Alaska – Meet Jasmine

OK – I’m not in Alaska any more.  But I sure wish I were!  It’s hot in Texas.  I know you’re surprised.  And the weather is perfect in Alaska.  Not sure I’d say that in 6 months, but I think I’d even enjoy the snow for a change of pace and for Christmas.  Especially if I don’t have to shovel it.  Sitting inside, enjoying it through the window could be pretty special.  We’ll ask Pam all about it when the first snowfall comes.

But I still have pics of Alaska.  And stories to tell.  So maybe a few more Alaska posts are in order?  The other day I showed you a pic of the kitty Pam was going to adopt.  And told you she needed a new name.  So today I have pics of her beautiful kitty.

Jasmine (3)Meet Jasmine!  We went to a website for Siamese cat names and I started reading down the list.  When I got to Jasmine, Pam said, That’s it!  It fits her.  And it goes well with the rest of the clan at Pam’s because she has dogs named Jack and Josh.  So now everyone has a “J” name.  Well, except Pam, that is.  We might have to start calling her Jam.

Jaz quickly found her very own private space.  And she claimed it as her own.  Smart kitty.  It has a quilt and everything.  Pam’s bed has this wonderful bookcase headboard and it was perfect for Jaz to get up high and away from barking doggies.  Who just wanted to make friends with her.  She wasn’t so sure.

Jasmine (9)It didn’t take her long to figure out that this perch was a perfect spot.  And then we put her food up there and a toy.  Oh, man.  Perfect.

Jasmine (8)And she settled right in for a kitty nap.  It’s what kitties do best.

Jasmine (2)Pam also discovered that she loves to be brushed.  Which is a very good thing for a long-haired kitty to love.  I have a feeling she will get lots of brushing.

Jasmine (4)And then Pam decided to add this basket to the top of the headboard.  And about 36.2 seconds later…….

Jasmine (5)Actually she’s in that first pic of the basket too.  I left the room to get the camera and when I came back she wasn’t on her quilt.  Sure enough, she’d found the basket and claimed it as hers.

Jasmine (7)Sometimes we could just barely see an ear or the top of her head.

Jasmine (6)Because the basket is a perfect Jasmine size.  She curls right up inside and isn’t visible at all.  It’s a perfect kitty bed for a beautiful new kitty.  And yes, it has a quilt in the bottom to make it extra enticing too.

For those of you interested in more particulars…. Jasmine came from a gal who rescues kitties.  We went to her home to pick out a kitty and Jaz was all over Pam.  A very social kitty.  She perks right up for lots of rubs and pats and kisses whenever we are nearby.  They think that she is about 2 years old.  She’s a very small kitty and although she may gain a bit of weight as she settles into her new home, she will probably always be small.  Not like my Pappy who even grew in the 10 days I was gone!  Silly boy.  I wanted him to remain a kitten.  Sigh.

Jasmine (1)Jasmine is a beautiful girl.  With fabulous blue eyes.  And a very loving, warm disposition.  She is going to be a wonderful addition to Pam’s Alaska home.

Now get on a plane and go up there and meet her in person!  I’m already planning my next trip……

Hot Texas hugs,
Barb, who is enchanted with Alaska and dreaming of returning

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5 Responses to Alaska – Meet Jasmine

  1. Cathi says:

    What a stunning kitty Jasmine is! The name is perfect for such a blue-eyed beauty. Love her basket bed. 🙂

  2. Yvonne says:

    Jasmine is a beauty, looks a lot like our cat Utah, just a bit darker. I read you got back to your puppy, did you end up taking it home to Texas?
    I enjoyed reading all about your trip. Alaska is definitly on my Bucket list now!

  3. Diane says:

    A JSS Bee meeting in AK???? Too fun —

  4. Oh My, she is the most beautiful, and her basket was made just for her I’m sure. Perfect addition to any family, Hugs to Jasmine, Jean.

  5. Jasmine is a beautiFULL name and what a Love she is! Welcome to the Fam!

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