It’s not every day you meet a famous author….

……and a NY Times Bestselling one at that!  Marie Bostwick has written 6 novels – the first three are historical fiction and the last 3 have a quilting theme.  (She apparently had to practice on those first ones to get it right before she took on us quilters. <grin>)  I have read the first two in her “Cobbled Court” series and just bought the third one so I could have a signed copy.  Now I am ready to find copies of those historical novels and read them too!  I love the way Marie develops her characters – she made me care about them and that speaks “good author” to me!

Instead of writing a book review blog today where I end up giving away the whole plot line …. meet Marie Bostwick!

This is Marie with Quilter’s Dream owner, Beverly.  It was such fun to meet Marie.  She was very personable, warm and fun!  She made us laugh and she brought tears to our eyes as she talked about how quilts and quilting impact our lives.  She took lots of time with each person as she signed their books for them.  And she loved our shop!  We may be seeing her more whenever she visits this area – as a customer!  Incognito!  (Wonder if she wears dark glasses and a camouflage outfit.)  She told us a story of how she once tried to attend a retreat incognito – she even went under an alias.  But then when one woman started talking about how she loved her novels, she “outed” herself and signed a book for the fellow retreater.  Maybe she’d like to attend a JSS retreat?  As a newbie attender, we’d make her sign all our books, eh girls?  While she makes us coffee, brings us water, makes our morning waffles —- ooooo, let’s invite her!  We’ll just accept her as one of the gals and make her feel right at home.  But I digress….. where was I?

Oh, yeah….. book signing…..

Look at the pretty table of goodies that Beverly had set up for the special occasion.  Marie was impressed!  She said we were way more fun than Barnes and Noble (sorry B&N!)  And I got her permission to give you just a brief video clip of her program – which she also does at guilds and other quilting events.  In fact, she had just come from Paducah!  You can read a whole lot more about Marie at her website and register as a reading friend – I just did that and it looks like a fun site!  She even has a blog!  Well, of course, she does, silly Barb – she’s a writer, after all!

Here are some more pics of the day……

Marie as she told us about her first book, A Single Thread.

And as she talked about her son and a serious medical issue they faced when he was a child.  That’s him on the screen beside her.

My friend, Karen, with Marie.   Karen brought her Mom with her to enjoy the morning.  Happy Mother’s Day, Gloria!

My friend, Lynn, with Marie.  Lynn has already read A Single Thread.  Ask her about it when you see her!

This is the line awaiting chatting with Marie and getting their books signed.  This is after a majority of ladies had already left!  I should have taken this pic sooner…..

Marie chatting with new friends while she’s signing books.  The bright hunter star table runner on the table is one she brought along to show.  Cool quilt, Marie!

My friend, Suzanne, with Marie.  Suzanne tooks lots of pictures too and I hope she’ll share them with me!

My new friend, Marie and me.  I had such a fun time meeting her and chatting.  Wish you all could have been there!  OH!  But you sort of have been now, haven’t you?  OK, OK…. I’m seeing the value of the blog…… (picture Barb here, being pulled into blogging….. but now having loads of fun!)

Happy quilting…..oh!  and reading……

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6 Responses to It’s not every day you meet a famous author….

  1. Susan says:

    Looks like a good time was had by all!!! I love the pics of everyone! 🙂

  2. Suz says:

    Barb, I’m so glad you figured out how to get in the pictures! You guys were having too much fun, weren’t you!? The photos look very professional…so that must make you a pro now! Nice! Marie sounds great…I’ll have to check out her books. Thanks for the update!

  3. Janet Hill says:

    Thanks Barb for getting pictures of everyone… Wish I could have been there, it looked like a fun time. How many did you have? Were there enough chairs for everyone? Did you get your sewing machine from the back room? (Thanks again). Later, Janet

    • Barb says:

      Janet, Not sure if you get notified if I reply to your comment! But I’ll try anyway. There were JUST enough chairs – we had a full house! It was great fun. Marie was just a neat person – someone who could become a friend easily (if she didn’t live in Connecticut – ) I forgot to look for my sewing machine, but I’ll get it Monday. And you’re welcome… Hugs, Barb

  4. Beverly Ingram says:

    You are good at this! I enjoyed reading about it and I was there!

    • Jenice Duvall says:

      I really like your blog! Thank you for the great pictures and the snippet of her talk. I wish I could have been there.

      BTW, we met last night at Quilter’s Dream. I look forward to more of your posts. It’s like sitting down to a cup of coffee and chatting with a friend.

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