Boo and The Bag

The embroidery machine is getting a workout this week.  This time it’s a gym bag.  For Seth’s brother, Isaac.  I think the towels were a hit.  They were a pretty big hit on the blog.  And I made you all think about your embroidery machines, didn’t I?  Did you drag yours out and embroider some towels?

This time there was a major problem.  The thread ran out halfway through the last letter of the name.  Horrors!  You know the problem, right?  Isaac needed his bag for school on Monday.  And if I removed it from the hoop to let him take it so he could bring it back again after I bought the thread on Monday, there would be absolutely no way I could line it up exactly right to finish out that letter.   Of course this happened after hours on Sunday night.  No running to the store for a new spool of thread to finish that night. 

I wish I had taken a picture so you could have seen just how close to the end I was when the thread ran out.  But close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, right?  And I was too busy fretting over solving the problem to even consider pictures!  Thankfully, I convinced Isaac and his Dad that the best option was leaving the bag with me.

And didn’t it turn out great?  You can’t tell at all that half the “r” has new thread.  Thank goodness the color matched exactly too!  And Dear Hubby really saved the day.  He went to two stores looking for thread for me, empty spool in hand, while I was at work on Monday.  What a guy!  He is definitely a keeper.

Then before Isaac could come and pick up the bag, Boo decided it needed some exploring.

Hmmmm.  Smells like this boy might have a dog or somethin’…..  And you know what that means.

It is now imperative that Boo gets a little cat smell on the bag before Isaac takes it home.

This is just downright cozy!

Do you suppose if I ignore her, she’ll leave with the camera?

Maybe if I just gaze at the birds out the window?

Well, that didn’t seem to work.  Wonder how many pictures she’s going to take anyway?  I took 54, by the way.  In case you were wondering.  I’ll try not to make you look at them all.

Mom, really.  Don’t you have quilts to make?  Some binding to do maybe?  A blog to write?  Can’t a poor cat just get some cat smell on dog boy’s gym bag in peace?

Oh, I give up.  Maybe if I just go to sleep she’ll go away.

Isn’t he cute when he’s sleeping?  Makes me want to kiss him on the nose.  It’s an awfully cute nose.

And then Boo decided to just curl up and make himself invisible.

See how he can hide in plain sight?

Except if you are very patient…….

….. and perhaps call his name softly a few times…… Boo……oh, Booooooo…..

….. wait for it……..

……..the twitching tail gives him away every time.

Wonder if Isaac’s dog, Jonas, wanted to smell the bag for a long time when he got home.  You do still have Jonas, right Isaac?  I’d sure be disappointed if Boo wasted all that energy getting cat smell on the bag for nothing.  Yeah, right.  Lots of energy wasted.  Tail twitching is an aerobic sport after all.  And napping.  What Boo does best.

And I will be enjoying a Starbucks’ Cinnamon Dulce Latte real soon with the gift card Isaac brought me when he picked up the bag.  Thanks, Gaylene!


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6 Responses to Boo and The Bag

  1. Judy Terry Linn says:

    Twitchin tails are the best! The whole bod, cat or dog can be still and the tail gives the emotions away – always makes me laugh!!!!

  2. Susan Bancroft says:

    That was just too cute! As always, I sure love Boo–he’s so precious! Cutest pics, Barb!

  3. Cyndie Knisley Shindle says:

    Boo is such a beautiful cat, the edges of his ears look like they have velvet eyeliner. The embroidery is awesome! Also, I must confess that I have been so out of the quilting loop for the last, let’s just say long time, that I had not heard of the Dear Jane quilt/book, etc. I spent an hour yesterday catching up on line on the history etc. I have always been a fan of minitures and spend several years creating some. I learned some great techniques from the book: Working in Miniature: A Machine Piecing Approach to Miniature Quilts by Becky Schaefer. Great book for anyone that wants to learn quick miniature techniques. Since currrently I have a life filled with caregiving, my Mama and grandchildren, (not complaining, just explaining), your blog has been very fun and interesting to me, thank you for the time you take to share.

  4. Sueme says:

    I don’t remember which embroidery machine you have. Shame it was a “boys” bag. Some of our best design work comes from running out of thread and fabric! It was so nice of Boo to rest on a colored chair!

  5. Carol Parker says:

    I’m wondering if BOO would like to take a ride in the bag, or would she/he ..jump out right away? Nice job, Barb. Cats sure do have a mind of their own!

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