Retreat Design Wall Update

Time to give an update around the design wall at retreat.  Or maybe I should say design walls.  Because there are walls and walls of designing here!

IMG_20140409_012534First of all, I need to apologize to Newbie Marianne for crediting this lovely quilt to Vicki!  I think Vicki has already packed this quilt up in her things to take home to California.  Something about “but it said it was mine on the blog.”  I better be more careful with my assigning of quilts! And this quilt has really grown since yesterday’s blog.

IMG_20140409_012634Sally’s quilt has grown too.  And actually it has grown even more and diagonal row sets have been stitched together.  And it’s already come down off the design wall and been packed away.  Something about needing some more fabric to complete it. I bet we’ll see this quilt at a future JSS Bee day Show ‘n Tell.

IMG_20140409_012727Madelyn’s striking quilt is all stitched together too.  And off the wall.  These gals are quick!  Cameras must be at the ready at all times.

IMG_20140409_013022Remember the cute little gorillas and hippos for this one?  All stitched together and off the wall.  Do you see a theme here?  Much gets accomplished at JSS Retreats!

IMG_20140409_012817Patti’s hearts grew into two quilts!  And, you guessed it….. gone from the wall!

IMG_20140409_012916Linda’s little chocolate appliques have grown and grown too.

IMG_20140409_013143Cookie’s cool floral churn dash has totally grown into a quilt.  And phew!  Still on the design wall.  I’ll snap a pic of this completed quilt top and show it in a future blog.  Or you can check out Cookie’s blog to see this one later in the week.  Cookie has not been able to access the internet here at retreat!  I think it’s just a ploy by her to give her time to complete all 4,283 things she brought along to make.  She’s a whiz that Cookie!  I have no hopes of keeping up.

Jules and Pam joined us for the day today too.  Or I guess technically that was yesterday.

IMG_20140409_013328Pam worked dilligently on this fabulous basket while she was here today.  Nice work, Pam!

IMG_20140409_013441And Jules is working on this amazing quilt.  She had it on the design wall briefly today.  And, you guessed it, my camera was not at the ready.  We’ll see this quilt again soon, I predict! It is a work of art!

IMG_20140409_013552More things were added to the walls today too.  Including this fabulous Christmas tree by Davene!

IMG_20140409_013635And this wonderful quilt is Davene’s too.  These girls are impossible to keep up with.

IMG_20140409_013732I can hardly wait to see what becomes of this bright fabric and the cute little lifeguard.  Sue G is working on this one.  So cute!

More to come soon.  But for now, this gal has to get to bed.  Our day started way too early on Tuesday.  2:30 a.m. to be exact – just 45 minutes after I’d gone to bed Monday night!  Our smoke alarms went off!  And we all had a very rude awakening as the loud voice said “Fire!” and the alarms rang continuously.  There was no fire and the owners kindly came and turned off the alarms.  But we all either had a hard time falling back asleep or else just stayed up and sewed some more!

Never a dull moment here at the Compass Centre.

And the laughter goes on and on…..

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4 Responses to Retreat Design Wall Update

  1. Yvonne says:

    Great update of the beautiful quilts you are all working on at the retreat! It must be so much fun to spend so much time sewing together!

  2. Patty Spinelli says:

    great quilts Ladies….thanks Barb for the pics

  3. Karen Smith says:

    Wow! Each project is beautiful! All of you are true artists.

  4. Peggy says:

    Thanks, Barb. All the quilts are beautiful…….and of course they should all be done by the time you leave…..and finished by Bee day for sure! Sorry I missed all the fun this year!

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