Rain, Ice, Sleet, Snow and a Hermit

I’ve become a hermit.  Apparently a hermit without an internet connection if the amount of blogging that’s been happening is any indication.  I didn’t mean to become a hermit.  It just happened.  And now that it has happened, I kinda like it.  But I fear it won’t last.  Spring is on its way to Texas I’m sure.

But cocooning in my home with a fire blazing in the fireplace is nice.  I was forced into it while this was happening outside:


This is not your normal view out the window when you live in Texas.  Quite honestly, I love it.  We have plenty of hot in Texas.  So a little cold is just fine with me.  I like cold weather clothing…. turtlenecks and thick wool socks.  And being a hermit on days when it looks like this outside.

Boo and Miss Kitty were not so sure.  MK loves it outside.  And Boo never met an open door he didn’t want to run through.  Until this day.  “What’s all that white stuff, Mom?”  Miss Kitty finally got off the red chair and wandered over to the door to check it out.

And she actually ventured out the door.  While Boo just watched.

“Whoa!  This is really cold on my toes, Boo.  Boo?  Where’d you go, Boo?”

And Miss Kitty’s venturing outside lasted exactly 5.2 seconds.

3 days later it looked like this in the back yard.  And the snow was falling pretty hard.

Boo sat in the doorway for a long time with snowflakes falling on his head……

……… before he finally ventured his toes out into the snow.  And he was out there exactly 5.3 seconds.  Because after all, he had to outlast Miss Kitty.

And when he came back into the house, he was covered with snow.  And he spent the next 54.6 minutes licking his frostbitten toes.

And then he squared off with Miss Kitty for a game of “Don’t Cross This Line.”

“Mo-m-m-m, she touched me!  She got on my side!”  Kids.

“I didn’t do it, Mom.  Honest I didn’t.  I was minding my own business and I promise I didn’t cross the line.  Trust me.”  Who could not believe those big, blue, innocent eyes.

By this time, my fire was dying down and I needed more wood.  So I sent Dear Hubby out to the woodpile.  Miss Kitty decided to help.

“Dad, here’s some wood.  Over here!”

“Over here!  Come on.  My toes are frozen!”

Dear Hubby later decided that if he wanted any clean underwear to actually reside in the underwear drawer, he was going to have to fold them and put them away himself.  I was too busy being a hermit to actually do anything with the laundry that had been in a pile to be folded for about 6 days.  I believe a hermit’s most important job is to do nothing.

Notice that Miss Kitty was doing callisthenics to warm up her cold toes.

Boo was helping Dear Hubby while MK just exercised away……

“Come on, MK!  Git over here and help with the folding!”  But Miss Kitty just ignored Boo and refused to help with the laundry.

What a nice, neat folded pile.  Good job Dear Hubby!  And Boo too…..

“What’s that, Dad?  You want me to put these where?”

And the next thing we knew Miss Kitty was sound asleep.  Guess she wore herself out with all those crunches she did.

The birds in the back yard wished they could be hermits in the house too.  Even if there were cats involved.  Brrrrrrr!

But when the sun came out, the doves had a feeding frenzy under the bird feeder.

Later Miss Kitty decided to venture further into the deep snow in the yard, dragging her furry belly in the snow.

And she thought she could hide in the neighbor’s bushes for awhile, but my camera sees all!  She can’t hide from me.

Meanwhile, back in the house……

New Quilter in Town decided to make another quilt!  This time he decided to make a Magic 9 Patch.  Like the baby quilt I had made recently.  Only he wanted fabric that looked like snow.  Did I have any, he asked?  Ha!  I had a whole drawerful…..

He very meticulously pieced his blocks…….

And put together this lovely table topper for our dining room table.  I love it that NQIT is back!  That’s what 4 days of cabin fever does for a person.  Sends them right to the sewing room.

On into the night, he quilted his quilt.  Using the Pinmoors, of course.  He is very intense and determined in his sewing.  He does a fabulous job!  I’m quite proud of NQIT.

While I was at work on Saturday, he hand stitched all the binding to the back.

And here’s the finished product on our dining room table.  Just in time for our Super Bowl party.

And what do ya know…..it’s even Boo Approved!  That’s better than the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval at our house.

So apparently I’ve surfaced from my hermit status.  And I have loads more pics to share since resurfacing.  But look out if another winter storm comes our way.

I might just go right back into hibernation.

Staying warm by the fire,

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10 Responses to Rain, Ice, Sleet, Snow and a Hermit

  1. lovingmycat says:

    Great pictures….funny blog!! I enjoyed this alot. Thanks!!

  2. Kaye says:

    What a wonderful day you had! I loved your photos! I too enjoyed my Snow Day. Also full of cats (inside) and birds (outside)! Mmmmm…. hot chocolate, a fire, a blanket, cats in your lap and a good book…..fabulous! I did manage to take about 350 photos of the birds somewhere in there. Thanks for sharing your day!

  3. Suz says:

    Good to see NQIT back in the game with a GREAT Boo-approved quilt! (He DID have a good teacher!) And now he knows that you are ready for any situation concerning fabric. Snow fabric? No problem. Seasons, colors, textures, themes? Not an issue. And even though MK has not gotten in on the quilt inspections, she is doing a great job of policing the birds and firewood. Awesome pics…

  4. Cindy Smith says:

    Great blog! I especially like the picture of MK in the bushes; that is one to frame and display. Also tell DH he did a great job on the magic 9 patch.

  5. Judy Terry Linn says:

    Fun blog of snow/ice days in Texas! DH starts a quilt and finishes it in how many days? Wow! That’s impressive!

  6. Ranch Wife says:

    Wow! A hubby that does laundry AND quilts – beautifully I might add! What a deal! Our cat loves to help with the laundry too, only he likes to UNfold it. I too have been a hermit – snow in Texas (or NM in my case) has that effect on me.

  7. Diane Wyte says:

    Hmm – what can I say – could DH, the NQIT, please bottle whatever he takes and send to all of our DHs?? In that way we, too, could have more quilting time with the laundry and a few spare quilts being made at home while we are out with our girlfriends???? I like that idea! The snow looks — cold! We have rain and chills here in NC too – no white stuff – but still yuck — I am waiting for the sun and warmth again! Fun blog to read about what kitties do —–

  8. Carol Parker says:

    How many quilter couples in your group? I’m impressed! Snowy days turn into QUILTER DAYS! GOOD JOB!!!!!!

  9. Kandy says:

    Loved the cats and quilts pictures and the look of the snow too. We have a large black cat named Junior who looks just like Boo and loves to test out the quilts. Enjoyed all of your pictures.

  10. Barbara Callaway says:

    I LOVE IT!

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