Quilting Around Town

Last week was a busy quilting week.  The Rose of Sharon group met, I had a Bee stitchin’ day and I also visited a friend and had a mini show ‘n tell of all the things she has in the works.  Lots of photo opportunities to share with you.  And I know how much you love those photos of quilts.

At the Bee Day, I got out my trusty camera and made sure to get pics of each project.

These tiny Baltimore Album blocks belong to Peggy.  And they are fabulous!  They also remind me that I need to put the pinking blade on my rotary cutter for cutting the edges of my Rose of Sharon appliqué blocks.  Look how nice and neat her edges are.  Mine are all frayed and messy.  Wonder if I’ll remember this pic the next time I pull out my appliqué?  Don’t count on it.

UPDATE 2-15-11!!!  The tiny Baltimore Album blocks are SALLY’S, not Peggy’s!  Only I’m sure Peggy would claim them in a heartbeat.  I should have known by the pinked edges that Sally is famous for.  Bet Peggy will be “pinking” her edges from now on.  Great job, SALLY!

This is Peggy with a fabulous quilt top she made at a special retreat she went to last year.  She learned piping and fancy stuff.  But you need to see it up close to appreciate that fancy stuff.

See?  The little black and white fabric circle is piping and then outside that is a little thread couched in a tiny zigzag.  Wonderful work.  Can’t wait to see this one quilted.

Patt was working on this happy block.  By the way, you can hold Patt responsible for my lack of blogging lately.  She gave me permission to not post as often because she can’t keep up when I blog every day.  And if you remember, Patt was the one who got me into this blogging adventure anyway.  Or at least she was the last straw.  The one that broke the camel’s back and made me give in to the blogging world.  So blame Patt.  Or thank her.  Whichever works for you.

Lynn was working on this fun embroidery.  Look at all those floss colors!  I could add to Lynn’s pile of floss too.  Need more colors, Lynn?  I’m your girl.  Old cross-stitching days.  It’s impossible to throw any of that stuff away.  You never know when Lynn might need some more colors.

Sally was working on these wonderful hexagons.  If I’d have been thinkin’ I’d have opened the quilt so you could see it.  That’s only if I’d have been thinkin’.  Which I wasn’t.  Next time Sally pulls this one out I’ll be thinkin’.

Sally also showed us this vest that was made by her Mother.  And there were pieces of a jacket all ready to be stitched together with all this fancy crazy quilt stuff on it too.  Sally recently acquired all her Mother’s beads and baubles and apparently she has enough to share with the whole State of Texas.  So if you need any, just call Sally.  She’s your girl for baubles and beads.

Here are the parts of the jacket Sally had with her.  Amazing stuff!  Her Mother really loved that crazy quilt hand work.

Nancy brought her crutches along for show ‘n tell.  She was also working on her Rose of Sharon quilt, but I apparently thought the crutches were more important and didn’t get a picture of her quilting work.  Silly me!

The next day I went over to my friend Judy’s to help her with some computer questions.  And also to see what she was working on and to photograph some antique quilts that a friend of hers had left with her.  So that I could take pics of them for the whole world to see on my blog.  And here they are!

First there was this wonderful Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt.  One day I’m going to make one of these.  I love this quilt pattern.  And you have to see some of the blocks up close…..

Aren’t they pretty?  With fabulous little hand quilted stitches.

Here’s another pic.  Just because I like this one.

Then there was this fan quilt. 

And here’s an up-close shot.  I love these old hand quilted quilts.  Such character they have!

Last was this great basket quilt.  Beautiful hand quilting in the setting blocks.

And these cute little baskets.  Love this quilt too!

This quilt was made by Judy and hangs above the bed in her guest room.  It’s great, Judy!

Next we wandered into Judy’s sewing room to see what she was working on.  I should mention that Judy is the Queen of Getting Things Done.  I need to take lessons from her.  She is no Last Minute Lucy like me.  I know this won’t come as a shock to any of my friends who know her, but Judy has already finished her Brown Bag Challenge quilt!  Aackkkkk!  It’s people like Judy who make me look really bad. 

The first thing I saw when I walked into her sewing room was these basket blocks.  Oh, my.  And I bet she just whipped them up last week.  She’s a wonder.

You needed to see one up-close, didn’t you?  I knew you did.  Great embroidery stitches.

This is a little quilt that Judy whipped up yesterday and is now hand quilting.  At least I think she just whipped it up yesterday.  Right after she finished the last stitches on those basket blocks.  And the twenty seven blocks she did to exchange with another Bee group.  And don’t forget her Brown Bag quilt.  She’s a wonder.  Did I say that already?  I need to take lessons.  I think I said that too.

And finally, these are Judy’s Baltimore Album blocks from a class she’s taking.  She’d have the whole quilt finished if not for having to wait for a class each month.  That Judy.  She’s a….. well, you get the picture.

I have loads of pics from the Rose of Sharon group to show you, but they will have to wait for another day.  Because I have a big day tomorrow and I’m going to need my beauty sleep tonight.  (Actually as you read this, the big day is today!  I typed this last night before I headed to bed.  Don’t try to figure out why it says Feb 14 on it.  It’s too complicated to explain.  Just go with the flow.)

But I was telling you about my Big Day….


Yes, I know it’s not polite to shout, but I couldn’t help myself.  I’m so excited I can hardly stand it.  She’s doing a book signing and I’m going to be first in line.  At 9:00 a.m.  Even though the signing isn’t until 6:00 p.m.  I don’t want to take any chances of not getting in.  Me and my friend, Suz, are going to meet her.  I hope I don’t make a fool of myself.  Oh, maybe I do want to make a fool of myself so she’ll notice me.  I really think she needs to learn how to quilt.  Or her punks need to learn or something.  I must think of something witty to tell her when she signs my book.  Any ideas?

And believe you me, I’ll have my camera along.  And there will be pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures.

Thinking of witty things to say to PW,
P.S.  Happy Valentine’s Day, NQIT!  I love you.  Does this count as a card?

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9 Responses to Quilting Around Town

  1. Sandi says:

    Wonderful pics!!!! Sally and Judy and Peggy and and and…….. are such wonderful, creative, quilters. Maybe I can be like them when I grow up. lol Never gonna happen.
    Wondering if Judy is hand quilting with a lap or floor hoop. Would you go back and check that out for me? Thanks. Sandi

  2. Suzie says:

    Love the pictures! But most of all, I’m so happy you are going to meet the Pioneer Woman. You’ve had such a thing for her! It’s as if you’re going to a concert and have a backstage pass to meet the band!

    I just hope it’s not you, on the news tonight, when they report someone swooned in front of the author! Have the best time. I know you will : )

  3. Peggy says:

    Barb, Great blog as always but one BIG CORRECTION…………….THE WONDERFUL MINIATURE BALTIMORE BLOCKS ARE SALLY’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t even started mine yet!

    Have a great day and can’t wait to hear about the visit with PW!!!!!!

  4. jenyjenny says:

    Wow, wow, wow! Overwhelmingly beautiful treasures!

  5. Kandy says:

    Wow, I feel as if I’ve just attended a quilt show. What beautiful quilts – I had to miss my Guild Meeting this morning, so your blog was a real pick me up! Wish I lived in Texas so I could get to know you all!

  6. Vicky T says:

    I’m so jealous!! I wanted to go but couldn’t figure out how to get all the way across town in time!! Next time, I’m taking the day off work!!

  7. Doreen, Houston, MN says:

    You’re seeing Ree!?! From her posts, my best advice is BRING A DARLING LITTLE BABY!!!! Of course then the attention will go directly to the little one but it will buy you some time to think of that “witty” thing you would want to say!!!!! Hey, just sayin’.

    • Barb says:

      We considered finding a baby to bring along! That Ree loves those babies. But we had a fun time with her, even sans baby. The whole adventure will be on the blog soon!

  8. Suz says:

    Beautiful creations, all of them! Loved the way Judy used the Kaffe in her applique.

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