Birthday Breakfast

Yesterday was my birthday.  And this was breakfast.

It’s my new favourite way to fix oatmeal.  Half a banana in the boiling water.  With currants.  Because I thought they were raisins.

See?  I grabbed them quickly at the store the other day.  I misread the label.  Because I am in a foreign land.  And you have to read things carefully.  Which I did not.

But as far as I can tell, currants are just like little raisins.  And I just wanted something to add sweetness to my oatmeal anyway.  I wasn’t married to it being raisins.  Good thing, eh?

Anyway – you bring the water with half a mashed banana to a boil.  Add the oatmeal and cook according to oatmeal directions.  I’ve had banana cut up and used as a topping on oatmeal before.  But adding it into the cooking process?  Divine.  After it’s cooked, I topped with chopped walnuts, cinnamon and almond milk.  Yum.

You also should be sure to add this to your coffee.  Especially if it’s your birthday.  It’s decadent.

Foreign too.  But I’m sure you can find it at your grocery store.  Minus the other language underneath.  Pretty yum is all I have to say.

I might just have this very same thing for breakfast today.  It’s my new favourite, after all.

P.S.  Stay tuned for more birthday adventures in a foreign land……

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5 Responses to Birthday Breakfast

  1. Cyndie in Ohio says:

    Dear Barb,
    I forgot your Birthday! Happy belated birthday to you. Sounds like you are having an adventure and the pleasure of hanging out with your DH in foreign parts…..
    Love and Hugs,
    P.S. cooking the banana is very interesting will have to try it.

  2. Susan Bancroft says:

    Looks good…I especially love the bright, red coffee mug!

  3. Bertha Mallard says:

    Happy birthday, Barb. Hope you’re enjoying Canada. Been to any interesting places, eh?
    Please take loads of photos.

  4. Karen Smith says:

    Happy Birthday! Glad you’ve been able to spend time in Canada.

  5. Cathi says:

    Happy Birthday! Glad you’re having fun in Canada. 🙂

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