Bee Day at Tracie’s

OK, OK, so I’m a month behind.  We actually went to Tracie’s in May.  Shhhh.  Don’t tell anyone.  I’m really, really, really behind on blogging.  You all have been really nice to me during this long break.  On with the show from Tracie’s!


Everyone gathered in Tracie’s lovely living room.  After a bit of time out in the fabulous back yard by the pool.  After all it was May and the temps were still pleasant outside.    I’m working on being more prompt with the updates.

These are the remnants of breakfast.  I didn’t quite get there in time to have any.  I seem to be arriving late to most everything these days.  Sigh.  Life is just different now.  For everyone, it seems.  Many of us JSSers are going through a new phase in our lives.  It’s just a season that’s necessary, I suppose.  Much as we don’t like watching our parents age, it’s inevitable.  I’m just happy my parents are in a good place.  They are making new friends and I’m enjoying having them close by.  Even if it means lots of phone calls and cries for help of some sort.  They took good care of me for lots of years.  I think I owe them.

Oops!  Got off on a tangent there.  I was telling you about Bee Day at Tracie’s, now wasn’t I?

Suz, Patt & Sally had some stitchin’ in their laps as we all settled into Tracie’s living room to catch up on each other.  I cut Sally off on purpose (sorry, Sally) because she had a funny look on her face.  And not a funny, ha-ha funny one.  She would have been unhappy with me if I’d shown that picture on the blog.  I protect my friends that way.  Just sayin’.

Patt was really intent on her appliqué.  Next time maybe we’ll see this finished project in Show ‘n Tell.

Suz put the final stitches in the label on her 2010 JSS Same Fabric Challenge quilt.  So she could give it to me to hang in our display at the shop.  That reminds me that I need pictures of that display to share.  Oh, my.  Another blogging opportunity.

Lynn had this great quilt to show.  I believe it was an Ebay purchase?  Lynn is the Ebay Queen in our group.  If anyone has Ebay questions, Lynn’s your gal.  And this beautiful orange quilt is especially for the enjoyment of LaLa.  We miss you, LaLa!

Lynn had this for Show ‘n Tell too.  It was an orange kind of day for Lynn.  LaLa would’ve been proud.  Not.

Kay was working on knitted baby caps and I couldn’t resist this picture of her ball of yarn by her toes.  It’s a good thing we weren’t at my house.  Miss Kitty and Boo would have run off with her yarn ball lickety-split.

This quilt is Lynn’s too!  It seems that if Lynn hadn’t come to Tracie’s, Show ‘n Tell would have pretty much been a bust.  Either that or my camera failed to work on any other quilts being shown.  But who could tell?  After all, it was over a month ago.  Who can remember that far back?  Certainly not li’l ol’ me.

Before we knew it, it was time for lunch.  Always a good thing at a JSS gathering.

Look at those pretty sandwiches!  Who knew that pimiento cheese could be so good?

And if those aren’t your thing, how about these nice ham & cheese or chicken salad ones?  On flaky, delicious croissants.  Yum.

Ahhhhhhhh.  This was my end of the buffet.  Deeeeeelish-ous salads!  Pasta, fruit, beans and tuna.  At least I think it was tuna.  Who could remember a whole mon….?  But I think you got that picture.

Patt & Sally couldn’t wait to fill their plates.

Even water bottles were chillin’ in style.

Soon the kitchen was filled with JSSers filling their plates.  Don’t you want to know what Davene and Suz were discussing here? 

Meanwhile I took a few minutes to grab some pics around Tracie’s beautiful home.

I wanted to literally “grab” this picture/quilt and take it home with me.  But I just took a pic of it instead.  Tracie does fabulous work!

And how about these cute little quilted puppies?  We have quilted kitties at my house.  I know you’re surprised.

This beautiful hand quilted quilt hangs on the wall in Tracie’s bedroom.  See me in the mirror?  That’s about the only picture you’ll get of me on Bee Days.

Doesn’t Tracie’s bed look inviting?  I wanted to grab her book off the nightstand and jump into those pillows and settle in to read.

This great quilt hangs next to Tracie’s bed.  Did I mention Tracie does fabulous quilting?

She also does fabulous cross-stitch!  Or perhaps she did it in a previous life, as many of us did pre-quilting.  I wanted to pull this one off the wall and take it home too.  Or maybe I just wanted to sit in that great rocking chair on that porch and wrap up in the quilt there.  In the picture, I mean.  Doesn’t it look relaxing?  I’m all for going back to a simpler time, aren’t you?

This wonderful miniature quilt with lots of beadwork hangs in the cute powder room.  Isn’t it fabulous?

I loved this quilt too.  What a great way to use some cute hankies!

And what a cute wool topper on this table in the entryway.  Tracie decorates with quilts in style!

Including this great quilt on her dining room table.  Nice!

I never did see who these beds belonged to.  Tracie had hidden the puppies quite well.  I surmise that they were “off premises” for the day.  Phooey!   Boo and Miss Kitty love it when I come home with new smells attached.

Next I was off to the sewing room to get pics of Tracie’s creative spot in the house.  One whole wall was lined with mirrors and gave the room a really large feel.  If you look just over my shoulder you can see the gals in the kitchen filling their plates.  But I had pictures to take!

Do you think Tracie has enough thread?  Oh, my!  But wait!

There’s more on the other side of the room!  If you need thread – any color of thread – Tracie apparently is your gal.

This cute guy watches over Tracie as she stitches.

And she has three sewing machines all primed and ready to go.

Looking for a good quilting book?  I think Tracie’s your gal.

Tracie also was working on this cute needlepunch project.  She’s a very versatile quilter.

Wonder what these scraps will become?  I can’t wait to find out.

Very cute pin cushion.  I want one.

If you forget your glasses, Tracie can help you out.  There were these…..

…… and these……

….and even these!  All within arm’s reach of each other.  (Cute bluework too.)

I finally made it back to the kitchen and here’s my plate to prove it.

Did I mention there was dessert?  Yum.

Double yum.

After lunch Tracie entertained us all with a private quilt show!

This appliqué is just spectacular!

And how about this one?  I think you need a closer look….

I think I’ve mentioned Tracie does fabulous work?  I rest my case.

Tracie also had show ‘n tell of a different sort.  And a big story to tell of the time her home in Mississippi was in the path of a major tornado.

These are pictures in the album that she brought out to show.  In light of the recent tornadoes in the midwest, these pictures really made an impact on us all.

We passed the album around and turned the pages slowly as Tracie told us the story of what happened.  What a tragedy!

This quilt survived the storm and was found several houses away.  There is dirt on the bottom that was so ground in, no amount of washing could get out the stain.  I bet this quilt could have a story to tell.

I believe this one lived through the storm too.

We were all glad to get to know Tracie better through her quilts and her stories that day.  And a good time was had by all.  As usual.  JSS gatherings are the best!

Our napkins summed up the day quite well.  Wish you all could have been there!

Next stop:  Susan’s in June.  Maybe I’ll tell you about it before the end of July.

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7 Responses to Bee Day at Tracie’s

  1. Suz says:

    Barb, you have made me oh so very happy with this wonderful blog! You saw alot more than I did at Tracie’s, but you are sneaky that way! 😉 Tracie IS amazing…and we had a fantastic day! Thanks for bringing that all back to mind.

  2. Susan Bancroft says:

    I’m so not happy that I missed JSS last month!! You girls are always the best! Beautiful home and beauuuuutiful quilts, Tracie! Great blog as always, Barb–thanks! 🙂

  3. Lani says:

    Happy Monday Barb! Thanks for the soul-filling blog! I loved seeing Tracie’s beautiful home, all the amazing quilts, and all the smiling faces of my friends in Texas 🙂

  4. treadlemusic says:

    Thank you for sharing. Felt like I was a small part of this wonderful group! Doreen

  5. LaLa says:

    WOW Barb, another fabulous sharing of the JSS Bees! THANK YOU!!! I loved all of Tracie’s quilts. Amazing!!! And all the pictures of the sweet JSSers stitching, chatting & eating!!! Lynn’s ORANGE quilts were sure BRIGHT!!! Miss you’all!!! Hugs from California! LaLa

  6. Peggy says:

    You are right Barb, it was another wonderful JSS Bee Day and Tracie IS a fabulous quilter and stitcher and needlepointer and aren’t we happy we get to claim her for our Bee! Fun seeing everything again and up close in your blog…………….even if it is a month late! Helps me remember what I forgot after being there!!!!

  7. Judy Terry Linn says:

    O Barb, I knew I missed a good month! Tracie, please say you will host again, so I can come! Pics make me want to settle right in and enjoy stitchin with everyone! There is no deadline for blogging show ‘n tell! Thanks to all for the show ‘n tell!

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