JSS Food, Friends & Fun #983

Yep!  That’s what we’re all about.  Food, Friends and Fun.  We know all about eating in this quilting Bee of mine.  And this time we have a guest photographer!  Your humble blogger actually left her camera at home at the recent guild meeting <gasp!>  What was I thinking?  So guest photographer, Pam, stepped up to the challenge with pics of the day.  Yeah, Pam!

Pam also wins the prize for “Most Food Consumed at Lunch” as you can tell by this picture of her and her food.  Smothered in cheese and tomatoes chicken, fries and a big salad to keep it all healthy.  I think the fries were just in case it was getting too healthy to be considered a JSS lunch.

Here’s a better picture of just the chicken plate.  Because I just knew you needed to see it up close and personal.  And I didn’t even have to coach Pam on the food pics.  Looks yummy enough to eat, doesn’t it?  And I’m sure you’re reading this before breakfast.  Notice the extra plate under the plate of food.  I think Pam was supposed to share her lunch.

Here’s the whole gang, included Su & Dwayne on the left, who were the guest speakers at our guild meeting that day.  And just in case you can’t make out who’s at the far end of the table, Pam got some up close pics of just about everyone.

Nancy & Linda…..


Tracie & Kay…….


….and yours truly.  What a smiling bunch of ladies!  And one gentleman, who refused to look at the camera (see pic above.)

In attendance, but missing from pics:  Sue & Betty.  How did you miss them, Pam?  We’ll have to take two extra pics of them at the next JSS gathering.

And in case you needed to see more food before breakfast…..


Here’s a cheeseburger and more of those yummy fries…..

…. and this was dessert.  A chocolate/banana $1 milkshake.  YUM!  And it was mine….. all mine.  Well, I did share it with Pam and Sue.  At least they got a little, bitty taste.  And please remember to blame the guest photographer for the out of focus picture.  I refuse to take the blame for that one.  I have to take the blame for enough of those all by myself.

Photography classes, anyone?


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3 Responses to JSS Food, Friends & Fun #983

  1. Pam Barr says:

    I didn’t even notice the shake was out of focus! The camera must have had shakey hands holding it. You are quite the “professional”! Sorry for the poor photography. I blame the old camera. This may be a shopping opportunity for getting a camera like yours. …or not.

  2. Veda Wilhite says:

    Barb…you gotta give me the name of this place. The food looks awesome!

  3. Suz says:

    If I order a blurry shake, will they know what I’m talking about? Cuz that one looks really good! Actually, I didn’t first notice that it was blurry, either, so that must mean that my eyes are blurry in the same proportion as the camera(?) Great shots of JSS friends, Pam!

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