A Special Day

Happy Birthday, Pam! 

You’ve met Pam here before.  She’s the sister of my Dear Hubby and a good quilting bud.  And today is her ?? Birthday.  You know.  One of those ending in “0” ones.  Extra special birthdays.  I can’t tell you which one.  You’ll have to figure that out on your own.  Because she reads the blog and I don’t want to incur her wrath. 

This is Pam standing in my kitchen.  Chowing down on some yummy Pioneer Woman blueberry thing that we had that day.  She keeps me supplied with Starbucks coffee.  And makes me special Cinnamon Dulce Lattes whenever I drop in at her place.  And stops by the quilt shop when I’m working to bring me Starbucks Cinnamon Dulce Lattes just to make my day extra special.  Notice the theme going here?  She’s my favorite sister-in-law.  (She’s also my only SIL, but shhhhhh… don’t tell her.  She just needs to know she’s the favorite.)

And I love her.

Hope you have at least ?0 more, Pam!  You don’t look a day over 39……..

Happy, happy day,
P.S.  Your birthday has now been announced to millions nationwide through this blog.  OK, thousands.  OK, hundreds.  OK, OK…. ONE hundred.  On a good day.  Does this qualify as a card?

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8 Responses to A Special Day

  1. Susan Bancroft says:

    Would you be MY sister-in-law, too? I love you, Pam!! 🙂

  2. Shirley in MO says:

    Pam…..doesn’t matter how old you are, you look like a vibrant, sexy, hot lady……….and
    if your sil likes you, you must be nice, too! Hope you have a happy birthday. We should all look as good as you do!

  3. Judy Terry Linn says:

    Love and hugs to the Birthday Girl via Barb’s blog!!!

    Pam brings so much joy and laughter into life!!!!!

    Love U both!!!!

  4. Suz says:

    Pam, you picked a beautiful day to have a birthday! May you enjoy it more than a cinnamon dulce latte! Lots of Love…

  5. patti says:

    Happy birthday Pam. To a wonderful, beautiful lady. All the best.

  6. Pam Barr says:

    I’m overwhelmed! Thanks to you all for saying such nice things. I LOVE being the favorite SIL. 🙂

    Love and hugs right back at you all!

  7. Carol Parker says:

    I’ve been wanting to make that “blueberry” dessert -got it either from your Mom or here on your blog. I hear it’s scrumptious! We’ve had a special day – went to see your Mom & Dad! Just sat around and chatted, which was our choice (and I think they didn’t mind!) Hope to go again before the snow flies – maybe when the aspen are changing.

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