilt with nine patches and snowball blocks that form stars.  Very nice, Karen.

Judy made this cute quilt totally by hand.  Peyton was very impressed.  Cameron (behind) and the rest of us were too!

Sandra made a fabulous pinwheel strippy quilt.

Davene made this wonderful wall hanging.  Cameron and Peyton were very impressed.  And I was so focused on getting the cute kids in the picture that I totally cut off Davene’s head.  Sorry, Davene!

Cindy made this bright quilt using all the colors from the challenge fabric.  Fantastic.

And then there were the accessory things:

Jill made this cute little bag out of the fabric.  And gave it to Judy, the Hostess with the Mostest.

Kay also made a bag……….

……..and a cool table runner.

Sally made placemats.  And I’m not exactly sure why that was so funny.  I think they are cool!

Peggy made some replacements for needed things in her sewing room.  She’s holding in her hand a pressing/cutting mat.  I believe it has sandpaper too – for using when marking seam lines for appliqué.  And Peyton is holding her pin cushion/trash bag.  Now Peggy will think of this challenge every time she uses these things in her sewing room!

I made some things too.  And I purposely am not showing them to you today.  But you will see them soon.  Because I have plans.  The gals who were at the party know those plans.  And the rest of you will know them soon!  They involve giveaways for the blog.  And comments from all of you.  Don’t you love it when I tease you with these things?

Stay tuned…..

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7 Responses to The Party Continues……

  1. Cyndie Knisley Shindle says:

    How fun, everyone is awesome, good job ladies.

  2. Lani says:

    Barb, It was so good to see all these quilts and projects again because by this point in the day I was either too full from all the wonderful food, or too full from all the “eye candy” of so many dazzling quilts, that I forgot to take pictures with my camera! Thank goodness we’ve got you as our very own group photographer/blogger!! THANKS!

  3. Susan Bancroft says:

    The challenge quilts and accessories were awesome this year once again!! The talent just doesn’t ever end with this group…incredible! 🙂

  4. Peggy says:

    Just so much fun to get to see everything over again………………..since there is entirely toooooo much to absorb and remember on Bee Day!

    Thanks, Barb for the great refresher and to everyone for more fabulous quilts and ‘things’.

  5. Diane Wyte says:

    Wow – I loved it – just like a real live show and tell! – I looked and looked yesterday for a posting – but, boo-hoo – nothing – so this morning (before I go to my applique group, actually!) I logged on to check, and “what to my wondering eyes did appear but” loads of wonderful quilts and doo-dads! Loved it all – I feel as if I was there this year – too much fun! Just did not get all that food – maybe some recipes, tho’???? Yummy “stuff” to drool over tho’! Cannot wait for the next issue!

  6. Judy roybal says:

    I sure enjoyed seeing every quilt and other creations again as I am sitting in here in my quilt room. I’m multitasking as usual….doing my Baltimore Album “homework” and practicing my Christmas music for this weekend. Pray that I can nail those high notes…I sing first soprano.

  7. Patti Munro says:

    So great to have a follow up. What talented women. How fortunate I feel to have ended up in this group.

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