On the Road Again

Just can’t wait to get on the road again (picture musical notes here.)  Doesn’t that just make you want to sing along?

This is Boo’s favorite place to ride.  Right on Mom’s lap.  He is terribly cuddly.  And makes it really hard for me to sew while going down the road.  He’s so big, he makes it hard to do anything while going down the road!  But doesn’t he look extra cozy?  He is!

Dear Hubby is the Captain of this Big Rig Motorhome of ours.  And I’m perfectly happy being the passenger/flight attendant.  It’s my job to keep him supplied with water from the fridge and anything else he wants.  Whenever I do not have a cat in my lap.  Which is never.  But I do try to accommodate the Captain most of the time.  And the cat.  It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

And every time I get up, The Cat steals my seat.  I get no respect in this moving house of ours.

But I do fix lunch.  While going down the road.  You’ll just have to trust me that I took these pics while we were moving.  I did.  I really did.  Dear Hubby can vouch for me.  I bet Pioneer Woman hasn’t ever fixed a meal in a moving vehicle before.  And took pics to boot.  And lived to blog about it.  Even though big knives were involved.

These are the fixin’s for lunch!  Chicken salad…. and yes, I chopped those onions in a moving vehicle.  Just for you.  So I could take pictures.  I’m so dedicated. 

Don’t those avocados look yummy?  And while usually I serve chicken salad in a scoop on top of half an avocado, on this particular day I didn’t think Dear Hubby could eat that very easily with a fork.  While driving down the road.  So I just chopped the avocado up and threw it in the chicken salad itself.

Along with relish and red onions and mayo.

And I put it all on bread and made a sandwich instead.

And in the middle of it all, Hubby yelled that there was something I needed a picture of and I grabbed the camera and ran to the window and got this one…..

Apparently quilts are pretty big stuff in Wisconsin too.  And they advertise about them on their barns.

So here was lunch……

Cheetos are Hubby’s favorite traveling food.  And the only time he gets them.  And don’t you like the ingenious dessert in the muffin cup?

Healthy.  Raisins.  And dark chocolate.  For the anti-oxidants and all.  Did I say healthy?

And these are a few of our not-so-favorite things to come upon on the road.

This guy went really, really slow, then stopped, then backed up!  Really slow.  It’s nice to be carrying your own bathroom in these circumstances.  The cars in front of us were not so lucky.

This is our outside thermometer.  And yes, it reads 107.6.  I don’t think it was really that hot.  This must have been while we were stopped for the train.  And the engine was also heating the thermometer.  It was hot, but not that hot.

“It’s hot enough, Mom!  Can’t you turn the a/c down a bit?”  There’s just no pleasing a black cat in the heat of summer.

And these road signs are not our favorite either.  Especially when followed by this one……

We hate it when we are narrowed down to two lanes.  And we saw a lot of these on the way to Oshkosh last week.  Maybe a million of them.  Or maybe it just seemed like it.

We also saw this guy.  I looked to see if Robin Williams was inside.  You can’t appreciate that statement unless you’ve seen the movie “RV.”  Anyone who travels in a Motorhome can appreciate that movie!  Notice the sign on the right.  “Left lane closed ahead.”  Not a favorite either.

But if you have to see those kinds of signs while traveling, I must say it’s best to be in a motorhome!  Bathroom, kitchen and bedroom all in one.  Great way to travel.  I highly recommend it.

Back on the road again,

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7 Responses to On the Road Again

  1. Kaye says:

    I would write an eloquent comment on how much I enjoyed reading about your road trip with Boo and DH, but I have to go to the store to get some Raisinets…

  2. Judy says:

    Are y’ll comin home through Iowa? Have y’ll seen these barns:


    This tour of barns could be on my bucket list!!!!

  3. Staci says:

    That picture of your cat sprawled across your lap just made my morning! He is a big guy, isn’t he? Enjoy your road trip!

  4. Judy says:


    When comments are made, I see they are recorded under “comments.” (How observant am I – *grins*) There is a quilt block matched to a name. Pretty COOL! Did U set that up tooooooo!!!!

  5. Jill Allen says:

    We are loading the RV right now and can’t wait to get on the road Sunday. Your blog just made the next to days too long to wait!

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