Boo & Miss Kitty

The kids reminded me today that it’s been ages since they’ve been on the blog.  Cat kids, that is.  They’ve been feeling left out and insisted I blog about them today.  And I do my best to keep them happy around here.  It just won’t do to have kitties mad at me. 

Here is Boo laying on the quilt that Dear Hubby made last winter.  On one of those icy, snowy days when he was stuck at home and bored.  He wanted to make a quilt with snowflakes on it.  He asked me if I had any fabric with snow.  I don’t think he was quite prepared for the huge pile I pulled out for him to choose from.  I better be careful about giving away too many stash secrets in the future.

Boo was laying on this recliner recently when Miss Kitty jumped up on it and then just plopped down next to him when she discovered him there.  He wasn’t quite sure he wanted her next to him, though.  Can’t you see him giving her the evil eye?  It was the first time this had happened and I don’t think it’s happened since.  But they stayed there side by side for quite awhile and surprised me.

And don’t they look cute side by side?  Aw, Mom.  Make her get down.  This is my chair.  Boo wasn’t quite so sure.

Miss Kitty’s most favorite position for sleeping is flat on her back with her feet in the air.  The other day I walked in the bedroom and found she and Dear Hubby napping on the bed….

Lovely position, isn’t it?  Please excuse the unmade bed.  It was laundry day and the sheets were in the washer.

Here she is from the other side.  Cute, Miss Kitty.  Real cute.  I can honestly say that in all my years of owning cats, I never had one who liked to sleep quite like her.

Keeping the kitties happy,

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2 Responses to Boo & Miss Kitty

  1. Donna K. from N. TX says:

    Enjoyed the visit with your fur babies.

    Donna K. from N. TX

  2. Kaye Bowling says:

    Awww….they are so cute…. love to see them cuddling together! Tell DH his quilt is very pretty!

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