The Ladies of Dear Jane

I’ve shared with you previously about my Dear Jane group (on May 25 and June 28 specifically if you want to look back at those), but mostly I have just shared the quilt blocks and not the ladies.  Today I thought it was high time you saw the smiling faces of my Dear Jane group.  You should have seen them straighten up and fluff out their hair when they heard it was going to be faces in the pictures this month!  They were excited to become famous on my blog.  Famous being a very relative term, of course.

Libby is not actually a part of the DJ group, but she works at the shop with me on Mondays and she showed up in the classroom first thing to show off her T-shirt to the gals.  For those of you non-quilters out there, I’ll save you from scratching your heads and doing word searches on the internet.  Betweens are tiny little hand quilting needles!  Very tiny.  They are not even an inch long.  I know that because I got one out to measure so I could report that very important information to you.  Not very threatening unless you were going to stick someone in the eye with them.  Thus beware is about as relative a term as famous is in this blog.

Sheri showed us her blocks one at a time – as a fashion accessory.  She had completed quite a few since the last time we got together and she showed us every one while we all oooed and aaahhed.  Here’s another one:

Sheri’s blocks are all black and white and red with a little orange thrown in here and there.  My friend, Linda, just cringed at just the word orange.  JoAnne apparently cringes at orange too because Sheri was taunting her with the orange blocks.   I think they are spectacular!  I can’t wait to see this quilt when it’s finished.  Then I’m going to sneak it home with me in my bag.  I’ll wait until it’s all completed before I steal it from her.

Aren’t these just great?  These are just the blocks she finished in the last 2 months.  I need to take lessons in “How to Get Things Done” from Sheri.  Or maybe I need to quit doing so many other things and just work on my Dear Jane quilt for awhile.  Yeah, like that’s going to happen.  Don’t hold your breath.  (All the DJ gals and the rest of my friends are laughing right now.)

Charlotte had great news about a great gift from her sister.  Or maybe it was a not-so-great gift.  Great.  Not-so-great.  She was a bit conflicted.  We all thought it was great!  Her sister purchased DJ blocks from a block-of-the-month program and decided not to make the quilt so she gave all the blocks to Charlotte!  Who was feeling a bit overwhelmed at the project.  Praise the Lord she has a support group.  DJ requires a support group, you know.  Hang in there, Charlotte!  We’ll all help.  Help is a good thing.

JoAnne wore all of her latest red, white and blue blocks on her shirt as her fashion accessory for the day.  Aren’t they the best?  JoAnne has completed 5,623 DJ quilts.  She’s so addicted she just can’t stop making these little blocks!

Charlene had sewn four rows all together since the last time we saw her.  We all admired the fabulous choice she made for the tiny little cornerstone blocks in the sashing.  There are 13 rows total in this quilt so she’s well on her way to getting the quilt completed.  We all just want to go to the Quilt Corral at Mistletoe Ranch in South Dakota.  We’re sure it’s much cooler there than the 107 degrees that it was here in Texas yesterday.  And a quilt corral at a ranch sounds good to me anyway.  Let’s go!

Jane had pictures to show everyone this month….. of her new grandbaby!  Her DJ quilt is in her lap.  She’s working on the tiny inner border (it finishes at 1/4 inch.)  That means she has all the blocks sewn together.  Go Jane!  Denise is looking at the baby book that Jane brought to share.  What a cutie!  His name is Knox.   I should have taken a picture of his picture so I could show you.  Maybe next time.

Denise is working on triangles for the border of her DJ quilt.  She has all the blocks done and is closing in on finishing all the triangles too.  She got advice from everyone on appliquéing tiny little triangles on the block she’s working on.  We can’t wait to see this completed triangle next month!

Deb has been working on some hand embroidered blocks this month (not DJ.)  As you discovered in previous posts about Dear Jane, you apparently do not have to be working on Dear Jane to be a part of this group.  And this embroidery was fabulous!  We can’t wait to see this completed quilt soon too.  Deb keeps us all laughing in the group.  She really tells it like it is!

Jackie had two quilts to show us that she just got back from Libby, who did the quilting for her.  I didn’t get a pic of the second one because I got distracted.  But it’s the red & white one in the bag on the table.  They were great!

Linda shows off her cute little pin cushion (I think it’s a lamb?) scissor fob, as she works on her latest DJ block.  Everyone admired the cute little pin cushion.  I love her shirt – “When life gives you scraps…… make quilts!”

Sandi didn’t work on her DJ blocks at all.  I think she’s afraid to finish her quilt (she’s really close) for fear we’ll kick her out of the group or something.  Of course, you could say I have that same fear if you look at how much I get done on my quilt each month.  Maybe we should go to therapy together, Sandi, to overcome our fears?  Wait.  This group is our therapy!  I blame our friend, Suz.  She gave Sandi an assignment for their Bee this month.  And she was dutifully cutting out pretty blue squares to complete that assignment.  It’s all your fault, Suz!  If Sandi doesn’t complete her DJ quilt we’re blaming you!  It’s always nice to have someone else to blame, right Sandi?

Now if I can just figure out some way to blame Suz for the lack of progress on my DJ quilt.

Happy quilting,

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18 Responses to The Ladies of Dear Jane

  1. Suz says:

    Yes, you can blame me and everyone else for your lack of DJ progress, b/c it is US that you are always doing stuff for! 😉 Sandi, however, with that sweet smile (which causes me to say Yes to anything she asks), was just as gung-ho about this Honey Bee project as I was, so none of this “assignment” stuff is going to fly! 😉 She’ll probably be working on DJ blocks at bee next time! Great DJ blocks everyone is wearing…I am just behind on the fashions. And I didn’t realize JoAnne’s quilt count was quite so high already! 😉 She’s still young!

    • Sandi McMahill says:

      Oh Suz!!!!! I wuv u!!! You know I need to learn how to do 9 patches. And you have such broad shoulders. I could have blamed the babies or maybe the heat BUT you just popped into my head when Barb gave me the eyeball. She had me really squirming. And, ofcourse, over achiever that I am, I wanted to have them ALL done by our next time together. LOL….that’s a joke. Not gonna happen. Where are you getting the smiley faces for this? Me no find.

      • Barb says:

        Sandi and all, I think the smileys are automatically generated by WordPress when you type 🙂 ?? I’m trying it in this comment just to see…….. typing the characters : and ) I just happened to think that if it worked above, you wouldn’t know what I did to make it happen!!!! LOL! Just like the characters : and ( would make a sad face….. like this 😦

  2. Pam Barr says:

    All the DJ blocks are wonderful! Sandi, I miss your smile! I’m going to have to drop in on DJ club just to see everyone again. What a great group of beautiful ladies! Thanks, Barb, for sharing.

  3. Susan Bancroft says:

    What a hard-working, dedicated group! All those DJ blocks are fabulous! Jane Stickle had NO idea about all the crazed women around the world who would make hundreds of thousands of her adorable little blocks and end up in such fun therapy/support groups like yours! 🙂

  4. I enjoyed this post immensely, along with the blocks and quilts displayed. I’d love to see the entirety of the applique quilt in the background, however. Do you have a picture of that one somewhere?

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Sandi McMahill says:

    Oh Barb!!!! You can blame Suz. No problem. 😉

  6. Sherrill says:

    UH, Barb, I think you gave JoAnne just a WEE bit more credit than she deserves..

    “JoAnne has completed 5,623 DJ quilts”


    • Sandi McMahill says:

      Oh Sherrill…………………….I miss you too. You need to come back. You don’t need to work on DJ. Bring anything. 🙂

    • Barb says:

      OK, OK. Maybe I did exaggerate just a bit, Sherrill. So JoAnne has only completed 5,621 DJ quilts….. sheesh! Some people get so concerned over a slight exaggeration. 😉

  7. I love all your little blocks but I LOVE that quilt hanging on the wall – is it at your shop (and where is your shop) or at someone’s home. I’m only 2 hours north, if it is in your shop I am on my way to see it in person! I’m coming down to see your quilt show too!

  8. JoAnne says:

    Oh, Barb, you really do exaggerate! I’m only on my 4th Dear Jane, and two of them are very small so they don’t really count. So that makes 2, right?

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