Secret Sisters

Secret Sisters were a hit at a previous JSS retreat so we decided to do it again this time.  We all brought little gifts to pass on to our SS, not knowing who it would be.  Last night we drew names after we got here and the fun began!

We all came to retreat with little gifts for our SS, not knowing who she would be.  I know that I had a really fun time searching for fun things to give.  And I know these gals.  I bet they all had fun too.  And they are so sneaky!  They have really kept the secret in Secret Sisters.  At least so far.  I plan to try to catch a few of them.  Perhaps I’ll make it my mission to see if I can find out every other gal’s SS before the end of retreat.  Then I’d know mine.  Process of elimination and all.  I can be sneaky too.

So I thought I’d share the gifts that I’ve been able to photograph so far.  Just to make you jealous that you aren’t here too.  Especially Sally.  She’s going to really be unhappy when she sees these pics.  Susan too.  I’m really not trying to make those gals feel bad that they aren’t here.  OK, maybe I am.  Not really.  Well, maybe.  Am not.  Are too!  I love arguing with myself.  It’s tough to miss a JSS retreat.  It has to be a really good reason.

Jules got this cute ornament – in an equally cool box!

How about these cool gloves that Pat got?  She actually put them on the wrong hands on purpose to show that you could use them for quilting.  The “bones” have little grippers that work great for moving fabric under your machine.  A double duty Halloween item!

Linda got these warm seasonal socks.  Nice fashion statement with the sandals, Linda!  I bet we’ll see a lot of Fall/Halloween things before we reveal our secret selves.

Pam got a cute tiny cutting mat.

How about this cute little “Take a Break” ball by Madelyn’s machine?  The tag has a Doctor’s Hand Strengthening Tip on it.  But there’s a caution too.  To not use it while experiencing hand or arm pain or fatigue.  How dumb do they think we are?

Here’s the other side:

I’m considering this my motto for the whole retreat.  (See trunk pics from earlier today.)

Patti got a nice seasonal candle.  Very appropriate!

And Kay got a sweet container of buttons with hugs attached.

I got a very nice Ranger Red cowgirl hat.  I might even have to wear it during the game tonight as I cheer the Rangers on.  GO RANGERS!

Suz got the Gift of the Day.  Davene even tried to steal it!  Here’s what it says on the other side:

And here’s Madelyn showing you how to use it:

I even got this cool picture with my camera looking through it:

Cool, eh?  OK, OK.  We apparently are very easily entertained with small things.  It’s an easy-to-please crowd here!  Don’t give us any grief.  Or I’ll have to start saying, “I guess you had to be there.”  Just go with the flow, people!  And realize there are a bunch of wild and crazy women here.  ‘Nuff said.

Lani got this fun scarecrow.  Didn’t I tell you there was a seasonal theme?

Davene’s sweet picture frames….

Tracie got this nice “warm vanilla sugar” hand gel.  It smells good enough to eat!  Are your hands really clean if they smell good enough to eat after washing?

Sue G got holiday kleenex and a lint roller.  She has cats so this roller will come in very handy!

I also found this cute polkadot notepad by Betty’s machine.

There were a few other things too.  Sue H got a cute picture frame but my photo was blurry and I meant to take another but forgot.  As far as I can tell everyone only got one gift so far.  And if the other gals’ SS bags have as many items as mine does, we’re going to have to step up the giving or we’re going to be here until two weeks from next Thursday.  It’s hard to get these gals to leave their sewing machines.  I plan to go to the bathroom more often today.  To give my SS plenty of chances to leave fun things by my machine.  Or on my machine.  Or in my machine.  Because it hasn’t been turned on, you know.  Poor Janna.  She’s reading this and praying that I’m working on her T-shirt quilt!

More stories to come!  Soon.


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2 Responses to Secret Sisters

  1. Janna says:

    Yep! I’m praying that maybe my t-shirt quilt will be at least halfway complete by the time this retreat is over. 😛
    All the way complete would take a miracle I think 😉 I guess we’re aiming for my half-birthday in March (2011 since you told me I need to specify a year) since my birthday has already passed and I didn’t get my quilt 😦
    Oh well, I have two other quilts that you have made me that are continuing to keep me warm until this one is complete 😀

  2. sue says:

    It is better than Christmas! What clever ladies you are. I am going to make myself feel better here in Fort Forth with Frito Candy… can gain weight here in as well.

    Off to nap and save my energy for the Rangers, Suzanne.

    Have another great day and thank for the info and the great pictures, Barb.

    Sue OK

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