Alaska – Kitties, Flowers, the Dump and a Sheep

I was scheduled to go home many days ago.  Apparently Alaska has me in its clutches.  Or maybe that’s Pam.  She’s kidnapped me.  I hear it’s going to be 105 degrees in Texas soon.  Think I’ll stay until November.

But I’m missing Dear Hubby and my kitties.  So it was time for a kitty fix.


Meet Gabby.  He belongs to Pam’s friends, Kay and Maynard.  Maynard didn’t like cats until Gabby came along.  And Gabby won him over.  Cats have a way of doing that.  We walked over to their house the other evening so I could get a kitty fix.  You can probably tell by Gabby’s face that he wasn’t sure he wanted kisses from a Texas cat lover.  But he tolerated me.  Nice boy, that Gabby.  P.S.  Don’t tell Pappy and Panda that I kissed another kitty.  Phew!  I might be in trouble when I get home.


And this is Amber.  But her name might change.  There’s a nice gal in Pam’s neighborhood who rescues and fosters kitties.  And Amber is ready for adoption.  By Pam.  Tomorrow.  Not a very good picture, but I promise more pics after we bring her home tomorrow.  Any ideas for a name for this beauty?

And apparently blue eyes are an Alaskan tradition.


Kelly (the cat lady) had loads of flowers at her place.  So I got on a flower picture marathon.  These are fuschias.  Aren’t they fabulous?


And I have no idea what these are called.  But aren’t they pretty?  They are little, tiny flowers.  I mean teeny tiny.  The pic really doesn’t show you.


And to make them even look bigger and throw off the scale, I had to show you them up close.  They were very intricate and amazing!  I should have put my finger in the picture.  But it would have covered the flower.


Kay brought flowers to Pam the other day from her garden.  The tall, spikey one is fireweed and it grows all over the place here.  Like bluebonnets in Texas.  It makes a blanket of purple on the sides of the roads.  Nice.


Here’s a clump of it outside.  And this is right outside Pam’s front door.  Very cool.


Flowers are in great abundance everywhere.  Very vibrant and bright.  Beautiful colors.  These are on the street in Palmer.  Right down the street from the quilt shop.  Guess where we were going.    Nice mountains too.


Speaking of mountains, this is the view out Pam’s living room window.  I zoomed on the mountain so you could really see the view.  Magnificent.


One of the highlights of our day on Monday was a trip to the dump.  Refrigerator anyone?  And yes, we’re pretty pitiful when a trip to the dump is considered a highlight.  Oh, well.


These girls were parked right next to us unloading their trash.  And I snapped this pic just moments before she dropped one of her nice trash cans into the dump area.  Yikes!  We didn’t hang around to see if she jumped in to fish it out.  I wouldn’t have.  It was smelly there!  And it might have paid for her to have trash pickup.


Looking down at some of our trash.  Highlight.  Pitiful.  Don’t judge.


The other night we were in the living room looking out the window when this crew walked by.  You can’t see it but the other 3 people are walking a couple of goats.

There are truly some characters in Alaska.  If you sit and watch out the window, who knows what you might see go by.

Watching out the window, camera at the ready,

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9 Responses to Alaska – Kitties, Flowers, the Dump and a Sheep

  1. Andrea says:

    The teeny tiny flowers look like Lobelia.

  2. Beautiful flowers, but the ginger boy, oh Gabby, you are stunning, Still snow there, and in your summer, Enjoy every day, that quilt shop is calling. Cheers,jean

  3. Lynn bynum says:

    Lovely photos, and I found myself looking carefully at the refrigerators, I knew so many people through the years that used old fringes to make a smoker! Pam needs to go back and get one, put it in the yard, just a classy look! Looks like you are having such a good time, how is mom adjusting?

  4. Karen Smith says:

    Your pictures are wonderful…pretty cats, beautiful, beautiful flowers! Keep enjoying your Alaska time!

  5. Diane says:

    Too fun to see all the AK pictures!! The mountains are wonderful and magnificent!! With growing time at almost 24/7, the produce and flowers are abundant and gorgeous! You have to take some pictures of produce – the cabbage and broccoli plants are like GIANTS! I remember that vividly — oh the lushness of it all!
    Enjoy yourselves — quilt shop? Where are you, Pam? City??

  6. Cathi says:

    Oh, my goodness – Gabby, the red boy, is magnificent! I am so glad he was there for you to get a kitty fix!
    Amber is a beautiful cat, whatever her name may end up being. Really, really magnificent.
    Those flowers – the very colourful ones in the photo just before the tiny white ones – are unbelievable. What gorgeous colours! I’ve never seen anything like them!

  7. Susan K in Texas says:

    We went on an Alaskan cruise with land tour last summer. My husband has been planning his next trip ever since. He wants to do a driving trip all over. Me – I wasn’t so fond of all the rain. I am a native Texan and I missed the sunshine and heat. But the flowers, the views, etc were beautiful and I would go back.

  8. Gabby is gorgeous! I can see why Maynard folded! Amber also is quite a beauty! Those eyes! Can’t wait to hear her new name! It’s a tough life, quilting with that view out the window! SO glad for Pam! SO looking forward to more pics! Thanks, Barb!

  9. Sherman says:

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