The Boy Grew Up

And he grew up way, way too fast.  What happened to my little kitten?  Sigh.  They don’t remain kittens very long.

Oct 29

Oct 29

Remember this picture?  Taken on Oct 29th of last year.  When he was just 7 weeks old.

Nov 30

Nov 30

And a month later, this one.

So today, on Pappy’s One Year Birthday, Dear Hubby and I tried to get a pic of Pappy on this same pillow so you could see how big he is now.  Emphasis on the word tried.

The Boy Grew Up (1)

What?  Lay on this pillow, Dad?  Why?

The Boy Grew Up (2)

Oh, this is so not my idea!  And the reason you want me to lay still on this pillow is…..?

The Boy Grew Up (3)

Now Mom’s in on the act!  What IS there about this pillow anyway?

Panda even tried to help, but to no avail.  You can see her looking on in the above picture.  I think it was Panda who suggested trying treats.  She’s all about the treats.  She’ll do anything for a treat.  Well, anything has a different meaning in the cat world.  It mostly means that she’ll come running.

The Boy Grew Up (4)

How about some more treats?

The Boy Grew Up (5)

What?  Lay down?  Why exactly do you want me to lay down?

The Boy Grew Up (6)

I’m outta here!

The Boy Grew Up (7)

Hi Mom!  And why is this pillow laying behind my back?

Well, hopefully you get the idea.  The boy definitely grew up.  He now weighs 12 1/2 lbs.

And don’t you need to see him in action?  This video was taken on a road trip in our motorhome a few weeks ago.

He and Panda are quite animated playing on their tree.  Even while we travel down the highway.

There's a New Kid in Town (1)

Happy First Birthday, sweet Pappy boy!  I think you’re just as cute as you were the day you came to live with us.  Well, almost anyway.


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8 Responses to The Boy Grew Up

  1. Patty Spinelli says:

    Cute!! He did get big!

  2. Yvonne says:

    He is so cute! I love red Cats!

  3. Still as lovely as when so small, and your video, that is one of the best, truly. Cheers,Jean.

  4. Cathi says:

    Happy Birthday, Pappy! There is nothing like a red kitty!
    And he is just as adorable now as he was when you first brought him home!
    I can just imagine the antics as you tried to get him to pose on that pillow for his birthday portrait. Made me laugh out loud!

  5. Karen Smith says:

    Happy birthday Pappy! Such antics from the big boy! Our orange tabby is a couple of years older and ornery too, but such great companions. Hope everything is good with you and your Mom.

  6. lindafranz says:

    Happy Birthday, Pappy! Love the video (you are a star) and the last photo melts my heart. Adorable!

  7. Liz says:

    What a cutie!!!! Love that orange color.

  8. Susan B. says:

    That blog was adorable, Barb!!!! Miss him! (and you!) 🙂

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