I’ve been trying to leave town.  But there have been challenges for that to happen.  Funny how it’s hard to know what to do with yourself when you thought you were going to be gone.

Hexagons and Inklingo are my new best friends.  I love hexagons!  Stitching them is just the coolest.  Remember this quilt?

Look how nicely the edge is shaping up.  Remember how it looked when I first showed it to you?  Check it out again here.  That’s when I introduced you to Inklingo too.

And I’ve been happily printing on fabric with all the extra free time I had this week.

By the way, Miss Kitty wanted to help.  And then she refused to even hold still for the picture.  What help is she anyway?  She actually got shut in the garage for a bit while I was trying to get my pieces all arranged.  She was not happy.

Remember these little guys?

I happily stitched two more and have printed up a bunch of fabrics to make more.  They are so fun!

And lest you forget how teeny, tiny they are, I had to take a pic with my fingers in it so you could be reminded.  Half inch hexagons.  I love ’em.

Did I mention how much I love hexagons?  And ….


 And handwork.

I’m ready for anything now.  All printed and ready to go.  That’s progress!


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2 Responses to Progress

  1. Aniza says:

    i love you hexagons. I have tried inklingo with frustration such as when I ironed the fabric to the FP, it just rolled up making it troublesome to go through the printer. Furthermore FP is very expensive in my country.

  2. Cathi says:

    Wow, you’re really making quick progress on that hexagon quilt. It looks wonderful! Hope you were finally able to get to your destination.

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