Lani takes Texas to NYC!

The JSS Bee met for its monthly stitchin’ day and Lani was the guest of honor!  We had all secretly made blocks for her – Texas blocks – so that she could take them with her to NYC and stitch her up a quilt to keep her warm in the cold NY winter.  We also didn’t want her to forget where her real home was.  So we thought we’d send her up with a reminder from us all.

This pic shows all the blocks that we gave her that day.  She’ll be gettin’ some more blocks from a few gals who didn’t make it to the gathering.

It all started with Judy singing to Lani to get the ball rollin’.  You can tell by the look on Lani’s face that she wasn’t quite sure what she was in for.  And she knows how these JSS gals can be.  We have a reputation for big surprises and Lani wasn’t quite sure she wanted to be put on the spot.  But she was a good sport and she soon was in the swing of what was happening.

Each block was rolled up and tied with a ribbon.  Lani placed each one on the design wall so all could see.

Lani enjoyed each block, reading each one out loud for all to hear.  That is if you could hear over the chatter of 18 women all in one room talking at the same time.  It’s hard to get control of this group.  We always have too much to tell each other and not enough time for tellin’.

But Lani carefully read each one, caressed the fabric thoroughly and meticulously placed each one on the wall.  I believe she was quite overwhelmed with the surprise!

Here’s a closer look…..

Aren’t they cute?  There were Texas flags and Texas flowers, cowboys and lots of cowgirl boots….

More boots and a Cowboy Sam……

….. and a couple of Yellow Roses of Texas.

A couple of true Texas things – Blue Bell and Dr Pepper – to remind her that she would never want to leave Texas for good.

There were cute sayings penned on some of the blocks.   And each block was signed by the maker.

There was even a gentle reminder that we weren’t going to let her stay away forever!

And of course, what’s a JSS gathering without a big table full of food…….

…… in a room full of Texas quilts!

There were deviled eggs, fruit salad, tortilla roll ups, barbecue brisket and a chicken couscous dish.  And that was just on my plate!  And many, many desserts.  They got gobbled down so fast I didn’t even get a pic of the warm-from-the-oven peach cobbler with homemade ice cream and brownies and cookies and banana nut bread.  Oh, my!  I hope you’ve eaten before reading this today.  You ought to know by now that my posts aren’t safe to read on an empty stomach.

However there is always one in every group…….

These are the remains of Susan’s chicken and an apple core.  Can you say boring?  Well, at least the chicken had some interesting herbs involved.  But seriously now, wouldn’t you rather have the full plate above?  And all those desserts?  Come on, Susan!  Join in on the eating frenzy fun!

There’s just something wrong with drinking coffee from a mug that says “squash” on it….. what’s up with that?

Susan went on a hunt for some backing and binding fabric for her beautiful appliqued heart.

And settled on this perfect bright pink polka dot batik!  She had lots of help….. don’t all quilters love to spend their friends’ money help their friends buy fabric?

Lots of stitching happened during the JSS Retreat Day too……

It’s the perfect place to stitch with quilting friends!  Look at those girls with their heads bent over their work.  They were intense!  The rest of the gals were still eating dessert when this picture was taken.  In case you wondered about the empty chairs and all.

Peggy’s great basket for her Baltimore Album quilt.  Her applique is exquisite.

Judy L’s hands were a blur as she whipped the binding on her quilt.

Kay worked on binding too.

As well as Pat!  Apparently binding was the go-to project of the day.

Sue O worked on her basket for her Baltimore Album.  Great job, Sue!  And the fabric in her skirt looks pretty spectacular in a picture too!

Once again, a fabulous day with friends, food and quilts.  What more could anyone want?  And if you’d like to keep up with all of Lani’s adventures in NYC, don’t forget to visit her blog, Unfolding Stories

Lani and I had a great evening together on this day too.  We blogged side-by-side.  Too bad I forgot to ask Dear Hubby to get a picture of us at our kitchen table with our laptops right next to each other.  We could have had a blog about blogging!  Dueling laptops.  The Blogging Sisters.  Could be the makings of a new movie, dontcha think?

Can’t wait to read about your latest adventure, Lani!  But don’t stay away too long.


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7 Responses to Lani takes Texas to NYC!

  1. Susan says:

    That was such a great day with such great friends–how did I get so lucky? Lani, for me, making your block was a pleasure, but only in knowing you will be returning to Texas…you are such a sweetheart! Yee-ha!!

  2. Suz says:

    Lani, so sorry I missed you! I do love your blocks, can feel the fabric, can taste the food, can feel the love…but can’t hear the song! What was Judy singing to you? So glad to at least share through yours and Barb’s blogs! You are never too far away…

    • Barb says:

      Judy will have to comment about the song. I would have told you what it was if I could have remembered! The rememberer is broken…….

  3. Sheena says:

    Those Texas blocks and quilts are fantastic! I just wanted to remind you that I miss Texas desperately and my birthday is January 3… just sayin’. 😀 LOVE looking at all of your pictures!

  4. Veda Wilhite says:

    Loved the blocks! As we all know…Texas is as close to Heaven as we will ever be.

  5. Mona says:

    Sue O, I miss ya…..when you are ready to part with the fabric that is under your Baltimore album, let me know….. I see a quilt….. my first in 1.5 years… I almost can’t wait any longer to get back into it…………. I hope all is well with you…..

  6. carol parker says:

    You ladies are having too much fun. What a lot of talent – beautiful work!

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