Friday afternoon at the……

Here’s a little hint for what Dear Hubby and I did on Friday afternoon.

Can you guess?  It had been awhile since we had an afternoon date.  I’ve been busy with quilting classes, quilting Bees, quilting lunches, quilting projects.  And don’t forget blogging.  He says quilting is my middle name sometimes.  Actually he complains that quilting is my middle name sometimes.  He’s just cantankerous these days because all the rain has kept him from his hobby of flying glider airplanes.  Instead he has to mow the lawn multiple times a week to keep up with the grass.  Can’t say as I blame him for being a bit grumpy about it.  I’m glad I have an indoor hobby in these hot Texas summers!

Here’s another hint……

OK – that’s a pretty obvious hint, isn’t it?  Well, anyway, if you haven’t seen it run, don’t walk, to your nearest theater and see it!  It’s such a hoot.  Makes me want to go back and see the other two all over again.  The writers behind these movies are very creative.  Of course, I think we grown-ups, but kids at heart, appreciate these movies way more than the little kids do.  I found myself wondering if some of the really little ones even know what some of these toys are.  But I suppose the movies lead to a comeback for the toys themselves.  Such marketing!

Just a little movie review for your weekend enjoyment…..
Eat some popcorn for me (and we had fried pickles too – yummmmmyyyyy!),

P.S.  I’ll write about our day with Lani soon.  For those of you who are wondering about such things <grin>
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