Christmas Party – The Brown Bags

Finally!  I’ve sorted through 6,435 pics of the Christmas Party of the Century.  And I’ve narrowed it down to 61 pics for today.  What?  Sixty one?  Can I really count on the Devoted Blog Followers to stay with me through that many pics today?  Grab your coffee, some breakfast and let’s begin!


Judy was the Hostess with the Mostest.  But she tried our patience with a story to start the day.  After breakfast that is.  She got us all full of yummy breakfast things and then gathered us all together to start on the the Big Brown Bag Reveal.  And then she made us wait.  She actually got ladies to join in and tell stories of their beginnings with the JSS Bee.  She started it all with the story of how the Bee began.

See how they all watched with rapt attention?  They were mesmerized with the stories.

A happy bunch of quilters if I ever saw one.  Everyone joined in on the stories.  Tender, thought-provoking stories.

Sue comandeered the box of kleenex and doled them out as needed.  And many of us needed them.  Touching, emotion-packed stories filled the room.  Sometimes it is good to re-live the memories.

But we were also all anxious for the Big Reveal.  Of our Brown Bag quilts.  For those of you who might not remember, let me remind you of the challenge.  In January each participant brings a brown bag with one yard of fabric.  We mix them all up and then go home with a brown bag.  We don’t know who has our fabric and we don’t know whose fabric we have.  Our instructions are to make a quilt top, using the BB fabric and adding fabrics of our own choosing.  We have all year to make these quilt tops.  And some ladies actually finish these projects in March or April.  Gasp!  And then there are those (like moi) who do the entire project the day before the party.  Or almost.  Because if I finished it in March, I’d never be able to find it when party time arrived.

And if anyone has a new name for this challenge, Judy would be very happy to entertain ideas.  Personally, I think Brown Bag Challenge (or BB) perfectly describes the project.  Maybe we could change the bags to pink, Judy?  Or red?

Here are the pretty wrapped packages filled with brown bag challenge quilts.  We are instructed to put a piece of the fabric on the outside of the package so that the recipient can be found.

I recognized the fabric on this bag as mine.  And I couldn’t wait to see my quilt!

So the stories finally ended, and Judy grabbed her package and showed the fabric around the room.

It was Dede’s!  And lucky Dede got to be the first to see her quilt.

Judy did it again!  All around the border were the names of all the JSS members.  What a keepsake!  And we have decided that one by one, Judy has to make us all a JSS Bee Memory Quilt.  See how the ladies on the left pointed out the names?  We all want one.

Then Dede brought out her package.  And Sally was really jazzed that the fabric was hers.

And she pointed out to us all which fabric was in the brown bag.  Pretty quilt!

A big hug was in order.  Many hugs continued throughout the day.

Sally had Sandra’s fabric……

…..and Sandra was really excited to receive a beautiful quilt that showcases Sally’s fabulous appliqué.

Sandra had Judy R’s bright geometric print fabric.  And she made this happy, bright pinwheel quilt.

Judy had Suzanne’s fabric and Suz flew to her feet the minute she recognized it.

What a great quilt with some fabulous celtic appliqué!  Suz was so excited that she probably already has it quilted and hanging in her house.  Notice that Cindy is praying that hers will be as nice.  And Cindy’s Mom is joining in the prayer.

Suz had Tracie’s fabric.  Tracie tore into her package quickly.

What fun these cute flower pots are!  With fabulous fussy cut flowers out of Tracie’s fabric.

Susan excitedly tore into the package that Tracie had made.

And revealed these cute little flowers.  Great job, Tracie!

Lynn recognized her fabric as Susan held up her traditional holey remnant.

Lynn and Susan shared a private moment of looking at the quilt while we all got to look at the back.  What?  Turn it around you two!

And they finally did turn it around to reveal this fabulous appliqué by Susan!

Pam recognized the blue fabric on the package that Lynn brought.

And Pam loved the bright quilt that Lynn made.  Pretty!

The fabric that Pam had turned out to belong to Jules.

And Pam made this glorious quilt top for her. Spectacular!

Now I know that you are totally mesmerized with all the quilts so far.  But I fear that you will be late to work or not get a thing done today because you are glued to the pics on the blog forever.  And I’m all about building the momentum.  So since this is about half the total pics for the brown bag challenge, I think we’ll wait until next time for the rest.

Because you know how I like to keep you all on pins and needles for more.  Stay tuned!


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20 Responses to Christmas Party – The Brown Bags

  1. Doreen, Houston, MN says:

    The quilts are fabulous!!!!! Such a good time you all had…..perhaps the greatest gift was the gift of time spent together. Christmas Blessings!

  2. Cindy Smith says:

    The artistry of these wonderful women is phenominal. They are so talented; I love being around them. You ladies are the very best!

  3. Judy Terry Linn says:

    I was FIRST arrive at the Christmas Party (O yeah, it was at MY house!) hee hee!

    Am I really first to leave a comment on the BB Challenge?

    AAAAAAMMMMMMAAAAAAZING!!!!! These quilts are AMAZING!!! Like you said, anyone would be happy with any one of them. And yet it is so very interesting that when you look at the quilt and realize who is receiving it, it is SO perfect!

    Reliving the moments is so great, Barb! Don’t hurry, drag it out, I really don’t want these memories to fade!

    • Judy Terry Linn says:

      aw – no – I was not first to comment. MN fans are up earlier – I bet they have to go shovel snow before they can go anywhere today. I am watching a GLORIOUS sunrise. It may be cold in Texas, but no snow here.

  4. Cyndie Knisley Shindle says:

    All I can say is beautiful. Do you ever have an after they’ve been quilted blog to show the next step, although I don’t think they could get any better. Thanks for sharing.

  5. autumn says:

    I would really love to know the pattern of the quilt with all the names on it. Do you know what it is?


    • Barb says:

      That one was made by Judy. Judy, do you have pattern information?

      • Judy Terry Linn says:

        Check our I gave credit to them on the label. I did not duplicate the pattern, but took my ideas from “Perfect Ten.” It is marked as ‘the perfect quilt to make with ten fat quarters.’ I did not use fat quarters and I had to altar the rows and change the border because JSS roster is quite lengthy. But it was easy to adapt and fun to see all of our names in print!
        Happy Quilting!

  6. Pam Barr says:

    Worth the wait! I’m with Judy, drag it out. I want to love the memories for a very long time.
    You are the best!

  7. Susan Bancroft says:

    I almost choked on my coffee at the end when there was suddenly no more–LOL! More BB quilts, please! Show ‘n tell, and the challenge quilts–and hello?–the food? Barb, what else could you possibly have to do besides completing your blog about the party? That whimsical, colorful applique of the flowers in a vase was mine from Tracie–isn’t it beautiful? I thought my black and grey fabric would surely end up as a black/white or black/red quilt. but Tracie sure surprised ME! Thank you again, Tracie! Can’t wait to see more, Barb! It was definitely a wonderful day, and thank you again to sweet Judy for hosting our fabulous JSS Christmas party! 🙂

  8. Jocelyn says:

    Wow these quilts are all amazing. What a fabulous idea.

  9. Lani says:

    I love seeing the quilts, and who gave what to whom, and the recipients reaction, over and over and over! I’m sure I’ll be looking at this blog, and the next one, again and again, so the memories don’t fade. Thanks Barb!

  10. Shelley C says:

    What a fabulous show! Everyone is so talented! I don’t think I could do justice if I participated in thise, but I sure would love to! Such a great idea and how fun to make it a sort of Christmas gift exchange….so neat!

  11. Carol Parker says:

    Those were all lovely quilts!! Can’t wait to see the others. What a talented group of ladies you are!!!

  12. Phyllis says:

    Wow and wow. Yes this group of ladies are really talented. Our Kentucky Empty Bobbins are meeting at my house tonight for our Brown Bag reveal. I can’t wait to see what creativity happened with our small group. Hopefully I will be able to share pictures sometimes, but it won’t be tonight after it’s all over. So excited. Thanks to everyone in Texas for all the inspiration. Be joyful, love, Phyl

  13. Peggy says:


    Love all the photos especially now so that I can see again who gave what to whom and just enjoy seeing all these beautiful quilts……………….the show can go on for quite a long time!!! What a talented group and love being a part of it…..can’t wait to see my quilt again! Thanks so much for all the work and fun you put into this for us, not to mention for all the world to see!!!

  14. Judy Terry Linn says:

    This morning I was re-living some of these moments. These quilts are fabulous – just pieced! I just saw one quilted. What fun it will be to see them all quilted!

    That day in Texas is was warm and warmer. Today in Texas is cold and colder – the Super Bowl teams and attendees are finding out what happens in Texas when it is COLD. We stay home and catch up on blog reading between stitches.

    Happy blogging, Barb!

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