This One’s for Susan

Please refer to Susan’s comments from the blog post earlier this morning.  If you care.  I assume that most of you do not.  But Susan is my friend and I cannot leave her wanting.  However, Sue H says that I should tell her that’s the first rule of theater.  “Leave them wanting more.”  Sounds good to me.

So this blog’s for Susan.  And quite frankly, she is banned from ever staying home again.  And by the way, Susan, Pam says you owe her $100.  Please send money as soon as possible.  Really.  You owe her.  You better call her to find out why. 

Here are the answers to all Susan’s questions:

  1. On their chairs
  2. Food
  3. No
  4. Yes
  5. Quilts – it’s a quilt retreat, silly
  6. Tracie, Jules, Debbi & Linda and yes
  7. Suz made my waffle today.  She thinks she’s still a newbie.  And she’s a really good roomie.
  8. Don’t hold your breath – I really need to get some sewing done too!
  9. Pics of lunch and dinner will be on the blog sometime.  Maybe a week from Tues.
  10. Nine-patches & circles

Because I don’t think it would be easy for the rest of you to refer to Susan’s questions and understand the answers, here they are from her comment this morning:

Where is everyone sitting? What did everybody bring for dinner last night? Did anyone have red wine with Coke in Linda’s honor? Is Karen drinking beer? What’s everyone working on? Who are the newbies, and are they doing good newbie things? Making your waffles? Barb, when I get home from Dallas later today, I hope there is a triple-long blog detailing all that I am missing. Including a pic of what’s for lunch and dinner. And what Suz is working on.

And while you’re at it, Susan.  Please call Sally and tell her 5 a day might be a little much.  I really will have to leave my sewing machine at home.  But this is #2.  And might be history making.  The only time I’ve ever posted without a single picture!

Wait!  Can’t do it.  Here’s a picture in answer to #10:


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1 Response to This One’s for Susan

  1. Sally says:

    Good going, dear Barb! We’ve set a pace now for frequency of posts and I’m thinking this will work fine for me. At this pace you might can get in MORE than 5 per day. So, now you know I’m going to be totally glued to my computer the whole time y’all are there and I won’t get one thing done all week! Keep ’em com’in!!!! And, tell Suz I really do like her black and white circles….really!

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