More Baubles!

I had a busy day today!  Book signing this morning, lunch with great friends and then a quilt show this afternoon.  A red letter day!!!!!  I have much to report on the day so watch for postings about those events soon. 

Just a quick update tonight to the baubles I posted earlier.  Thanks to Peggy, who sent me a few more pics.  These are some works of art!  Way to go, Ann!

This is a beautiful framed piece……

and another framed one…..

And one more pic of Racheal’s piece – a little more up close than the shot I posted earlier today….
See the little bee in the upper right?  That was hard to see in the pic I posted before.  So cute!

Now stay tuned for more exciting things from my day today…………… wish you could have been there.  But wait!  Some of you were there!  (Way to keep up the anticipation, Barb!  Keep ’em coming back for MORE!  Are you waiting on pins and needles?)

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3 Responses to More Baubles!

  1. Barb, I enjoyed reading your blog entries and looking at the cool photos. Boo is a doll, but I think my Maine Coon, Ranger, would be jealous if he heard me say that so just keep it between us.

  2. Mary Wimberly says:

    Great job, Barb
    Just add blogger to your gift of many talents! Look forward to more your creative talents toward blogging.
    We all LOVE to “hate” our sweet Ann and her many talents. Wish we all could peek into her brain and see what we obviously don’t have in ours!!!! Not too many people can turn an empty instant coffee container into a treasure–but Ann can!

  3. Brenda says:

    Pins and needles….really?

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