Things Learned at Retreat

We have a game we play with Newbies at JSS retreats.  We call it Two Truths and a Lie.  The object of the game is to stump the rest of the retreaters into believing your lie is the truth.  The game also lets us get to know the Newbies better.  They are instructed to tell us three things about themselves.  Interesting tidbits from their lives.  Two of them true and one a lie.  We all have to guess which one is the lie.

This year we expanded the game a bit.  To include everyone at retreat and not just Newbies.  And we cancelled the lie part.  The retreaters were challenged to think about something about themselves that no one at retreat knows about.  And write it on a slip of paper.  Periodically throughout the day we read the papers and then everyone tries to guess who wrote it.

These are the things I’ve learned at retreat.  From the game and just in general.

1.  Even if there are no prizes involved for putting in the most slips of paper, Sue H will stuff the box.  Fellow JSSers will remember our first retreat when we were naming the Bee.  There was a basket of fat quarters involved and Sue wanted them.  The way Sue thought of things to write about herself at this retreat you would have thought there were fat quarters involved.  Please don’t tell her there are no prizes this time.

2.  If you ever want to stuff the ballot box in a political election, Sue’s your woman.  See #1.

3.  Newbie Marianne is quite the daredevil.  Skydiving, parasailing and hang gliding.  And only one of those was a lie.

4.  If you ever play a game like this and your sister is also at the retreat, the very worst phrase you can utter to her is, “Just write some down for me.”  Just ask Karen.  And you can ask Sally about how red Karen’s face was.

5.  It’s really been nice knowing Vicki.  I doubt if we’ll be seeing her at JSS retreats any more.  Karen may never again let her know the retreat dates.

6.  We have famous people in our midst.  One was a finalist for a singing position at Knott’s Berry Farm, one was in a Miss Credit Union pageant, one worked with a Dr who is now in prison for killing his wife and children.  And those were all the same person.  We also have a former Queen of East Texas and one who met Prince Charles and had a personal conversation with him.  One who studied archeology at Oxford University and one who hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon with her 60 year old Aunt.  Even one who learned to count by playing Black Jack.  With her father.  Who knew quilters could be so incredible and diverse?

7. When in doubt, just hang with the famous people.  Witness one who wrote “I am friends with a woman who was in a Miss Credit Union Pageant.  It’s still hard not to be jealous.”  Followed by another who wrote, “I have a friend who has a friend who was a contestant in a Credit Union Pageant.”  Silly girls.

8.  If you are ever in a Credit Union Pageant, do not tell anyone.  Or they might make you a sash out of paper towels to commemorate your achievement at a quilting retreat.  And you will have to wear it so as not to hurt their feelings.



9. Tie-dyed socks are very IN.


And if you have a friend who makes you some and gives them to you at retreat, it is imperative that you put your tootsies with fellow tootsies for a picture of them.

10. Sally doesn’t do anything half way.


Look at this unbelievable bag she made!


I mean who embellishes buttons with rick-rack like this? Apparently Sally does. She has earned every one of her Best of Show ribbons. You go, Sally girl.

11.  It’s too bad that laughing isn’t an aerobic exercise.  But wait!  Maybe it is?

I can hardly wait to see what new things I learn before we head home again.
Still laughing,

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3 Responses to Things Learned at Retreat

  1. Diane says:

    I remember that game last year – it was fun and HAD I KNOWN prizes might have been involved I would have REALLY worked at it!!!!
    My last year’s retreat bedrunner is DONE!! Not bad – one year to the next – finished binding yesterday!

  2. Lynn says:

    Thanks for the photos and the laughing! I know your are having the best time!

  3. Laughing-out-loud Rereading this month’s later!!! LOVE this blog, Barb!!!!

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