A Girl Without Coffee

My French Press broke the other day.  And a girl without coffee is not a pretty picture.

These are the French Press parts.  See the little piece of plastic?  It’s what held everything together.  I don’t think Super Glue will help.

So I had several days of no coffee in the morning.  And yesterday decided that enough was enough.  Even Boo and Miss Kitty were getting nervous.  I remembered a cute little gadget that my friend, Susan, used to have.  And I went on a mission to find one.

How’s that for a cute little number?  And oh, my.  The price could not be better.  $2.99 – even I could afford that.  You just set it on top of your coffee mug, slip a little filter inside, add coffee, then pour in boiling water.

See?  Very cool.  Very inexpensive way to do single serving cups.  I’m loving the idea of a single cup of java and all I have to do is boil water. 

Here it is in action.  I love it already.  And the coffee tasted fabulous.  Clean up is a breeze too.

But while I was on my mission to find this wonderful, inexpensive gadget, I also found this:

Coffeebags.  I decided to try them for two reasons…..

Herbal coffee?  Really?  Who ever heard of such a thing?

But this is what really sold me.  Chocolate.  “Velvety chocolate with a hint of heat” to be precise.

So last night I had a cup right before bed.  Yum.  That’s all I have to say.  And this might just be my new favorite late night drink.

But this morning, I’ll be using my fancy new gadget and having a real cup of coffee in my favorite cat lover mug.  Boo and MK are very glad.  (Don’t you just love the little mouse inside the cup?  Actually all you can see are mouse ears and a tail!  Trust me.  He’s very cute.)

The best part of waking up……..


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8 Responses to A Girl Without Coffee

  1. Cyndie says:

    Thanks for sharing. I like the idea of one cup at a time, no waste and you don’t tend to over indulge. Love the easy clean up and disposal of grounds. My son has an expresso machine and it is very messy. Thankfully I have dark granite counter tops so I can’t see the stains or the spilled grounds. 🙂 not complaining just an observation. Cute cup, I love the shape.

  2. Susan Bancroft says:

    Hooray, you have coffee!!! Nothing better than a fresh cup in the morning! Where did you find that organic NOT-coffee? I need some for evenings!

  3. Sarah says:

    Barb, I recently discovered this cute little coffee maker, too. I love it and the fact that you don’t have all those nasty coffee grounds. I just found a porcelain one at a kitchen shop in Fredericksburg. It was only 12.99. I can’t wait to try it.

  4. Karen Smith says:

    This is such a neat way to make 1 cup at a time…and natural herbal CHOCOLATE coffee? What coffee-lovin’ girl wouldn’t like it. I’ll definitely be looking for that too! Thanks for sharing…special greetings to Boo and Miss Kitty too.

  5. Cindy Smith says:

    Yes, Barb, all is right with the world when we have our morning coffee. I totally agree.

  6. How cute is that?! And we do so want our sweet Barb to stay on an even keel. And cheap too! Does life get any better? I think NOT! Enjoy! Enjoy!


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