Uglies – Part II

I mean beautifuls.  Not uglies.  It’s just not possible to make an ugly quilt, is it?  That’s my motto.  All quilts are beeeeeauuuuuutiful! 

Here are more from our Ugly Fabric Challenge.  Be sure to check out yesterday’s post if you missed it and see the rest!

Very cool pattern.  I still haven’t figured out the “ugly” fabric on this one!

This gal did a lot of work on hers.  Those colorful centers are all done with 3 dimensional ruching ribbons.  And then she did some special cutting on the turquoise feather fabric.  Here’s another with that fabric so you can see how it was “before”…..

Actually here are two quilts.  The one on the left used the feather fabric.  See how the feathers have lots of white space between them?  That makes you appreciate even more the fancy cutting that the previous quilter did with hers.  Cool pattern on that quilt on the right.   Good job all around!

Here’s a simple solution – just pull the colors out of the ugly fabric and use it for a border.  Set some bright blocks on point and voil!  Instant cute quilt.

Here’s the same fabric with a really cool pattern called “Inlaid Tiles.”  An easy pattern that looks very hard.  Good job!

This gal did some piecing and some applique and some cool dresden plates that combined both.  Interesting quilt!

Christmas anyone?  This gal is ready for Christmas early with this cute wall hanging.

And we received entries of things that were not quilts too – remember, no rules!  Pillowcases, a purse – and a hunter’s star quilt in this pic.  And straws from the cups of the gals who were sewing in this room.  (Not considered entries in the Ugly Fabric Challenge.  The straws, I mean.)

This is the quilt above the pillowcases.  I wanted you to see the whole thing.  Very striking!

Another quilt.  And a bag.  These gals are very creative!

Curves and a bunny.  Did I mention creativity?

This one is hanging into a corner.  Last minute delivery put into the last available hanging spot.  Makes for an interesting picture of an interesting quilt!

This gal wrote out a favorite Bible verse in “ugly” fabric.  Good job!

Two table runners.  The gal on the right was so proud to have a completed project to submit.  It was a stretch for her as a newbie quilter!  Good job!  We love to help newbie quilters at our shop.

There were also two fabric bowls submitted that I forgot to photograph.  Go ahead, JoAnne.  Give me a hard time about that one.  Perhaps the bowls will show up in a future blog.  If I can remember to take a picture.

Hope you enjoyed the “Ugly Fabric Quilt Show” and are realizing with me that there is no such thing as an ugly fabric.  Not if you’re a quilter anyway.  All fabrics can be made into something beautiful with enough blood, sweat and creativity.  Sometimes the blood is even quite literal with us quilters.

Now it’s time for me to “creatively” do housework.  Any ideas on how to train a cat to vacuum and dust?


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5 Responses to Uglies – Part II

  1. Lani says:

    WOW! WOW! And more WOWs! Talent, creativity, and inspiration all around. Thanks for the pictures. I’m so glad Quilter’s Dream has this annual event!
    I do love the pattern of the first quilt pictured, but might get dizzy making it! Would love to know the name of the pattern anyway, if you happen to talk to the quilter.
    Have a glorious Friday!

  2. Cathy says:

    I agree with the first comment. It is amazing how ugly fabrics can make beautiful quilts. I would also like to know the name of the pattern for the 1st quilt picture shown.

  3. Susan Bancroft says:

    Two days of fantastic, ugly quilts—wow, they are pretty amazing for ugly! Thanks for sharing all of them, Barb–very inspiring! 🙂

  4. Peggy says:

    Barb, Photos are great……… I really got to ‘see’ all the ones I missed when I was looking at all of them in the shop!!! But I did see the bowls………..they’re all pretty cool,
    and not an ugly quilt among them. Good job to all the quilters.

  5. Patty Spinelli says:


    Thanks for the pictures. I really enjoyed seeing everyones quilts and other projects.
    Great job everyone….

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