A Day with Friends – Quilt Show!

This is my friend Suz’s back yard. 

Doesn’t it look fabulous?  All serene and calm and woodsy.  I could have sat there for hours Friday after lunch….. with a hammock or a lounge chair and a good book (perhaps one by Marie Bostwick!  See yesterday’s post….<grin>)  We had dessert on the porch and it was GREAT!

I zoomed in on some things in the yard…

This is an old mailbox that used to live in the front yard for the mailman.  Next to a cute little bridge.  Don’t you just want to move in to her back yard?  Apparently you even could receive mail there…..

And how about these flowers……

But maybe you’d like to see them up close and personal?

I love the cute container. 

See?  You could move into Suz’s back yard, receive mail, lay in a hammock and read A Single Thread and enjoy pretty flowers.  Sounds like the life we’d all like to have, doesn’t it?  Will you feed us once in awhile too, Suz?  (Lunch was a fabulous spinach/strawberry salad, yummy chicken salad sandwiches and bundt cake with coffee on the porch afterwards.  She could feed me that same meal every day and I would be happy…….content………… and fat.  That’s because I had 3 helpings of everything.  I couldn’t help myself.)

And you’d have these two friends to play with too……

This is Sadie.  She likes to chase squirrels.  I’m not sure she’d be happy if she actually caught one, but she sure does like to chase them!

This is Arthas.  He didn’t want to look at the camera for his picture.  But he gets to be a famous dog in a blog anyway.  Hi Arthas!  It was fun to meet you!  Can I come and live in your back yard?

Did I say I could have sat there all day/week/year?  But we had a Quilt Show to see!

So off we went to the Arlington Quilt Show – here are pics of us at the Show.   Apparently I’m not very good at this blogging thing yet, as I did not take very many pictures of quilts! 

Here are my friends Sally and Suzanne (who I like to call Suz) in front of the Best in Show quilt.  Apparently they are way more important to me than the quilt as you can see.  But it really was a beautiful quilt.  You’ll just have to take my word for it.  And if you look very carefully, you can sort of see another quilt over Suz’s shoulder.

Here’s another pic of my friends with me this time.

Again, you can kinda see this quilt….. sorta…. if you look real hard.  By the way, Sally is banned from ever wearing this shirt in public again.  At least if Suz and I are with her.  Plain T-shirts only for Sally at Quilt Shows – unless you want to be stopped constantly by people admiring her cute shirt.  (Suz and I are going to outdo her with cute shirts the next time – and she is required to only wear a plain T-shirt.  Are you listening, Sally?)

This quilt was a favorite of mine in the show.  I liked it so much I took three pics of it…..

The quilt……

One block…… and then…….

………up close and personal.  Just so you can see exactly how the star is constructed.  It’s important to see the seam lines and all.  In case you might want to actually make this quilt yourself.

Who me?  I’m too busy blogging to make quilts.

And then I found this quilt…….

Look familiar?  I was quite impressed with this quilt pattern, obviously.

And that’s the Arlington Quilt Show.  The end.

I guess if you really wanted to enjoy their quilt show, you’d better have gone to it and not depended on me to report and show pictures.  I know.  I’m fired.  Terrible blogger that I am.

 WAIT!  I did take two pictures of a really cute zebra quilt…… which was actually two quilts…

the front end…………………………………………………………and the back end……………….

Isn’t he just the cutest thing?  Suz especially wanted the pics of him (she has zebra things in her house) or you probably wouldn’t be viewing these pics either – I apparently thought the camera around my neck was just a fashion accessory that day.  You can fire me now.

Or you could see four more pictures of quilts from the Show at Sherrill’s blog.  (She apparently didn’t want to go crazy with her camera either.)


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11 Responses to A Day with Friends – Quilt Show!

  1. Kaye says:

    What a great back yard! Tell Suz I need her to come give me landscaping tips!
    Oh, and I love those zebra quilts!!
    I still love using my zebra coasters! 🙂

  2. Brenda Foster says:

    I think perhaps you were so impressed that the camera became a minor detail. As for Sally’s shirt, it WAS really cute and I am not even a quilter. I am just an admirer from afar. I think it was great advertising for the art of quilting. So, Sally, should be allowed to wear it wherever she goes. Maybe you and Suz should make one as well so she won’t be showing you up!

  3. Susan says:

    Suz, your backyard looks like heaven…will you do repeat performance soon? 😉

    Barb, you are so funny…I loved the blog/your comments this morning, sooooo cute!

  4. Veda Wilhite says:

    Love the back yard!!! It was relaxing to look at it. I could almost taste the yummy lunch! Thanks for taking me along to the Arlington Show….I take anything I can get…love the chatter..that’s what it’s all about.

  5. Peggy says:

    What a fun weekend you’ve had with all the happenings. Great reading about it all and love Suzanne’s yard! How beautiful and relaxing and great for stitching (which is the one thing you all apparently did not do!) Loved the quilts too, but given it’s spring, I’m now inspired to get outside and do a little digging……………..just need Suz’s landscaping advice. We’ll have to get her to do landscaping workshops: the real thing, and maybe for quilts too!

  6. Sherrill says:

    HEY!! I took more pix at the show (not many more, though) just didn’t wanna put em all on my blog! You goof, you! LOL

  7. Betty says:

    Hi Barb! Just reading your blog….

  8. Janet Hill says:

    The best of show quilt was quilted by one our Mag7 girls… Janet Sturdevant Stewart… Yeah Janet… Way to go… Again…
    Wish I could have gone to the show, were you inspired? Next time Barb, take me with you and I will take pictures of QUILTS! :0)

  9. Suz says:

    This is great! I wish all of my memories of wonderful days were documented like this, so that when my mind goes, I can always come back to the blog entry to remember! Thanks, Barb!

  10. Sally says:

    Now, Barb, you know good and well I don’t even OWN a plain T-shirt. That means I would have to go naked and that would be a sight you’d take to your grave….and would probably be the end of all quilt shows as we know them.

    It was a wonderful day being the recipiant of Suz’s warm graciousness and the food was way too yummy for words. Can you believe we sat out on that patio for the longest time just a talkin’…..AND WE HAD A QUILT SHOW TO GO TO!!!!

    What a great way to capture these precious memories! Thanks, Barb!!!
    Love you all,

  11. Valerie says:

    Suz is my sister-in-law and I love her!!! And her backyard! And Arthas. And her husband who is my brother. What a great blog entry. I loved it. You have a great writing style. You made me smile. Thanks for sharing.
    Valerie Avery

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