Retreat Fashion

Fashion at retreat is an interesting thing.  You’re going to want one of every item for your very own.


Fat Quarter Padded Shoulder Straps.  Sue models the latest use for fat quarters.  Quilters are very creative when it comes to comfort at retreat.  Those straps can be a real bummer and we all have loads of extra fat quarters going to waste, don’t we?

Wine Cork Headwrap.  Dori displays the latest in headwear fashion.  Made from fabric given to us all by a California wine country girl.

Finger Pincushion.  Hottest item at this retreat.  Everyone needs one to match every outfit.  You can have one too!  See yesterday’s blog for giveaway.

If-You-Have-One-I-Gotta-Have-One-Too Back Brace.  Second hottest item at this year’s retreat.  Don’t know if they really do anything for you, but apparently everyone had to have one.  Notice a theme here?  Also notice that Suz is sporting a finger pincushion on her left hand with loads of pins sticking out of it.

Jungle Animal Print PJ’s.  I want some.  And Barbara looks so cute in them.

Too Much Orange for Linda Apron.  Even though Linda made this cute apron, Madelyn had to be a model.    Too much orange in it for Linda to allow it to touch her body!

Zebra Mystery Apron.  No clue who gave this to me.  It just appeared one day in a cute gift bag and no one would ‘fess up to doing it.  I may never recover from the mystery of it all.  Still hunting down clues to pinpoint the perpetrator.  I mean, gift giver.  Any help in uncovering the mystery would be much appreciated.  Before I go crazy trying to figure it out.  Please disregard the retreat bags under my eyes.  Not a good fashion accessory.  Lack of sleep does mean things to us gals.

Team Spirit T-Shirts with Mardi Gras Beads.  Barbara sports her favorite team’s shirt.  There were also Texas Rangers, San Francisco Giants and Martin High School shirts spotted throughout the week.  With and without Mardi Gras beads.

Peer Pressure Retreat Hoodies.  One person buys one and the rest of us all have to have one.  Can’t you just hear Sally and I saying through our clenched teeth, “If Madelyn is buying a hoodie, I have to have one too.”

So which retreat fashion is your favorite?


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9 Responses to Retreat Fashion

  1. Lani says:

    I had already decided that I need a back brace for my aching back, but now I NEED a purple retreat hoodie!!! I really do! I’d love to say the zebra apron was from me – I DO love zebras!!- but alas, I would have had to be super-duper-duper organized to get that to Mt Calm amidst my move!! So…it’s not from me. Let us know when the mystery is solved!

  2. Susan Bancroft says:

    Like Lani, I did not sneak that apron in, but it’s just darling! The retreat hoodie, now WAIT a minute! You didn’t email Lani or me to ask us what size we needed while we were displaced on other continents? Sob.

  3. Peggy says:

    Love my hoodie and mine mysteriously appeared in my machine bag when it came home with Madelyn via the CA girls! I did figure that one out……………..but didn’t have anything to do with your zebra apron and it is sooooo cute!

  4. LaNelle says:

    Finger pin, hoodies, aprons, back braces !!!!! If I didn’t already have a back brace I would really feel left out. If I was to guess the apron maker I would suspect some on with SB for initials. What do you think???

  5. Patty Spinelli says:

    I love all the fashion statements….what a fun time at retreat…

  6. LaLa says:

    Oh Barb, this Retreat was so fun!!! Loved all your posted memories! We had zebra-apron mysteries, delicate finger pin-cushions, ORANGE carrot aprons, wine cork head-gear, medically correcting posture “helpers” plus purple & lime smiles for all!!! What a blast!!!
    Thank so much!!!
    Linda (LaLa)

  7. Who knew we had “fashion” all these years? I thought we just dressed funny! Gosh, I feel so much better. Hey, what about my headlight eyeglasses? Aren’t they fashion? No? Really? OK, fine.


  8. lynn bynumn says:

    loving the pictures, and the beautiful ladies!

  9. Suz says:

    So glad to be in on the new Peer Pressure fashion trend!

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